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Jim & Joyce


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Recently, my wife took a trip back to Ohio from our home in Florida to visit her relatives. She's terrified of flying, so to test herself, she insisted on my dropping her off at the airport entrance and going through the check-in and boarding by herself.

Of course, to help with her courage, she stopped at the airport bar and downed several stiff drinks. As it turned out, she didn't have to pay for any of them. You see, Joyce is 41, but looks 10 years younger. Always a sexy woman, Joyce can cum easily and often.

She loves me to make her cum with my tongue on her clit, with her vibrator, or her lifelike 10" dildo. Her nipples are extremely sensitive and she can often cum when I pinch, bite or twist them roughly. She says that she must have little clits in her nipples. Joyce especially loves to see a man cum. Watching the hot spunk shoot out of my cock and splash on her body makes her crazy. We often make love while watching her favorite video showing 12 men jacking off on a woman's face and body.

Lately, she's been even hornier than usual; she craves sex anytime of the day, anywhere it strikes her. Over the past few months, we've fucked in our van, in the pool, in the ocean off the beach, and numerous times I've fingered her cunt till she's cum under tables at bars and restaurants, and at the movies. She also seems to attract the attention of men even more now than when she was younger.

She says that she's so horny that she's been giving off pheromones, and I don't doubt it; lately, when she walks in a room, you can almost see the other men begin to sniff the air. Soon she's the center of attention. Maybe the pheromones are more freely circulated by her wearing only skimpy lace panties, or none at all, in public. She's been dressing the part, as well; short, tight skirts to show off her curvy legs and hourglass figure, and low cut bras and blouses to reveal much of her breasts. Her nipples seem to always be hard and poking through her tops.

For her trip back North, Joyce wore a skin-tight pair of jeans and a loose fitting, very low cut blouse. Her transparent black lace bra and her breasts were clearly visible to the tops of her nipples to anyone who glanced down. Its not surprising that soon after she arrived at her cousin's house that I got a call from her. She was still smashed from before her flight, and she had to describe to me in great detail, how she had been surrounded by four men as soon as she sat down at the bar. All were buying her drinks, getting her very drunk, and teasing and flirting with her, while they looked down her blouse.

All four had propositioned her at one point or another before her flight, and while she hadn't accepted any of their advances, the drinks and sexual conversations had left her with a wet pussy all through her flight. She made my cock stiff as she described how she went into the rest room on the plane and finger fucked her wet cunt and rubbed her clit until she came. A couple days later she called again, late at night and told me that she was feeling very strange. She was hornier than she had ever been in her life.

She admitted that she had been masturbating 3 or 4 times a day, making herself cum 2, 3, even 4 times each time and it still wasn't satisfying her. She said that she wished she had stayed home so she could 'fuck my brains out' right then, and that she really missed my cock and tongue. Joyce was moaning as she tried to talk to me and when I asked her what she was doing, she confessed that she was naked and she was rubbing her pussy on the arm of the sofa.

I stroked my rock hard pole as she described what she was doing and how it felt. I listened to the sounds of her cumming three times during our conversation. She said that she felt like she was going to go crazy if she didn't get fucked soon. She even told me that while she didn't want to be unfaithful or hurt me, right then she felt like she really didn't care who fucked her, as long as she got as much hot, hard cock as she needed. I don't know what to say or what was causing this 'mid-life crisis', but it led to a very unusual phone conversation.

Very late the next evening, about 2:00 a.m., the phone rang, waking me. It was Joyce; from the sound of her voice, she was very drunk. I could hear music and the sounds of a bar in the background.

"I need to ask you something, Honey." Said Joyce. "I hope you'll understand."

"OK, what?"

"Well, remember I told you that I was really horny and I just really needed a cock? You know, not an affair, just sex."

"Of course. What have you done?"

"Nothing yet, Baby. But I met this young guy, Michael, and he wants me to go home with him. He's a construction worker and a musician, Honey. He's good-looking, built, and he's got a big cock. I just really need to spend the night with him, I just need fucked, Baby!"

This was the craziest thing I'd ever heard. My wife was actually asking my permission to let a stranger fuck her. But, I guess it was better than if she'd just said 'yes' to him, she was 1000 miles away, after all.

"OK, how do you know he's got a big cock?" This seemed the obvious question to ask a drunk, horny lady.

