I Told My Husband and he Brought a Friend Over



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My husband has always wanted me to cuckold him and last week I finally did, but was unsure on how to tell him. Three days ago I spoke to him and he didn't quite know how to react, but then he told me his only regret was that he didn't get to watch me.

Just a few hours ago we were watching TV and I hear the doorbell ring. Husband gets up and answers the door. I hear him talking to somebody for a little while then I hear two sets of footsteps coming back into the living room. My husband had invited a friend over ( lets call him Ray ).

Ray sits right next to me on the couch, my husband sits on my other side. They talk about work for a bit and then I feel Ray put his hand on my knee. He wasn't even looking at me, but my husband was. Husband gave the look of ( Do you want this to happen ? ) I nodded to him and they continued to talk. Ray's hand slowly worked its way up from my knee to my inner thigh. His finger was about an inch from my panties. Ray then looked at me and then at my husband. My husband gave a single nod, and the Ray's finger pushed over my panties and started to rub me.

It only took me about two minutes to be soaking wet. My husband had gotten his camera out and started taking pictures of Ray and I. Ray then kissed my neck while his fingers found themselves inside me. We did this for a while. Then he picked me up and took me to the bedroom. I was still wearing my outfit from the day, so he tore off my blouse and pulled my skirt off. But he wanted me to keep my shoes on though.

Ray bent me over our bed and spread my legs. I felt his warm toung licking my clit. I moanded and pushed my ass into his face. At this point hubby was in front of me naked. I looked up at him and smiled. He then grabbed me by the hair and shoved his cock in my mouth. I loved being eaten from behind while my husband filled my mouth. I felt Ray stop licking and take a step back. A few seconds later I feel the unmistakable feel of a dick against my ass. I was going to tell Ray to get my lube, but my husbamd stopped me from turning my head too much by putting his dick in my mouth which drove me wild.

Luckily for me, Ray did find the lube, because he didn't even bother with my aching pussy. Ray went into my ass. I felt myself being streached. He was the same length as my husband, but Ray was THICK. Ray started off slowly at first, but was going full speed in no time.

I tried to let out my moans of passion, but was muffled by my husband's cock. My husband pulls out of my moutb and takes a few more pictures of Ray going to town on me. After he was finished the the camera, he slid under me for what I though was for a tity fuck, but I was wrong.

He went all the way down and was right under me. He looked into my eyes and asked if I wanted to try DP. I kissed him so hard my lips almost started to bleed. I then feel Ray stop inside me as my husband enters from under me. The second husband entered I came super hard. They took this as a queue to start fucking me hard.

This lasted for about 10 minutes whem I feel Ray cum in my ass. My husband was not far behind and finished in me. Ray backed up and sat on a chair. I look at my husband and asked him if he liked this. He said he loved it.

Then both men left the room and I just curled up under the covers.

I was sastified to say the least.

Sorry if my writing's not that great. I'm a science major, not good in grammar at all.




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