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My husband and I lived in a small townhouse complex years ago. We stayed on the end, and a single father, Eric, lived at the other end. His son and my son were the same age, so our families had interaction nearly daily. Eric was seeing a recently divorced mom, Christine, and she would hang out in our complex often. It wasn't long before Christine and I became friends.

One day Christine and I were discussing our significant other's cock sizes. I told her Greg (my husband) possessed the biggest cock I have ever had. And, size DOES matter. Christine said Eric had a big cock as well. Very thick, fun to ride, and always delivered a sizeable money shot. That conversation always sat in the back of my mind for some reason. Flash forward to the hot, summer months...Eric would often have parties at his place.

My husband and I had standing invitations but due to having kids to watch at home, we would often pass. One night, Eric was having a party and I told my husband I really wanted to go. It was right down the way, and if I was needed at home, he could come and get me. He didn't mind, so off I went. When I arrived, the music was loud and the drinks were abundant. It wasn't long before I had a bloody mary in my hand and a place on the couch.

Eric saw me, greeting me with a peck on the cheek and said he was happy to see me. Until then I never received a physical greeting from Eric before. I don't ever recall he asking me where Greg was, but it has been a while. Needless to say, the party was great. Most of the neighbors were there as were friends of Eric, and some friends of friends. But I didn't see Christine there. I asked Eric where Christine was and he said she had to work late that night.

As the night went on, my one bloody mary had turned in to several and included some shots as well. I was there to have a good time, as I hadn't had a night out in a long while. Besides, Greg hadn't come by to get me so all must be well on the home front. The guests were departing, leaving only those who lived in the complex and didn't have to drive. Soon even the neighbors were gone, leaving me alone with Eric. I began cleaning up, which Eric said wasn't necessary, but I was doing it anyway.

I was taking things into the kitchen and saying something like, "I know how bachelor's are. They can't do anything without a woman's help". I didn't know he followed me in to the kitchen and as my last word left my mouth, he turned my around and planted a kiss on me. His tongue was in my mouth, and I found mine is his. It was a passionate kiss that seemed to last forever.

His hands were on my back and made their way down to my ass. He was squeezing my ass and pulling me closer to him. I could feel a bulge and must say it had to be as big as Christine described to me months before. He released me and told me he had wanted to do that for some time, but never thought he could go through with it since I was married with a family. It must have been the right amount of alcohol in my system but I wasn't offended by the kiss or the comment. Besides, Greg and I had discussed this situation many times and I was sure that he would not only be okay with this but that it would actually excite him.

So once Eric knew I wasn't going to punch him and leave, he then said, "Something I know a woman can help me with is..." as he unzipped his pants and showed me his semi-hard cock. It was a great looking piece of man meat. I think I said, "Really?" in a sarcastic tone. "Ya, I think you could definitely help me with this", as he began moving me on my knees to begin sucking on his cock. I didn't fight it, I just got down on my knees in his kitchen and began slowly licking the head, just enough to drive him nuts, then on the sides before taking the entire shaft in my mouth.

Eric moaned, "Oh, God! I knew you'd be a good cock sucker. Take all that cock in your mouth. Oh, Fuck! Ya. Suck it. Deeper! You like that big cock in your mouth don't you?"

With cock in my mouth I could only give him a "Uh huh" as I continued to make his shaft hard.

Eric continued, "Goddamn you are good. Keep sucking that cock. Ya, you're liking that cock in your mouth. You going to let me fuck you tonight?"

Then he pulled his cock out of my mouth. "Jack that cock while you look at me", he instructed.

"You going to let me fuck your pussy tonight? I know you want to feel that hard cock in your wet pussy don't you?" I looked at him and said, "Fuck me."

He lifted me up off my knees and took my t-shirt off. Then my bra. "Damn, you have nice tits. I knew they were nice, but fuck, those are great" He began sucking on my tits, getting my nipples instantly hard. His mouth and tongue were so warm, God I was getting wet.

He then led me to his bedroom. We were near the edge of the bed when he took off my shorts, revealing my pussy. He took his shirt off, showing off a well balanced body. Firm chest and great cock. He laid me on the bed and got between my legs, kissing me softly and asking if he could fuck me without a condom. He always wanted to fuck a married woman without a condom and shoot his load in her pussy. It sounded hot to me, so I told him he could. His cock entered my pussy and I let out a moan I could never remember ever making before.

My pussy was so warm and wet, that it was just waiting for a guy's hard cock to enter. He began slowly, getting a nice rhythm going and I was just going with it. My fingers were dug deep in his back as he thrust back and forth in me.

"I knew you'd be a great fuck. Everytime I saw you outside, playing with the kids, or just out with Greg, I'd think what you were like naked and being fucked. Your pussy is so wet and warm right now. You are great!"

"I could say the same thing. Your cock is so fucking big and fills my pussy up. I wondered what it was like when Christine told me how big and thick it was. Can't wait for your load."

"So you two discussed me before?"

"Just comparing size and girth."

"You should have come to me before. I wanted to fuck you months ago."

With that he pulled out and had me get on my knees. "I want to fuck you doggy style. Get on your knees with your legs spread apart. I want to feel that pussy spread."

So I did exactly what he wanted...my legs spread while on my knees. He entered my pussy from behind and it was unbelievable. I immediately buried my head in his pillows cuz it felt so good.

"Oh, God! Fuck me. Fuck me with that big cock. Come on. Harder. Harder. Oh, ya. Fuck me."

I don't know if he could hear all my sounds but I know he felt all that cum I was unloading on his cock.

"Fuck! Look at you. You're liking this cock aren't you? Look at all that cum. Does Greg's cock make you cum this much? Huh? Does your husband's cock fuck you this good."

"NO. Your cock is better."

"Ya, I know it is. I'd fuck you every day of the week if you want it. I know you like this cock in your holes. Don't you? Huh, slut? You want me to fuck you everday?"

"Ya, I do."

"You only going to let me fuck this pussy. Huh? Come on, let me hear you, You only going to let me fuck this pussy, slut?"


He began spanking my ass leaving both cheeks a little red. "You like having your ass spanked don't you. You can sure fuck good. Let a guy do anything with you. Suck cock. Fuck. Spank. Such a good little fucking slut. And now you are mine."

"Come in me. I want to feel your hot load inside me. Shoot that load in my pussy. Let me feel all that cum. Come on shoot it. I need that hot load in me."

And, with that...he came. Right inside my pussy.

"Oh, shit! Ya, take all that cum in that pussy. No fucking condom. Just shooting my cum right into your married pussy. So fucking nasty. Such a good fucking slut."

He then pulled out and we turned towards each other. He began kissing me again. Rubbing his hands on my tits and feeling my quenched pussy.

"You were so fucking good. I wish I could fuck you all night. You better be thinking of this cock all day cuz when I get home I want to fuck you again. What are you going to tell Greg?"

" Trust me...with all your load inside me, I will be thinking of you all day. And, hope you have another load to give me later today. As far as Greg goes, he'll likely want to clean it up."

I got home, told Greg everything and it ended up in the best sex we've ever had. Better than with Eric because of the rush I was riding. I didn't sleep with Eric anymore but I did want to try his cock after my conversation with Christine. I don't think he minded that i used him.




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