"Well, when we were dancing, he grabbed my ass and pulled up against me. He had a hard-on, and I could feel it. He was humping it against me, and Baby, it made me so hot that I just slid my pussy on his leg. I almost came on the dance floor! Please don't be mad, Babe!" Then she continued. "And, I guess I rubbed it through his pants a little, while we sat in the booth."

"And what has he done to my wife . . . so far?"

"Well, he did reach under my skirt and play with me a little. Just for a second, though!"

I knew that if I said, 'no', in the condition Joyce was in, she'd probably just go home with him anyway, or at least fuck him in his car. So I figured I might as well let her go and stay as involved as I could. Besides, I had a visual already, and my prick was quickly getting stiff thinking about it.

"OK." I said. "I'll agree to this on two conditions."

"Anything you want, Honey." She pleaded. "I just need to do this, and I don't want to lie to you. It's not an affair, just sex, and I want you to be OK with it."

"First condition. You call me back as soon as you get to this Michael's house."

"Sure, Honey, that sounds like fun!"

"Second condition. Are you listening? Ready?"

"Anything you want, Honey." Joyce replied.

"OK; I want you to strip naked before you get in his car, and ride that way all the way to his house, including when you walk inside. And you don't tell him you're going to do it, just go to his car and then strip! Agreed?"

There was a several second pause, then; "OK, I guess so. You kinky bastard. And I suppose you'll want to hear all about that when I call you, right?"

"Of course, Baby!" I replied.

"Bye, Honey. We're leaving now. Call in a few." And the phone went dead.

I was thinking about it, imagining what was taking place 1000 miles away, getting harder and more excited by the minute. In about 20 minutes the phone rang.

"Hi. Its me." It was Joyce's voice, drunk but very excited.

"Are you naked? Did you do what I asked?"

"Yes, I did! Damn, I'm hot!"

"Tell me."

"I did it just like you said. I walked to Michael's truck, he opened the passenger door for me, and I said there was something I had to do. Then I stripped all my clothes off as fast as I could and jumped in. Honey, I don't think I can go back to that bar again! There were a lot of people in the lot, they were all watching us leave!

"Where are you now?" I asked.

"Standing in his living room." Joyce said. "I just jumped out of the truck and walked right up the walk to the door."

"Is he naked, too?"

"No. He's still dressed, standing here looking at me. Now I feel really helpless and a little nervous 'cause I'm naked in a strange man's house and I left my clothes in his truck. I can't even get dressed!"

"Well, I guess you're going to have to go through with it, now. He can just keep you there, naked, until he's done with you."

"Stop that, you're scaring me!"

"Yeah, but I bet your pussy's wet, isn't it? This is making you hot, I bet. Touch it and tell me."

"Yes." She said, her breath coming a little faster. "I'm very wet."

"Did Michael watch you touch your pussy?"


My prick was so hard that it was throbbing. Picturing some young stranger watching my naked wife touching her cunt was almost too much to bear. If only I could be there!!

"Touch your cunt again!" I said. "Slide your middle finger through your cuntlips. . . and then lick your finger." She didn't answer, but I knew she did it because I heard her gasp for air. I know how much she loves to pleasure herself . . . and how much she loves me to watch her do it. I could only imagine how she was reacting to a stranger watching her touch herself.

"Oh god, baby, he's touching me!" Joyce moaned, "He's behind me and he's squeezing my tits! His cock's out of his pants and against my ass!"

"Tell him to touch your cunt," I said.

"Oh, Michael, put your finger in my pussy, rub my clit." I heard a load groan. "Oh, yes! Just like that! Rub it harder! You're gonna make me cum!" Then she stammered to me, "Oh, Honey, he's rubbing my clit real hard. And he's pinching my nipples, too. You know what that does to me! I'm rubbing his cock, too. It's so big and hard; I can't wait to get it inside me!"

I heard the sounds of her moaning and then, "Oh! Oh! Oh god, I'm gonna cum! Oh, god, Honey, he's making me cum with his fingers! Oh, I'm cumming now. . . NOW! CUMMINNNG! OHHHHH!" Then I heard the phone fall to the floor.

After a few seconds, she came back on the phone and said that he'd picked her up and carried her into the bedroom and laid her on the bed. I heard him tell Joyce to 'let her husband know that he had a surprise for him.' He left the room for a minute, then returned, naked and hard now, with a hands-free speakerphone that he plugged in next to the bed.

"Can you hear me, Honey?" Joyce asked.

"Yea, Baby, I can hear you fine."

