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My writing style isn't that good but I wanted to tell everyone about what happened. We arranged to meet a man we met off of an online dating website at our place. He is only 20 yo but has a filthy imagination. We have been chatting for a while. My wife Kazia gets dressed up sexily, wearing a red corset, crotchless knickers, suspenders, stockings and black stillettos. Her tits are pouring out of her top and I keep getting glimpses of her shaven pussy, as she moves around through her crotchless undies. The door knocks, he has arrived.

We invite him in, Kazia gives him a kiss on the lips, just seeing that is making me horny! We all have a few drinks, chat a bit, he (Pete) and Kazia are flirting uncontrollably. I watch him and his eyes r just moving from her tits, down between her thighs, getting a flash of her already wet pussy! I go over to the tv and put on a mmf 3some video to get the ball rolling. We all sit there watching it 4 a bit, when Kazia nudges me and nods for me to look down at his crotch.

As I look, he seems very aroused, with a huge bulge, nearly tearing through his suffocating jeans! Kazia smiles with excitement, of what is about to come! She stands up, sexily and slowly walks to Pete, takes his hand, standing him up too. I watch as they kiss, seeing their tongues sliding in each other's mouths. Kazia's hands go down, pulling out with great pleasure Pete's massive dick!

Its got to be 8 inches long and thick. It looked like a big salami. Kazia utters, WOW! thats the biggest cock I have ever had before! My modest cock of 6 inches is aching to be released from my jeans, watching her slowly running both her hands up and down his huge length. He pulls out her heaving tits, hungrilly licking and nibbling her erect nipples. His other hand is inside her knickers and is rubbing her soaking cunt. She then takes him over to our dining table, where she lays on her back, legs spread wide open, offering his big cock her wanting pussy!

She moans in pain, as she feels him stretch her pussy open wide. He inch's that big cock inside her firm but slowly! I stand up, go over to them and put my cock in Kazia's face. I watch as she sucks my cock. Kazia wants Pete to get faster, deeper and harder, pounding her tight pussy, making her moan out loud, with pain and pleasure, but muffled, because my cock is pushed down Kazia's throat. She arches her back as she cums all over Pete's monster cock!

I am fucking Kazia's face, as Pete slams his length hard, in and out of her slutty fuck hole! I say to Pete, take off the condom and fill my whore of a wife's pussy up with ur spunk! He does as he is asked, pulling it off his long, thick tool and throws it on the floor. Kazia says gaspingly, it feels even better now u have took it off! With that, she sreams out, YES! FUCK ME PETE, I LOVE YOUR MASSIVE DICK INSIDE ME! Kazia squirts all over Pete and his enormous dick.

As I ram my cock in her mouth, I can see Kazia's juices, glistening all over Pete's pubes and running down both of his legs. He is saturated in her sweet smelling cum fluid! Kazia wraps her legs around Pete's waist, pulling him as deep in her as she can possibly take him. Groaning with pleasure! She spits my cock out and pulls Pete to her, as she leans towards him and they snog the faces off each other!

She pants hard saying, I can feel it sexy! PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR CUM? I WANT YOUR SPUNK NOW DEEP IN MY CUNT! She then feels Pete's huge tool swell up in her, jerks, and he loudly grunts, OH YES BABY! YOU'RE GONNA GET MY MAN JUICE, YOU DIRTY LITTLE SLAG! Pete lunges his enlarged penis deep and hard in her. Kazia's aching, tender, well fucked cunt is well and truely been engorged by a freak of nature. His unusually big, filled and swollen ball sack slapping against her ass with every thrust!

Pete is pumping Kazia with every drop of cum his big, satisfying cock and balls has got to give! He slumps on top of Kazia, their sweaty, satisfied bodies stuck together, they look up and kiss for a second.

Panting with pleasure they stare in to each other's eyes, having gave each other a feeling of pure ecstasy and ultimate satisfaction! Pete gets up and pulls his large, pussy pleasing pole out of Kazia's swollen and red raw snatch. Kazia winces! As he does, she is in agony. His huge cock has used and abused, stretched and pleasured her naughty minge! I look over, Kazia's lips are still open wide and Pete's cum is still oozing out of her cunt and running down her asshole.

Seeing that makes me shudder and I shove my dick to the back of Kazia's throat, making her swallow every little drop of my semen! After she had gulped the last of my cum down, we grinned at each other, happy with another mmf 3some. We both got up and noticed Pete was already dressed and ready to go. He kisses Kazia and thanks us both for a filthy and great night and leaves. As we were alone, we got horny again. We fucked again, then went to bed, completely satisfied!

We kept in touch with Pete for a repeat performance, plus Kazia loved his massive cock. We sent him a message yesterday saying, 'so when r u gonna cum here again sexy and fullfill Kazia's pussy, and another one our naughty senario's baby?' He hasn't replied yet, but we hope he will soon!

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