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I wanted to share with everyone the night I had last night. I'm sure the men will really like this one as will my husband ... once he reads this.

My hubby left around 7PM for work. Its been about 2 and a half days since we last had any kind of sexual contact. Its normal for us to take a break from sex for a few days, that way its easier for us both to cum and it keeps us into each other. I'm sure a lot of the other wives here will know what I'm talking about.

After he left I started doing the dishes and some other nightly chores I do every night and then I sat down on the couch to relax and unwind before I went up to get a shower. As I flipped threw the chanels I couldn't find anything interesting to wacth and started to get bored so I went up to the on demand chanels and started looking for a movie. As I was searching threw the chanels I came across the adult chanels. I never wacthed any adult movies off the TV before and I figured what the hell. As I was scrolling threw them I came across a threesome type movie - I forget what it was called. I had never seen any of those before and I decided to order one.

As it was loading up on my cable box I walked in the kitchen and poured myself a glass of wine. I walked back into the living room and sat back on the couch and the movie had all ready started. The women were looking hot taking 2 men at once which got my attention. Very beautiful. We talked about a scenario like that but had never acted on it. Hubby gets so hard when we do though so I know it's something he would approve of. The movie was turning me on seeing there nice bodies being taken by nice hard cocks. And I have to admit. I felt myself starting to become aroused and a lil wet.

Well after the movie was about over it started to bore me and I went up to get a shower. As I was washing I realized that I forgot to get a towel and my robe. As I was washing my hair I was thinking about those hot cocks on that movie. How nice it would be to touch them and taste them. I was getting turned on more and more with every thought.

After I washed my hair I started shaving my legs and my pussy. I have one of those viberating razors and when I started to shave my pussy it started to drive me crazy. I damned neared cut myself. I finished up and washed my body real quick and turned the water off. I didn't have a towel so I stode there for a minute or so running my hands over my body to get the most of the water off me.

I walked out into the hall and grabbed a towel and then walked into the bedroom as I dryed off. As I walked into the door way and went to turn the light on I noticed my neighbor was in his bedroom with the curtians open and the light on. I was feeling a lil naughty so I left my light off and walked over to my window to see what he was doing. I knew with my bedroom light off he couldn't see me.

He wasn't the most attractive young man in the world but he was ok. I would give him a 6 or a 7 on the 1 to 10 scale. He was about 5'10" and 160 lbs with an average build and shaggy hair. I knew that he worked early in the mornings and he would be going to bed soon so I figured I watch him and see If he would do anything interesting. I was horny.

About 5 or so minutes went by and he got up out of his bed and started to undress. But just down to his boxers. As he was standing in front of his window he started to rub his cock threw his boxers. And then shut the light off and I couldn't see him anymore.

I walked back over and turned my bedroom light on and left my blinds open. I dropped my towel and was walking around in my bedroom setting my clothes out for tomorrow. I got into my top dresser drawer and seen our toy collection. I knew it was time to play. I grabbed the double headed dildo and my life like black dildo. The foot of my bed was in perfect line with my window and my neighbors. I turned the porn on that was already in the DVD player and started wacthing.

I started rubbing my clit and it was aready a lil wet and it didn't take long before I was soaked. I was thinking the whole time that I hoped the neighbor was watching (oh by the way. He is in his early 20s.) It was a huge turn on thinking of him stroking his cock watching me. I grabbed my doubled headed toy and slid it up and down my pussy getting it lubed up with my juices and then I pulled it up to my face and deep throated it sucking my cum off of it. Thinking it was his.

I kept looking into his window to see if he was watching cause I really wanted his cock bad by this point and wanted him to see. His light was off but his hall light was still on and I could see his outline in the window. He definitely noticed and I almost froze. Now that he actually WAS watching, I didn't know what to do. I was so horny though and wanted him to fuck me so bad and knew my husband would love this, me seducing our neighbor from the window so I thought, 'what the heck' and just went for it. I continued to lick my toy as I love the way I taste.

I then put it back on my pussy shoving it deep inside me slowly, looking at his window, thinking of the toy being him. I put it in and then pulled it out. As I slowly brought it away from my pussy I could see my cum almost dripping from it. I leaned back and used one hand to open my asshole so he could see it and the other to slide it inside. I pushed it in slowly till it wouldn't go any further. Then, taking the fat black dildo I pushed it deep in my soaking wet pussy. He MUST have known I wanted to fuck him, I couldn't stop myself at that point if I wanted to.

As I pushed it in I could feel it forcing my juices out of me and they rolled down to my ass hole. I worked both dildos with each hand. Trying to push them in and out of me as fast as possible. I was starting to cum. I threw my head back moaning, thinking it was him forgetting completely about my husband. My legs flaring out toes curled. Omg it feels so good, I started to call his name too. I started moaning louder. I raised my head up.

Then opened my eyes just for a second, noticing my neighbors light was on again and he was standing in the window naked stroking his cock. No more guessing now, he was watching and mind fucking me through his window. So I spread my legs further apart hoping to give him a better view. I'm still cumming this is my second time. Both my hands are soaked with cum. I'm almost screaming with pleasure. I sholve the black dildo as far into my ass as I could. I leaned forward using the bed to hold it in my ass. I'm still working the other dildo in and out of my pussy as fast as I can taking long strides with it.

With my other hand I'm rubbing and slapping my clit. Omg it feels so good. I'm starting to cum again while looking straight at him. I notice at that moment he is beating off fast and I watch him cum all over the window, as if on my tits. I finish myself off for the last time and I look at him watching me and I smile and give him a small wave, then close the curtains in a panic as I am calming down now and couldn't believe what I just did. Then I collapse on the bed.

The next thing I know I'm opening my eyes and almost forgeting where I was for a second. I look around. Both dildos still inside me. Look out the window curtains and the neighbor's lights were off. The porn in the DVD player was over. Wow. It was an amazing night.

I pulled the toys out of me and went to the bathroom to wash my dryed cum off of me. Then I crawled into bed and went to sleep. I woke my husband up the next afternoon naked and told him. The sex was even better.




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