"I love you." Joyce said, softly, "Do you want me to stop?"

"No, baby." I replied, "You obviously need this, and I want to hear everything you do."

"Is your cock hard, Honey?" Joyce asked, "Are you stroking it with your hand?"

"Oh, yea, Baby!" She knew me well; and watching me jerk off and shoot cum really got her hot. "My prick's really hard and I'm playing with myself while I listen to you and your friend."

"Uh, Yes! Do it to me!" Joyce suddenly cried out. I heard Joyce suck in air and gasp, then she moaned.

"Oh, Honey, Michael's eating my pussy! He's down between my legs and his tongue's in my cunt! He's licking your wife's pussy, Honey; are you jealous. . or is it making you hot?"

"Hell, yes, I'm jealous." I said, "I wish I was there. I'm so hot and hard. I want to hear you cum."

"I wish you were here too, Honey, so you both could fuck me! I'm ready for more than one man tonight! Baby, he's licking my clit! I'm gonna cum again!"

I listened and pumped myself as Joyce had another overwhelming orgasm from Michael's tongue. I knew that his face was covered with her pussy juice.

As soon as she was finished cumming, Michael slid up her body and put his fat cockhead at the entrance to her wet and ready cunt; and while she described what was happening, for the first time in our seven year marriage, another man's stiff cock penetrated my wife's pussy.

"He's on top of me, Honey!" Joyce moaned, "I'm spreading my legs for him. Your horny wife's about to get fucked, Baby! Oh, damn, it's huge! Oh! Oh! He's splitting me in two! It's so damn thick, it feels so good! Ughhh, it's inside me now, Honey! Oh, god, it's so big! He's fucking me good now, Honey. He's pumping it in my cunt; your cunt, he's using your wife's cunt, Honey. Your wife's cumming with another man; I know that turns you on, Honey. Jerk off for me, cum with me now, I'm cumming now!"

Visualizing what was occurring a thousand miles away was too much for my self-control. I pumped my cock and spurted streams of spunk all over myself as I listened to my sexy wife cumming with Michael's cock thrusting inside her cunt.

We continued to talk to each other, Joyce describing in detail, between moans, what was happening, as she rolled him over and rode his cock until they both exploded and he sprayed her pussy with hot, thick cum. Michael even got into the game, relaying how she was licking and sucking his cock, making it hard again. Joyce was just getting started, she wasn't going to let him stay flaccid for long. She meant it when she had said that she needed fucked. Just as Michael had begun to fuck her again, doggy style, I heard other male voices.

"What the fuck!" said one voice.

"Hey, Michael, you going to share that?" asked another.

"Yea, Michael, she's hot!" cried the first guy.

These guys turned out to be Michael's two roommates, both construction workers in their 20's, who had come home earlier than Michael had thought, or so he claimed. When they saw Joyce, naked on the bed on her hands and knees, with her tits hanging down and swaying and Michael's big rod rammed deep in her cunt, they both quickly stripped and were almost instantly hard.

"What should I do, Honey?" Panted Joyce, "They want to fuck me, too."

"What do you want to do, Babe? Are you gonna get shy, now?"

"No, Honey. I'm so horny; and they're both gorgeous! And it's just sex, right?" My cock was hard again. I got our vibrator and held it against my cock while I listened to my wife getting fucked by Michael as she sucked the hard cock of one of his roommates.

They all got into the phone game, describing everything for me as one of them lapped Joyce's muff, while another had his cock in her mouth, shooting his load of hot, thick cum down her throat just as she came from the hard tongue licking her clit. Then they bent her over the bed so one could fuck her from behind while she licked and sucked another sitting on the bed. She even laid on her back with one guy straddling her chest; his cock thrusting between her tits as she held them together. She lapped at the head of his cock as it pumped out from between her breasts with each stroke. Michael laid between her legs and ate her cunt while his friend fucked her tits and pumped his hot cum all over her face and tits.

I came several times using my hand and the vibrator to get myself off. I was so hot and aroused that I didn't even think of the mess I was making; when Joyce finally finished them all off, we were both covered with cum.

It was after 6 a.m. and the sun was up when Michael finally took Joyce back to her cousin's house so she could get ready for the flight home the next day. After Joyce's adventure, one might think she was ready to settle down a little; but she had another surprise for me when she arrived home.

I'll post that as part 2 soon.

Here is part 2

Jim & Joyce




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