My Wife was Hornier than Usual - 2

Jim & Joyce - 2


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We're back with part 2 - For those who wish to read part 1, you can find it here. Joyce was taking a late night flight home. That afternoon, she called me and asked me to meet her in the bar of the hotel that is in the airport terminal. She wanted me to wait until a half-hour after her plane had landed, and to initially act like I didn't know her. She asked me to sit on the other side of the bar for awhile and just watch how men reacted to her.

When I arrived at the bar, I stepped inside and glanced around for Joyce. I spotted her sitting around the corner of the bar, where the light was subdued even more than normal. She was wearing the short black mini-dress that I had bought her.

It was very low cut in front with only two tiny shoulder straps holding it up. From the way her tits were spilling out of the top, I guessed that she was wearing the black lace bra that she had been wearing when she left. I also guessed, correctly as I later found, that she was also wearing her black, french-cut bikini panties.

I watched for a few minutes while several men brought her drinks and tried to pick her up. Joyce chatted with each for a few minutes, then sent them on their way. The next one, however, she continued to talk to for quite a while. He was a good-looking guy in his early 30's; about 6' and 180, dressed in a suit, apparently here on business. Joyce had spotted me and glanced up several times, so I slipped out the back door and came back around to the front again. This time I approached them.

"Can't leave you alone for a minute, can I?" I joked to Joyce as I kissed her. I noticed that the guy had a wedding ring on; safe and discrete if anything developed.

"We're just talking and having a drink, hon." Replied Joyce. "This is my new friend, Jerry."

I could tell she had quite a buzz from the drinks she had had. Her eyes had that half-closed look that told me that she was horny and getting excited. "Any friend of my wife is a friend of mine!" I said as we shook hands. We all had another round or two and after a few minutes of small talk 'chit-chat', Jerry realized that I wasn't upset because he had hit on Joyce and he started telling me how lucky I was to have such a beautiful, sexy woman.

"Sexy is an understatement!" I replied, "Sometimes she's almost too much for me to handle!"

"That's right!" said Joyce, "I'm just all that! No mortal man can keep up with me!"

While we talked, I had my arm around her and had been gently rubbing the side of her breast which was obviously getting her turned on. Since her dress had slid up nearly to her panties, I moved my hand, tracing a line down her back with my hand and then laying it casually on her upper thigh.

I began tracing circles around her inner thigh with my fingertips, occasionally touching her pussy lips through her panties. She began to breath harder and laid her head on my shoulder. I noticed Jerry glance down, watching our little show.

The bartender came over and told us the bar was closing. I said that we better get going, although we were all pretty drunk by now and I wasn't sure I could drive.

"Why don't we go up to Jerry's room and have another drink?" cried Joyce, "Jerry said he had a bottle of Wild Turkey when he asked me to go up with him before you got here!"

Jerry rolled his eyes with a pained expression.

"Good idea!" I said, to his surprise.

As we rode the elevator and walked the hall to Jerry's room, Joyce and I were hugging, kissing and groping each other. She was horny and ready; I was getting stiffer by the second. When we got in the room, Jerry made us all strong drinks, Joyce turned on some music and we started slow dancing.

Joyce was humping my leg, her dress had ridden up over her ass so her panties showed. She was rubbing her cunt up and down my thigh as we danced. Jerry had taken off his jacket and tie. By the growing bulge in the front of his trousers, it was obvious that he was becoming aroused by Joyce's wanton sexuality.

"Damn, you guys are gonna fuck right in front on me in a minute!" he said.

"Its been a long day, and I'm not used to this humidity. I'm gonna jump in the shower."

He grabbed a robe and went into the bathroom. I'm sure that he hoped that Joyce would join him; when she didn't, he was out in a few minutes.

I was only wearing a pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt, no underwear. A damp spot was forming on the front of my shorts from my precum, and my thigh was damp from Joyce's wetness.

"Did you think I was going to get in the shower with him?" asked Joyce.

"Did you want to?" I replied.

"Did you want me to?" she asked.

"Only if I can come too" was my answer.

"I love you, you kinky bastard." she said.

"I love you, too." I replied.

