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So my wife and I have had a long term on-and-off relationship with a younger, very dominant and exceptionally beautiful woman - we've played all sorts of things, sometimes they gang up on me and sometimes we gang up on my wife, often we're both at our beautiful mistresses command.

Well a while ago Jessica discovered that cuckolding was becoming more and more prevalent on the internet, she read up about it and decided she wanted to see how it all worked in reality.... So Jessica lives a town away, not too far but we often play on cam - she got us to pose for some screen shots and set up a couples-account on a meeting site saying we wanted a bull to fuck my wife.

This wasn't the first time my wife has had sex with strangers because of Jessica, not by far but this whole cuck roleplay thing was new - I was supposed to pretend like I was a kinda pathetic drip of a husband and my wife had told me that I wasn't performing in the bedroom, that she needed spice in her sex-life... My wife was supposed to pretend she was eager to show her power over me, to enjoy herself at my expense but most of all she had to be cock-hungry...

So it's all set up, at eight the doorbell rings and there's this nice looking dude standing there - he was taller than me and I did feel a bit unsure at that moment but continued on anyway. Anyway my wife looks him over and I can tell that she is turned on by how manly he is which again made me twinge a little. He soon starts to really enjoy his role and is kinda talking to her like he will be fucking her at any minute and she is loving it - he has a beer first, ever so confident and feels up my wife, I sit as far as I can away watching and looking nervous and a little worried, at at that point, I was.

He stripped her and made her stand naked in front of him, I tried to say something but they both ignored me and were totally into each other, and they started kissing and I couldn't believe how much my wife was enjoying this. Sensing that I was submissive he got my wife to show her rump and slapped it, I was surprised but said nothing and he stood up and started groping her and slapped her ass a few more times before leading her into the bedroom.

His cock turned out to be about the same size as my own, which was rock hard at attention and my wife looked at it with lust, and I never got a look like that. He entered her and she wrapped her legs around him, asking him to pump her hard and fast whcih eh did for a good 10 minutes non-stop. He made her cum 3 times and didn't give her a chance to catch her breath between orgasms. He did, I believe give her his best and seemed to really enjoy himself - I was hovering in the door the whole time, he used a condom and threw it on the floor afterwards laughing that I could clear it up while she got him another drink, but he got dressed and left after that thanking us for a lovely time. I was more than HARD!

It was a really interesting a cool experience and coming to it from a slightly more kinky place possibly [my wife has been with girls many times, bdsm parties with no penetration, etc] we found it to be really kinda exciting to have someone else in control, especially someone a bit novice because it seemed so amateur and real...

Jessica who'd made us spend a good couple of hours setting up the webcams in the living room, kitchen and bedroom then went out about seven and didn't make it home until gone midnight so missed everything - she wants to do it again better this time.

My wife absolutely wants to as well.

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