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Hi, My name is Kristin. My Master/husband and I recently returned from a brief vacation in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. We stayed at one of the exclusive all-inclusive properties on the island. People have been asking about any adventures that I had, and I must admit that, other than lots of great sex with Master, there was only one thing worth relating, which I haven't told anyone except I'll share here anonymously as Master wishes it. We like to think of ourselves as a cuckold couple but with Master in control. He still gets off watching and I like him waccthing me with others so, well, it's different but the same if you catch my drift.

We had heard that one of the other resorts owned by the same chain we were staying at had a Beach Party scheduled as their nightly entertainment. Part of the Beach Party was a "Fire Show" which we were told was worth watching, so we made our way to that property and their beach to see the fire show. It was very hot, in more ways than one. Basically, it was numerous dancers, sometimes in small groups, sometimes alone, who were dancing in the sand and twirling large flaming batons or torches of one sort or another. The flames were one kind of hot, the dancers were another. All of the dancers were black, very black, and all were fit. Very fit. They all seemed to be in their twenties. A couple of the guys were really hot looking.

We thoroughly enjoyed the Fire Show. Afterward, there was the opportunity for photos while a band played. As the party wore down, people started dancing to the band, a heavy island beat. Master and I were still standing off to the side, watching people dance. I was swaying to the music. Suddenly, one of the performers came through the crowd, and approached me, holding out his hand, asking me to dance. I looked at Master, as did the performer, asking permission. Master smiled and nodded, and I took the performer's hand and we entered the fray of dancers.

I am unsure how long we were dancing, I was already fairly intoxicated from all the free drinks flowing and the island setting, the sensual music, the sensual dancing, the moonlight, my handsome partner were all working on me, and I felt excitement coursing through my veins like fire. As we danced, he got more and more forward, our bodies colliding and rubbing against each other. He touched me in totally inappropriate ways, advances I not only tolerated but also welcomed as we danced more and more toward the shadows. He felt my breasts, my ass, and even managed to cup my heat a time or two. In return, I "accidentally" brushed my hand against the impressive hardness forming in his pants. He stole a kiss, and I turned it into sheer passion as I opened my mouth to accept his tongue.

We were very near the edge of the crowd of dancers, He grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the rows and rows of lounge chairs, under the thatched umbrellas lining the sand. Suddenly, a form appeared in front of us, blocking our path. Master! The performer stopped dead, caught, and started to stammer some inane explanation about wanting to show me something up nearer the hotel. Master simply held up his hand, stepped aside, and made that sweeping gesture that says "After you" toward the lounges.

We ducked, the three of us, under a nearby umbrella, one that hung particularly low to the ground, that would largely hide us. Immediately, the performer (whose name I never found out) had me in his arms. He kissed me passionately, and sucked at my neck, driving me insane with passion. My dress was off my shoulders and his mouth was on my bare tits. Under my dress he found no panties, but did find my cunt, hot and wet. My hands were busy as well, first stroking his cock through his pants, then fishing it out. It felt so good. It was uncut. Master stood next to us and caressed my shoulders.

I dropped to my knees, my natural place, and took the performer's cock into my mouth. First I licked it up and down the shaft, and his egg sized balls. Then I spit on it, pulled his foreskin back and took the head in my mouth. He tasted that different taste that uncut cocks taste. Not unpleasant, but different. My tongue caressed and circled the uncovered helmet. Then I devoured him, taking him all the way until my nose was in his wiry pubic hair. I drew back, stroking him as I went. I alternated sucking and stroking, deep and just the head, working him like I knew would drive him insane.

I felt Master's hands on my body. Lifting me. I reluctantly let the performer's sweet cock slip from my mouth, though it never left my hand. Then I realized what Master wanted. He was seated on the lounge and his cock was sticking straight up in the air. I positioned him and sank on his cock, impaling myself on his turgid member. Then I pulled the performer to me, and engulfed his cock in my mouth again. I bounced between the two of them, taking Master deep in my cunt, and the performer's cock deep in my throat. We kept up this motion until I felt Master starting to stiffen under me. I worked even harder at the performer's cock, looking up at him and begging him in a throaty voice that I wanted his cum.

Both Master and the performer obliged me, achieving climax almost simultaneously (but not quite), flooding my body with their hot semen, Master in my cunt, the performer in my mouth. We rested a moment or two, and then the performer wanted to fuck me, but Master declined. Apparently, none of us had condoms, and we just don't fuck anyone without them. We went our separate ways. The performer went back to the crowd, Master and I to our hotel. I really wished we had a condom, so did Master.

I could not help but wonder if any of the people walking behind us as we made our way to our hotel could see the cum running down my legs and dripping on the walkway.

I just love cock.





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