We both knew what was going to happen. After all, it was just sex, not love. Just before Jerry came out, I reached behind Joyce as we danced slowly, and pulled down the zipper to her dress, sliding the straps over her shoulders. The dress fell around her ankles. We were both drunk, our inhibitions numbed, and horny. Joyce simply stepped out of the dress and stood in her black lace bra and tiny, french-cut black bikini panties. The panties were soaked and her hard nipples were clearly visible thru the thin bra cups.

Jerry came out of the shower wearing his silk robe, tied loosely around his waist. The top was open, showing a thick patch of black hair on his well developed chest. Joyce is one of those women who is really turned on by body hair on men. I have hair covering my whole body, even some on my cock, and while that's a turn off to some women, Joyce loves it. When she saw Jerry, her eyes locked on his hairy chest.

"Why don't you dance with Jerry for a little while?" I suggested. "I'll just sit this one out and watch you two."

Joyce and Jerry began to dance. Soon he was powering his leg between hers and she was sliding her pussy up and down it. She was very aroused and trying to rub her nipples against his chest hair.

"You should help the poor lady take her bra off so she can properly rub her tits on your fur, Jerry." I said.

Joyce didn't say a word, just looked right in my eyes as Jerry unlatched her bra and pulled it off, letting her tits swing free. She kept looking at me as she pressed her boobs against Jerry's chest. She was so buzzed and so turned on that all she could think about was her pussy sliding on Jerry's leg, her nipples dragging across his chest hair, and her husband watching her from across the room, stripping his clothes off, his prick standing straight up hard against his stomach.

As they writhed together, more fucking than dancing, Jerry's robe came untied and fell open. When she felt Jerry's hard cock press against her.

"Go ahead, Baby, you can touch it." I said, "I'm sure Jerry won't object if you stroke it a little."

"Its so fucking hard!" cried Joyce, as she ran her fingers up the shaft. Jerry's cock twitched as she touched it, and a drop of precum dripped down the head of my pole as I watched my wife playing with another man's hard cock. She slowly stroked her hand up and down the length of the shaft; Jerry began to moan. I stepped behind Joyce, bent down and quickly pulled her panties to the floor, leaving her completely naked. Then I grabbed both tits and pinched the nipples hard. She groaned loudly and squeezed Jerry's cock.

"Does that hurt, Baby?" I said.

"Oh god, Yes!" She moaned, "Don't stop!"

Then I said to Jerry, "She loves her nipples pinched and bitten, the pain makes her cum! Touch her, see how wet she is."

I put my foot between Joyce's ankles and spread her legs as I continued to twist her nipples. Jerry slowly rubbed his fingertips across Joyce's cuntlips; she hunched forward against his touch. Jerry stroked Joyce's clit and slid two fingers inside her. Then, while I was still holding her by the boobs, he dropped to his knees and buried his tongue in her pussy. Joyce squirmed and groaned loudly as Jerry ate her cunt.

He licked up and down her slit and sucked her engorged, erect clit between his lips, and flicked her clit with his tongue. Joyce had already been on the edge of orgasm; in seconds she was cumming, her pussy juice running into Jerry's face as he kept lapping at her cunt.

Joyce was just getting started. She really needed a hot, hard one; and Jerry's was ready. As she pulled him up off his knees, she turned to me and said, "You're really ready to let him fuck me, aren't you?"

"Would you be able to stop now, even if I wanted you to?" I replied. "Its just sex, not love, remember?"

"OK, Baby, you let this get started, now you're just gonna have to watch the fun!" Joyce took Jerry's hard rod and pointed it between her legs. Jerry began thrusting it between her cuntlips, trying to get it inside. Suddenly, Joyce twisted away, pulling loose from my grasp.

"No, baby." She said, "You don't get to hold me. You sit on the other bed where I can watch you jerk off. I want you to be able to see this cock fucking my pussy!" Joyce pulled Jerry down on his back on the bed. She climbed on top of him and guided the thick head of his prick to her cunt.

She was staring at me as she began to hump, sliding his hard cock between her wet pussylips, coating it with her juices.

"Don't move, lover." She said to Jerry, "Hold very still until I tell you. I want you to be like a statue while I ride your prick!" Then she took his shaft in her hand, parted her cuntlips with the head, and slowly lowered herself, impaling herself on Jerry's rod. Joyce let out a gasp as the hard cock split her cunt and penetrated deep inside her.

"Don't move!" She cried out, as she began to alternately lift and lower herself, sliding her hot cunt up and down on Jerry's cock; and grind herself 'fore and aft', rubbing her clit against his pubic bone.

