It All Started with My Ex Wife

Nikki & John


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It all started with my Ex wife. Never gave a thought to the cuckold/hot wife lifestyle ever before this point. She was open from when we met so us watching porn was a regular thing for us. One night drinking we were watching porn and the video came to a Mmf threesome scene and during the money shot to where the both were cumming into her mouth I happen to notice my wife had her mouth open like she was her and she was playing with herself.

I was definitely wasn't expecting that and she later revealed it was a fantasy of hers to be taken by two guys. So thus we began talking about it and over time she revealed she thought it would be hot to be fucking a guy while I watched. The seed was planted then and I was highly turned on by the idea surprisingly. We never made it a reality but near the end of our marriage, she was seeing someone and despite all the emotions of a divorce was highly turned on knowing she was fucking another guy.

Down the road, I meet my someone and it turns into a major relationship... But never telling her my fantasy. She happened to use my phone one day and noticed the cuckold porn I watched and she confronted me so I lay it all out. She never commented or anything and left it at that. Then over time (us drinking or getting kinky) she would dirty talk me and a few times would mention a threesome or how everyone wanted to fuck her and she saw how obvious it turned me on until finally the day came that she came clean and told me I planted the seed in her head and it now is a major turn on to her.

So we start experimenting with online dating sites and seeing about possibly pursuing this and even though we came close on a few occasions something usually prevented it from happening but we both LOVED her spending her time while I was at work her setting and sending nudes to other guys.

I ended up getting a new job in a new town so we pack up and move to a nice neighborhood and made quick friends with the neighbors... And one of these neighbors happened to be a single guy that she found very attractive. So when we had BBQs and a few drinks and he was there it always ended with her being flirty towards him (but not enough to make the other neighbors suspicious). Then one night I was in bed asleep and she was still up.

So she decides to take a a small walk around the block and noticed our neighbor in his garage having a beer... Apparently they said hi and started chatting when he offered her a beer which she accepted. They had a few and he wanted to introduce her to his dog so they go inside and she meets his pet and she told me "when I stood up and turned around he was face to face with me and being buzzed and into him, grabbed him and began making out."

So they made out for a bit when he undoes his pants and pulls his cock out which she said she immediately dropped to her knees and began giving him head. Eventually he asked to take her to the bedroom which she replied "no, if you want me you'll come to my house" which he was NOT into since I was home. Eventually he zips up and then back to the garage for a smoke and when he finished they began kissing again which again followed with her sucking his dick.

She told me she got him as turned on as she possibly could, then got up and started walking back to the house telling him to follow her if he wanted her pussy.... So I'm in bed fast asleep unaware of the evenings events when I get woken up by her when she drops the bomb on me "I have **** in the living on the couch right now. Can I please please fuck him?"

I'm floored, especially since I'm half awake then I asked if she was serious to which she replies yes. I told her to be a good slut and do whatever it is you want. So I get up and walk down the hallway with her and sure enough if he isn't sitting on the couch...

So she walks right up to him, straddles him and I hear her say "see, I told you he'd be ok with it" then she starts kissing him. I grab a beer and began watching and it wasn't just a couple minutes when she got up and led him to our bed I was just sleeping on. They immediately strip and she started sucking his cock and before I knew it she had him on the bed and she was riding him like absolute crazy. They fucked for about 20 minutes until he came inside of her but neither were done...

So they continued. Over an hour later when he gets off the second time she makes him pull out so she can swallow his cum....

So that's the story how it all began all the way up to our/my first time.







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