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I hope this is ok to post here. I am kind of new to the lifestyle and new to this blog. I am looking to just share my feelings at the moment. Here is the backstory....

I met this couple online and we have been texting and exchanging pics for 2 weeks or so. They had done some softswapping with a couple but never full on but they wanted to try. She had never been with another guy and wanted to try it and he wanted to watch. I was happy to be that guy because she is pretty hot (see pictures).

After lots of texting we made plans and we met at a bar last night. We had 4 or 5 drinks and then they invited me over to their house. Their only rules were no making out and no anal. Basically just oral and sex. I am very respectful and very easy going ... never one to push or anything.

We get in the house, she is looking great. They show me around the house, we get to the bedroom and she comes over to me and takes my shirt off and its on. We're kissing on each other some (no french kissing) I have my hands all over her, she gets my pants off and gets on her knees. Meanwhile he seems good, he got a chair and put it near the bed. He maybe seemed nervous but no red flags. She sucks me for a few minutes but then stops, she needed to move cause she wasn't comfortable.

I got her naked laid her on the bed and ate her out. She was very much into it. Lots of moaning, some talk about how good it felt. He was just sitting and watching and drinking. No real comments or emotions. She had what seemed like a great orgasm (made me feel good about my oral skills) and then tells me to come fuck her.

She moved over to the edge of the bed laid back and spread her legs. She moved over where he would be able to see. So I stood up in front of her and worked it in. She kept telling me to go slow cause it was too big and she needed to get used to it. She said its so big a few times and I asked her if it was hurting her and she said it felt amazing. Afterwards I realized I was only 1/2 inch bigger than her husband but it was enough for her to feel really good.

Her pussy was very tight (which also added to her thinking I was huge) but also very wet so after 3 or 4 minutes I was able to start fucking her. Once I start getting into it, she is going nuts, lots of loud moaning, some dirty talk about how good it felt. At this point he said "I'm not so sure honey." So the red flag goes up, so I stop my thrusting but she kind of wrapped her legs around me so I couldn't pull out.

So she says to him, "It's ok, I love you, this is what we fantasized about, don't worry about it baby." stuff like that and she blew him some kisses and smiled like she loved him. She asked him if he wanted to join in and he said no that he's just nervous is all. So she says "If you don't want to watch you can go in the other room and wait there if it's easier?" So he gets up and he said a few things about how that might make it easier for him but I didn't really catch it all.

So this was tough on my erection. I don't want anyone to be uncomfortable. He left and I had to stop cause I am not fully there anymore. So I tell her I think they need to talk about it before we do more. And she said not to worry, that they have talked about this many times and both knew he'd be nervous but he still insisted. Also, he got to play with another girl while she watched and he promised that she could do it with another guy. She is telling me all this while she is stroking me, getting me back into it.

She says he is just a little jealous cause I am a bit bigger than he is and also because he had a few drinks and gets that way sometime. She said she has always wanted to try it with a bigger dick and he said he was cool with it all. A little more stroking and dirty talk and I am ready to go again.

We had sex for a while, at one point he came in and watched and started to enjoy it and she made a comment about how good it felt and had a big orgasm right in front of him. He got hard and started to stroke himself as I pumped her more and more and he came fast. Then he looked nervous again.

I was close at that point so I kept going and finished. I knew it was going to be weird so I got dressed pretty quick, told her thanks and got out of there.

When I got home her and I texted and she said he was upset when I left after he came but she bought him back to life and he fucked her hard and they had amazing sex. She said they want to try it again but with no drinks for him this time. Thanks for reading.





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