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Over the last weekend my husband took me out for for a weekend holiday as a belated b-day present. I had no idea about it, until I came home from work and he said, 'get in the car we are leaving for the weekend.'

Hubby had planned a weekend in downtown Chicago. I love visiting the city. We checked into our hotel. Huubby had packed for me, that had me a little nervous lol. But to my suprise he id a pretty good job. I put on a dress and off we went. We got a bite to eat for dinner and and walked around Michigan Ave. a little. It started to get dark so we started to head back to the hotel. On the way we passed a bar that looked like it was a happening type place, so we decided to sop in for a drink.

We found a small booth in a dark corner of the bar and settled in. Once we finished our drinks we decided to get one more. I had to go to the bathroom so I told hubby I would bring them back from teh bar after I went to the bathroom. As I approaced the bar I could see a younger (30ish) genterman that seemend to be checking me out. There was a spot next to him so I pulled up to him right at the bar. Before the bartender came over to see me the guy introduced himself as Jeff and offered to buy me a drink if I would honor him with one dance. I declined as I did not want to leave hubby all by himself. He was very polite and said sorry he did not know. We made a little small chat as I waited for my drinks and we parted ways.

I told hubby about what happened and we both had a little chuckle about it. I was not thinking much more about it, but as we finished our drinks and hubby said that he could go for one more drink and said that if I wanted to go see if the free offer was still avaliable he would be OK with it. To be honest I was suprised to hear hubby say this. But after a couple drinks I thought it might be fun so I agreed.

I went back up to the bar, found Jeff, and said if the offer was still available I would take him up on it, but both hubby and I wanted a drink out of it. He looked a little conflicted, but agreed and off to the dance floor we went. Jeff was a little reserved at first. Not much touching etc. It was a little awkward like a high school dance. A little into the dance I turned around and backed into him a little. He seemed to take the hint and in no time his hands were on my hips as his pelvis was rubbng against my ass. After a little of this I turned back around and the rest of the dance our bodies were very close to each other. I could tell he was getting aroused as a he had a growing bulge in his pants. This really got me excited.

He seemed pretty big, but his hard on felt like it was stuck pretty crooked the side in his pants. Before the song ended I took my hand on the outside of his pants and adjusted him straight up. He seemed really suprised at this, but after this we really had a couple hard grinds on heach other in just the right spots. Just then the song ended. I told him thanks, pointed out where hubby was sitting and told him to meet us over there with a roud of drinks.

As he went to the bar I went over and told hubby about our dance. Hubby could tell I was very horny and slipped his hands up my dress and down my pants. We got lost chatting about it when Jeff arrived with our drinks. He sat down on the other side of me. I froze for a minuite as hubby's hand was still down my panties. I didn't know what to say. Jeff told hubby thanks for letting me dance with him he enjoyed it. To my suprise hubby said well it looks like Jackie enjoyed it too becaues she is very wet, take a look and motioned for him to look under the table. I thought Jeff's eyes might pop out of his head.

Hubby and I are not swingers or anything, I was getting very horny and I didn't know where this was going. I had that very excited, but very nervous feeling. Before I had time to process anything, hubby asked Jeff if he wanted to feel for himself. Jeff agreed and hubby stopped rubbing me and held my panties open for Jeff. I could not believe any of this was happening. I was so horny and wet. As Jeff ws fingering me he asked if I wanted a feel of him, 'feel free'. I looked at hubby and he nodded approval. So I undid Jeff's pants and slid out his dick. It was already rock hard. A little longer than hubby, probably about 8", but what was impressive was that I could barely touch my fingers on either side of his dick as it was so thick. It wasn't long and I had a couple small orgasms. Jeff could feel me cumming on his fingers and not long after he came all over under the table. I told hubby that he needed to take me back to the hotel, so we cleaned up fast, Jeff gave us his business card, told us he was in town for the whole weekend if we wanted to see each other again, and we parted ways.

I could not wait until we got to our room, in the elevator up to our room I took hubby's dick out and started sucking it. Luckily no one was there when the doors opened to our floor. As we got to our door, I bent over to get the card in the door. Hubby lifted my dress and started fucking me from behind. Well that was enough to make it about impossible to get the card in the door. We stayed in the hall for agood 5 minutes or so. But our fun was broken as we heard the elevator door ding as somone was getting out on our floor. We quickly made it in our room just as another couple was getting off the elevator. I think they may had gotten a little peek, but not too much.

Hubby and I did not get much sleep that night as we had sex in about every position possible. Some even in front of a wide open window. Best sex we have had in years.

As we woke up talked about what we wanted to do today. We pretty much decided to just take it easy and relax. As we were getting ready for the day I cam across Jeff's card. When I looked at it, it stated his profession as a massage thearpist. With a devilish grin I asked hubby what he tought if I got a massage today and showed him Jeff's card.

After I showed Jeff's card to hubby he hesitated, but then said it's your birthday so if that is what you want.

So after we woke up and got showered I called Jeff. He said he could meet us that night at the hotel bar.

Hubby and I spent the day shopping as my mind was going crazy as to what tonight would entail. Our meeting finally arived. We met in the bar and had a couple drinks. Jeff bought us a bottle of wine and we all retreated back to our room. Jeff got set up and told me to take off whatever I was comfortable with. It didn't take me long and I was naked on the bed waiting for my massage. He started on my back from my shoulders all the way down to my feet. He included a nice ass massage in there too. He had me flip over and started on my neck and worked his way down again. This time he did not make it past my pussy. He must have taken my moaning as a sign I was enjoying it and started to finger inside me. This felt so good. It didn't take me too long and my hand was fastening his pants. As I worked his underwear off his cock sprang to attention. We both were enjoying giving each other a hand job.

I peeked over at hubby and he was sitting in a chair with a big grin on his face and rubbing his dick through his pants. I took this as a sign he was OK with everything so I brought Jeff's dick to my mouth and began blowing him. After just a couple minutes of blowing him hubby must not have been able to take it anymore and got up, undressed, got on the bed, and slid his cock in my wet pussy. This was too much for me to take and I came. Jeff followed and he pulled back and sprayed all over my tits. Hubby then came third.

Hubby then asked if he could clean me up. I said sure thinking he was going to get a washcloth, but I was wrong. He was going to clean me up with his tounge. He began lapping his cum off my tits. This was so erotic. As he got close to all of it I told him that he had to finish what he started and pushed his head down to my wet cummed filled pussy. This felt so good. I love getting oral after sex. It didn't take long and both men were hard again. I asked if there were ready for round two I was. Hubby brought his dick up to my face as Jeff slowy began insirting his thick cock in my pussy. Jeff had to be the thickest I have ever had. He stretched my limits. After a few minutes we were all cumming again. We were all a little worn out from all this. We all sat back and enjoyed some wine.

Not too drag this out too much, Jeff ended up spending the night. And none of us got much sleep. We tried many different positions that night. It was a first time ever for me having two cocks in my mouth at the same time. But my favorite was when I was riding Jeff and hubby came aound from behind in my ass. I came more times that night that I ever have and was sore for almost a week later.





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