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We love thi blog! My wife M and I had seen many stories on sites about "dogging" and had started to include some dogging situations into our fantasies.

After many discussions we decided to test the waters, so to speak, and go to a park nearby, which we knew to be an area where doggers were supposed to be. It was quite a warm evening, but not much moonlight, perfect for first-timers. After driving in we noticed a few cars and went to a secluded and dark area. M was wearing a loose fitting skirt without knickers and a blouse without bras.

We had decided that this first time we would only let a dogger watch as M sucked me and showed her beautiful pussy. We read that the signal was that we should flash the inside light a couple of times to let doggers know we were there for them. The excitement of potentially having 1 or more guys watching us, got M very horny and it wasnít long before she had my cock out and sucking it to hardness. While she was doing that, I had lifted her skirt and started playing with her, now very wet, pussy. While I was fingering her I kept asking her if she wanted strangers to look at her pussy, to see her wetness and my fingers inside her, it made her even hornier and she sucked me harder.

It wasnít long before I looked up and saw the outline of a guy standing back from the passenger window. I whispered to M that we were being watched from a little way. I positioned her better so that her pussy would be in full view if came a little closer to the window. She looked up from giving me the BJ and ran her fingers through her slit, with her legs wide open. "You want him to have a good look donít you?" She said. "You like other guys looking at me, get's you horny?"

He obviously could now see we were there to play, so moved forward so he could see more. By now M was leaning back in her seat with her legs apart, playing with her very excited clit. M had shown her pussy to strangers on the net, camming, but not yet live. So she was nervous and yet excited. The guy moved closer again, just near the window and it was clear he had his cock in his hand giving it a good wank.

She asked me if I like this, I could hardly answer I was sooo horny, of course I liked this. Now she stuck 3 fingers inside her and the guy started wanking harder. M loves to see guys "spurt" as she calls it. The guy came real close to the window, which was closed and put his cock on the glass, inviting M to let the window down, she looked at me and I gave her the ok look. (We initially had agreed that we would only let guys watch) She let the window down and the guy came closer letting his cock just inside the window. M could not resist and reached up and ran her hand along the shaft. At the same time he reached down and started playing with her pussy.

A complete stranger was playing with my wife and she with him. Excitement ran through me, my cock got harder, as I was living my cuck fantasy for the first time.

M unbuttoned her blouse and let her tits out, meantime this guy was playing with M's pussy. We decided to open the door to make it easier. M leaned back on her seat as the guy now worked her pussy hard, I could tell she was heading to an orgasm as she grabbed his hand and pulled it hard into and she had her first O for the night. She now had his cock in her hands and was wanking it, all the while saying how much she wanted to see it spurt and telling me how good it was to have a cock in her hands other than mine.

The guy was getting harder and starting bucking around and was obvious that he was about to cumm. With a huge grunt he started cum, M guided it onto her tits, his white cum dripping all over her tits. I told her I was about to cum too, she told me not to, to save it till we got home. The guy quickly did up his pants and left. The whole time he did not say a word other than the grunt.

M went home with her tits out and cum on them. It was hard to concentrate as we went through a bit of traffic and I am sure other people saw her bare tits. She played with my cock all the way and when we got home went straight to the bedroom. By now the cum had dry and sticky. M said fuck me with the cum all over me, then you cum over the top of our stranger friends, let me see you spurt too. I fucked her hard and did as she wanted.

Later I asked her how close was she to letting the guy fuck her there and then. She said very close and next time would probably go that far. She knows she has me well and truly under her power, and that she can freely make her fantasies come true anytime she wants.

We will go back to the park and have a great time, I don't have to guarantee that, .... she will.

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