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I was reading a story on this blog the other day and it brought back some pretty good memories of a holiday I went on with my wife so thought I'd share them.

My wife and I were on holiday in Australia a couple of years ago and as you'd imagine a lot of our time was spent laying on the beach with my wife wearing a tiny red bikini barely covering her body. Anyway, on this one occasion my wife had just come back from a swim in the sea, she dried off, lied down and undid the straps of her bikini from around her neck. The conversation slowly turned to tan lines and I could feel her probing to see how I would feel if she took her top off with so many people so close. I could tell that she was worried I would get jealous but the thought of her wanting to show herself off to so many people blew my mind so I suggested she go topless. She then proceeded to peel the wet red fabric off her pert full breasts to reveal her erect nipples for all to see and just as I thought I couldn't get more turned on she started rubbing sun cream into her breasts, slowly and sensually. I'm sure she was aware of the excruciating pleasure she was giving me but am still unsure if her show was for the admiring onlookers as well as me.

Anyway, later on the sun went down, we packed up and moved on.

For the next few days I couldn't get the memory out of my head, I would masturbate every morning with the image of my wife's breasts glistening in the sunlight. What made it worse was that nothing was said about it, I was desperate to experience the same rush again but it was as if it had never happened!

It turns out she had just been waiting for the next opportunity to blow my mind and it came when we were spending the afternoon at the indoor pool of a fancy Sydney hotel. The first couple hours were spent lazing around in the Jacuzzi and doing a few lengths of the pool. Up until this point we had the whole place to ourselves but then a guy in his mid 30's came in and started doing lengths so we decided to go and relax in the sauna to get some privacy. There we were lying on the wooden benches on opposite ends of the sauna, gently sweating and too hot and relaxed to move or say anything when out the corner of my eye I could see my wife slowly peeling her bikini top off to reveal her juicy breasts with beads of sweat rolling down her nipples and on to her tanned body.

At no point did she look at me, it was as if I were a fly on the wall observing her most private moments. We both began to breathe heavily with excitement; my cock almost ripping through my swimming trunks and just as I thought my heart couldn't take any more I see her hand sliding across her sweat covered body, starting at her neck then over her nipples, down over her stomach and into her bikini bottoms. I was praying to see her wet pussy and as if she had read my mind she lifted her legs up and slid her bikini bottoms down her legs and onto the floor. As she laid there, her tanned body shining in the hazy light, I could not move out of fear of spoiling the moment. She stood up and began walking over to me when suddenly we heard someone walking towards the sauna entrance; my wife hastily grabbed a towel, wrapped it around her and sat down at the other end of the sauna, trying to act natural while I placed a towel to hide my bulging erection.

We managed to hide everything and act natural just in time before the same guy who interrupted our peaceful swimming interrupted our sauna and what could have been the best sex of my life. As he sat in the middle of the sauna getting comfortable I was quietly boiling inside, I was so angry at this guy for ruining our time together I was using all my will power not to get up and tell him to bugger off. I did, however, manage to control myself and after quarter of an hour came to terms with the fact that the fun was over and started to relax.

It was then that I opened my eyes to see my wife sitting up against the wall dozing in and out of sleep not realising that her towel had slipped slightly to show her cleavage, not only that but that the guy who was in the sauna with us had obviously spotted this before me and was trying hide his obvious interest in her cleavage. Jealousy coursed through my veins, I hated this guy even more now, how dare he stare at my wife, how dare he lust after her. Just as I was about to get up and leave with my wife she stirred from her rest, opened her eyes and stood up in her towel. She walked over to the hot rocks, bent over to pick up a ladle full of water and to my shock revealed the bottom of her round buttocks. She stood about a meter away from the guy, bent over, and he was powerless but to stare at her. My heart was pounding, my brain going nuts, I almost got up to give this guy a talking to when I saw that not only was her butt on show but her soft pussy could also be clearly seen and as I saw this I noticed that her lips were glistening with a substantial covering of juice from her pussy.

At this point it hit me that none of this had been an accident, she wanted to display her bosom, her ass and her engorged pussy. I was struck by utter confusion, I should have been jealous, I was, but the jealousy was quickly being replaced by a fierce lust I had never experience before. I realised there was no need for jealousy, she was not a victim being taken advantage of, I did not need to protect her, we, the two guys in the sauna, were flies in her web, she had complete power over us and loved it. I sat there silently watching as my wife bent over again and again to put more water on the rocks, each time the towel getting higher and higher and her pussy getting wetter and wetter. She proceeded to sit back down, pretending to be oblivious to her audience, and let her towel fall to expose her breasts and nipples in all their glory, I could see her getting more and more excited at the sight of two rock hard cocks begging to enter her. She parted her legs showing us her dripping pussy and with her eyes closed she ran her hand up her leg towards her pussy, stopping just before reaching it, she repeated this, getting closer and closer each time until finally she didn't stop, her hand moved over her pussy, and slid into her anticipating pussy to the sound of her juices.

My mind was in conflict, I was torn, I wanted to sit here and watch what was next in her sexy repertoire, I wanted to walk over to her and bury my cock deep inside her as the guy watched but most confusing was the desire to see this complete stranger worship my wife, treat her like a goddess, put his hands on her body and his face in her pussy while I watched. Who knows how far my wife would have taken it or what she wanted to happen but my strange and new desires scared me. I walked out and headed to the lift to go back to our room when half way there I realised I wanted to go back in. I was appalled at myself for wanting to get back to the sauna only to see my wife riding the stranger, his big cock forcing her to orgasm and her mouth waiting to receive me.

As it turns out I met my wife coming to find me to apologise, obviously upset she apologised all the way back to the room saying she just wanted to do something naughty and that she wouldn't do it again. At that point I stopped her and confessed my darkest fantasies of what might have happened if we'd stayed.

Needless to say we were both as horny as each other and started fucking as soon as we got in the room. We started in the shower, lathering up her breasts, ass and pussy, and then moved to the bedroom where I started thrusting my cock deep inside her. Something was missing though, I needed that same rush I had felt in the sauna so I began fucking her doggy style against the large plate glass window so that anyone in one of the many hotel towers and office blocks could see my wife's sexy body in action. When she realised what I was doing, and why, her moans got louder and she pressed her body against the window as we fucked, her tits still soapy from the shower were sliding over the window and the thought that anyone in the other towers could be watching my wife gave me the rush I was craving. I was about to come when my wife pulled away, moved a chair to the window and sat on my painfully hard cock so that she was facing the window as she grinded up and down. She started talking about 'him' being under her instead of me. I was about to cum right there. I could see her playing with her tits as she looked out the window and kept talking about sitting on his cock instead of mine. I wasn't sure if she was performing for anyone out the window other than me but the thought of her thinking of his cock made me cum harder and louder than I had before. As I sat there for minutes recovering she continued to look at the window as she caressed her clit with my cum siding down my cock and then at last she released the afternoons build up sexual energy in one long, loud, orgasm, I could feel her pussy convulsing with such force that it forced my cock and cum out of her pussy.

I still wonder what might have happened if we had stayed in that sauna, usually while masturbating, who knows. All I know is that it made me realise how lucky I was to be married to such a classy, sophisticated and sexy woman that sometimes indulges her slutty side to blow her husband's mind.

We've never done anything like that since but sometimes she'll wear very low cut tops or short skirts if we're going somewhere away from where we live and enjoy inducing a reaction from another man, knowing my cock will be rock solid while she does it.

Thanks for reading and sorry about the length, I got a bit carried away lol.

Harv and Loreen - nothingpersonal@cybergal.com






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