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So, my wife and I had chatted about people we liked and who we would like to fuck for some foreplay. Kate had always picked hung guys off tv/movies that we watched. One night when we had been out for a few drinks with friends and Kate was a little tipsy we arrived home and went straight to bed where we kissing and touching each other and generally getting horny with each other.

While kissing Kate's nipples and easing 2 fingers into her already wet pussy, I asked her why she liked hung guys so much when she has never been with 1. Her reply was - I've seen porn films and they always look so big, I just fancy being filled by 1, plus lots of those bigger cocks are so cute! I wasn't sure what she saw but I wasn't going to argue.

Well this got my cock rock hard, plus with a few beers beers inside me I started asking her more and more, "So Kate would you like a big cock here now for you to suck while I watched?"

"Mmmm can I fuck it after I suck it?" was her reply.

"Course you can, so would you?" "Mmmm yes defo, would you like to see me being filled and fucked by a big cock?" She asked.

"I would love it Kate, you a right horny slut really aren't you?"

"Yes," she said. "Now fuck me hard while I think about a big cock filling me up."

Kate was soaking wet after this little chat and I slid my hard cock in her juicy pussy with ease. The following morning while we were still in bed I asked her, "Do you remember our conversation last night?" Kate replied, "Of course I do, what we going to do about it though?" Wow my cock twitched again.

"I'm going to find you a man who is going to give you the fuck of your life and make you cum buckets," I said. Her eyes widened, "Really," she asked? "When and where and how we going to do this?"

"Don't you worry," I said to her. "I will sort it out if you're sure you want to?"

"Yes I'd love to," she said with a naughty smile.

Two weeks later I was chatting with a bloke who lived roughly 30 miles from us, I had shown him pictures of Kate and had explained the situation with it being her 1st big cock and 3sum with me. Mark was a cool guy and was very relaxed about the whole thing, I'd seen pics of him and he looked in good shape and also looked huge in the cock dept.

The Saturday arrived when mark was going to join us for some fun, we got up about 10am and popped in to town as Kate wanted to buy some new underwear for the evening. We popped in to a well known adult store where Kate was happy browsing all the collections and asking my advice about what colours, styles to get. She decided on a thong and stockings to go with it. It looked very nice indeed. Walking round town Kate was asking me questions about Mark, what he looked like? Nice body? Cock? I wouldn't give her any answers, I just kept saying to her "don't worry."

On arriving home Kate popped upstairs to bathe and make herself smooth all over. I popped upstairs with a wine for her, relax her a little, she was just getting out the bath. Wow she looked stunning, smooth all over, my cock was hardening again looking at her. It was an hour before Mark was due. We had a wine or 2 or 3 and chilled on the bed. 10 mins before he arrived Kate put on her new underwear - Wow she looked stunning, really sexy. We were both a little nervous when there was a knock at the door. Kate stayed upstairs on the bed while I answered the door. In walked Mark, a nice guy, looked good and was very relaxed and chilled while we had a beer in the kitchen. Mark knew Kate was going to be blindfolded and waiting on the bed and her "Safe" word was Red wine, if she said this word we all had to stop and Mark agreed he would leave without any hesitation. Mark finished his beer and headed upstairs closely followed by me.

Kate looked amazing on the bed, blindfold fitted. Mark stripped off his jeans and jumper. He moved on to the bed, I seen Kate take a deep breath as he ran his hands over her body, kissing her on the lips, she let out a little moan of pleasure. Mark kissed his way all over Kate's body. Kate's hands begin to wander, her hands were on his legs, moving around, she was close to his cock which was bulging in his boxers. Mark had his hands all over Kate's tits, teasing her nipples, squeezing them, sucking them. Kate's face was a picture as she caught a feel of his cock, she smiled and was soon pulling at his boxers. Mark lay down and pulled off his boxers and guided Kate's hand to his huge big cock. Mmmm Kate moaned as she took delight in feeling her way up and down his cock.

Mark pulled at Kate's thong to try and remove this but he couldn't move away because Kate had hold of his cock and she wasn't letting go I moved to the foot of the bed and tugged at Kate's thong, she eased her bum in the air to help me take it off, her thong was soaked already I could see her pussy was soaking wet.

Mark had managed to manoeuvre himself around so Kate's pussy was in his eye line and his cock was resting upon her mouth. Kate eagerly took his cock to her mouth, sucking, licking and wanking his cock in to her mouth. It looked amazing seeing her take this huge big cock in her mouth. Mark was very happy using his tongue on her very wet pussy, both of them were enjoying themselves. Watching Kate trying to go as far down his shaft as she could was amazing, my cock was so hard watching her.

Mark had an amazing tongue and had soon brought Kate to climax, she shuddered and let out a long moan as her juices flowed and covered his mouth. Mark adjusted himself so he was kneeling by Kate's head, Kate was still attacking his cock, still sucking, wanking and taking it in her mouth Mark held her head and slowly at 1st fed his cock deeper and deeper in her mouth, I'd never seen Kate deep throat before but she took to it well. Taking nearly all his cock in her mouth, Kate looked amazing on the bed, pussy was glistening, soaking wet, she was sucking this big cock like there was no tomorrow.

Mark looked at me and asked for a condom, I passed him a condom, my heart beating faster then ever before, cock rock hard. He undone the wrapper and proceeded to put the condom on over his huge cock.

"Red Wine" Kate spluttered out.

Me and Mark both looked at each other - What was going on she looked like she was loving it. Mark moved off the bed. "You ok Kate I said?"

"Yes," she said.

"I said 'Red Wine' cos I wanted him to stop."

"Ok," I said, "he has."

"Stop putting the condom on." she said. "I want to feel him inside me if this is ok?"

My cock went rock hard again, yes it is with me I said.

"Mark?" I asked.

"Yes." he said as he was ripping off the condom. He seemed to have gone harder when Kate asked to remove it. He looked massive. Kate was laying there legs wide open, pussy glistening wet.

Mark guided his massive big cock inside Kate, she moved and tried to get comfortable as he guided in this huge cock of his. Kate was groaning loudly as he started to get in to a rhythm his cock sliding with ease in and out of Kate's smooth, soaking wet pussy Her juices covered his cock.

They swapped positions and Kate was riding him, he was sucking and biting her nipples which was the stiffest I have ever seen them. Soon Kate was on all 4's and Mark was happily ploughing his huge cock inside her from behind. I saw my chance and dropped my boxers, easing my cock towards Kate's mouth.

She happily grabbed on to it with her mouth. She was being pounded with such force that I didn't have to move, her head bobbed up and down on my cock. Mark again moved Kate on to her back and put her legs over his shoulders, his cock was covered in Kate's juices. Mark's rhythm soon quickened and it wasn't long before I saw Kate do something I have never seen before. Kate let out an almighty moan and squirted all over Mark.

This made Mark go harder and faster and soon him and Kate let out another moan as his cock pulsed and filled Kate with his cum. They both collapsed in to each other. Wow this was amazing I thought. Kate's pussy was full of this guys cum. I was so hard. Mark stood up, kissed Kate and dressed. Kate kept the blindfold on as agreed beforehand.

Mark left with a huge smile on his face.

I rushed back upstairs to find Kate rubbing Mark's cum all over her clit. I didn't waste anytime in climbing on top of Kate and sliding my cock in to her cum filled pussy. She was certainly stretched and her pussy felt extremely warm. I soon filled her up again with my cum.

This was the best night ever. Kate loved this and was very keen to do it all again soon. And this was how Kate was christened with big cock for the 1st time but defo not the last time.

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