Sitting on the other bed, watching that cock sliding into my wife's slick cunt, was almost more than I could stand. My prick was hard as a granite column and pre-cum was literally dripping down the shaft.

"Jerk off for me!" Cried Joyce, as she used Jerry's cock like it was a dildo. "Stroke your cock! I want to see you cum, Baby!" That was enough for me! I rubbed the palm of my hand in a circle around the head of my cock, coating it with my slick pre-cum, then I wrapped my hand around the shaft and slowly began stroking myself; going from the base of my shaft, up until my hand closed over the top of my head, squeezing a big drop of pre-cum out of the hole with each stroke.

Joyce and I were essentially fucking each other from across the room. Watching me pump my cock while she was 'showing off' with Jerry, had Joyce ready to cum; that cock rocking in her cunt didn't hurt, either. Watching her wantonly enjoying a strange cock pumping into her pussy, and knowing how aroused she was getting by watching me masturbate, had me ready to explode. Seconds later, Joyce grabbed Jerry's hands and put them on her tits.

"Fuck me hard, now!" She screamed, as she began to bounce wildly. "Oh, yesssss! I'm Cuuummmming!" Watching Joyce's orgasm wash over her put me over the top; as I stroked and jerked on my cock, it suddenly began to pulsate and a hot stream of thick jism spurted out and landed on my chest. Joyce watched, wild eyed and still cumming, as several more spurts of hot cum shot out of my throbbing cock and landed on my chest and belly. Just then, Jerry grunted loudly and his body tensed as he shot loads of spunk deep inside Joyce's pussy.

Afterwards, we all laid on the king-sized bed and Jerry and I both massaged Joyce and played with her sensitive areas until, turned on once again, she grabbed both of our cocks and began stroking us until we were both hard and ready. This time, we all stayed on our hands and knees and while I pumped my stiff cock into her cunt from behind, I watched her give Jerry the best blow job he'd ever had.

Joyce licked the shaft and head, then sucked as much as she could down her throat, stroking Jerry's cock with her mouth. Then she'd lick the head with the tip of her tongue again, lapping up the pre-cum that was bubbling out. In a few minutes, Jerry was groaning and thrusting his cock into Joyce's mouth as he exploded in orgasm, blasting spurts of hot cum right into Joyce's throat. She sucked him dry, swallowing his whole load. The visual was too much for me to stand, and I shot my hot cum deep into her pussy.

After we'd had a rest, Joyce jumped up, grabbed the chair and pulled it next to her bed. Then she got me to sit in it and 'tied me down' with the belt from Jerry's robe. Of course, I was naked and my hands were free. Then Joyce got on the bed with Jerry and, kneeling over him so her tits hung down, began rubbing her breasts and nipples all over his body.

Occasionally, she would suck and lick his cock and balls. Obviously, he was soon very hot and rigid, and my prick was also coming back to life. Joyce laid down on the bed, got Jerry to straddle her, and held his cock between her melons so he could fuck her tits. My cock was instantly rock hard and aching for release; I began jacking off, stroking my shaft as fast and as hard as I could.

Joyce was partly propped up on the pillows; trying to watch me and, at the same time, keep her head up so that she could see Jerry's cockhead push out from between her tits and so she could lap at it with her tongue. Joyce's big, soft boobs were too much for Jerry. In a short time, he lost control and began to cum. As his cock thrust between Joyce's tits, a thick stream of hot cum splashed against her chin and face.

She took the head of his cock in her mouth and sucked him until he was spent. Then, while he was still hard, she pulled his prick inside her where he thrust hard and fast, trying to make her cum. She was on the edge of an orgasm when I began to spurt, the cum pumping up and running back down, all over my cock and hand. Seeing me jerk off made Joyce cum hard, thrashing and moaning as Jerry pumped into her.

Finally, we were all exhausted; it was time to go home. We all got into the shower to clean up. Joyce got very clean with four hands soaping her up all over. Some parts got extra attention; she lathered us both up, as well.

We gave Jerry our number and E-mail address, in case we wanted to get together again, and we headed home, tired but happy. There's more but writing this has taken me a long time and has me spent in more ways than one! I'll try to find the time to write more. For now, enjoy her pictures and our story.


Jim & Joyce






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