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This is something that recently happened to me. I was recently gone away on vacation and was staying at this nice hotel. On my last day there I got up early to go for a swim in the pool before my flight. I got there just a little bit after the pool area opened and no one was using the pool and there was just one lady in the hot tub. I changed and got into the pool and started doing laps. After awhile the woman in the hot tub got out and got into the pool for a bit before getting out and laying on a chair next to the pool.

Between laps I couldn't really help myself looking at her and I guess it was kind of obvious since she eventually got back into the pool and swam over and made small talk for a bit. She then surprisingly mentioned how she found me attractive and asked if I felt the same way about her and I said I did. I was taken aback but wasn't going to miss whatever this was. She then felt my crotch over my shorts and then just went and reached up my shorts leg and started stroking my cock in the pool. She said she wanted me to go upstairs with her where her husband was. She said they both really liked the idea of cuckolding and would like for me to help them. I was unsure at first since he had to be there. But she assured me he was just going to watch, not touch or even expose himself since they would just have fun after I left. I said it had to be somewhat of a quickie since I had a flight to catch. She said it wasn't a problem also and said that I didn't need to use a condom if I didn't want to. I was still unsure so she got out of the pool and then left her key on my stuff and said to stop by.

I stayed at the pool for a bit and then decided to go up. I wanted to use a condom though since I just met her so in the locker room there was a condom dispenser so I bought one and went up. When I got there I decided to knock and it was her husband who answered the door and he told me he was wondering if I'd show up and his wife was in the shower but would be out soon. He told me to wait on the bed and then informed his wife and came back and sat in the chair and didn't say anything else. She came out pretty quick and to my amazement when she did all she had on was a pair of black heels. Her nipples were hard and her pussy clean shaven. She said hi again and came over and took off my shirt and shorts and started to suck me off. I told her I wished to use a condom and that when her husband asked if I must and stated that she was clean since they rarely did this and not to worry about her getting pregnant. I said I rather use one and he said ok but if I could cum in her mouth and on her face at the end since he liked that and rather her pussy be full of cum but that would do. I agreed as his wife kept sucking me. I handed her the condom and she put it on me and then she lied down on the bed and I started to finger her a bit.

Since we had to be quick we got right to it. She climbed on top of me and started showing me and her husband how much she wanted my cock. Her clean pussy felt great and she was bouncing fast and moaning loud. She faced her husband as I watched her ass bouncing on my dick. After a bit I asked if I could see the front view so she turned around so I could see her tits bouncing as she rode me. I played with her nipples and sucked on them and I started to feel how wet she was getting since her juices were now running down on me.

Then her husband asked to see me fuck her while she lied on her back. So she did and moved to the edge of the bed as I stood up and fucked her. I started slow and lifted both the leg up and together so her pussy slit was night and tight. She was moaning as I did. But she and her husband wanted me to go faster and harder so she spread her legs wide so I could get deep. I started to fuck her as fast and hard as I could. My balls slapping off her ass and her tits shaking around like mad. She was enjoying it since her pussy was not gushing juices and she was moaning real loud. Even had the bed making noise. After a few minutes of that and hearing her moaning and seeing her sexy tits bouncing around I was ready to cum.

I told her this and she sat up and hauled the condom off and started sucking me hard and fast. It was real sloppy and wet and she was making a nice bit of noise. Then I shot my load. The first few shots went into her mouth which she swallowed right away but then the rest shot all over her face and in her hair. She continued to stroke me and rubbed my cock head allover her cheeks, lips and chin to get the cum on her. Some even started to drip down onto her tits.

She thanked me for my load but I told her I was still not done and just flipped her over on to her stomach and stuck my dick back into her pussy, this time with no condom since we had no more. I was pretty much on top of her as I rammed my cock into her. Fucking her just as fast and hard as before. I reached around and started groping her tits and squeezing them as my cock slid in and out of her wet pussy. She was moaning real loud now, and short of breath. Then I felt her cum. Her pussy gripped my cock hard so I slowed up a bit. Once she caught her breath again she wanted to taste my cock covered in her juices so she sat back up and started sucking me for a bit. I really wanted to fuck her tits so I asked if I could and she said she'd love it since it turns her on.

I sat on the edge of the bed and she kneeled down in front of me and wrapped her tits around my shaft. She then started to shake them around and when my cock head would poke out from between them she would lick it. I really enjoyed this and precum started to come out of me which she licked up. I told her I wasn't going to last much longer, so she started to beg for my cum. But I told her I'd leave this one in her so I got her to get in doggy style on the edge of the bed a I stood behind her. Her with her face down and ass in the air as I slid back in her pussy again.

She was real wet. I smacked her ass a few times before reaching around playing with her clit. Her moaning as I slowly started to fuck her faster and harder. That's when I got her to cum again but this time I didn't slow down but kept going and a few minutes later I shot my load deep in her. When I did I just collapsed on her my cock still in her. We stayed like that for a bit until I took my cock out. She didn't move but no cum came out since I left it deep in her pussy. She then sucked the last few drops out of my and off my cock before I got dressed and thanked them both for the fun time and left then to their own fun.

We keep in touch still but live too far away from each other to hook up. I do get pictures from time to time that they both send. Here are a couple.




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