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A couple of weeks ago we "friended" this guy on an adult dating site after meeting him in Carlisle. He had worked out that we were "players" and wanted to join us. My wife Meggie seemed quite interested after I told her about the messages he had been sending me. She then spent the next three evenings chatting with him through the site. It was very erotic sitting next to her and reading the messages going to and fro. As it happened the day we were supposed to meet (Meggie's birthday) we could not make it and let the guy know the reasons, etc, and gave him the options of days the following week.

That weekend he and Meggie chatted more, making plans, and generally arranging what would be happening. I was getting more and more excited and turned on in anticipation.

Well last night he turned up at the house. I met him, naked at the door (except for my cock cage and wrist and ankle cuffs. I led him upstairs to the "meeting room" and knelt near his feet. Meggie came in wearing a black and pink Basque, a black leather spanking skirt, stockings and black knee-length boots. I said to her, "Meggie, this is ***, a belated birthday present to you from me. Please use him for whatever you wish." He then knelt down and said, "Meggie, I am yours."

Meggie ordered him to get undressed. Her eyes lit up when she saw his tattoos and piercings. He had his nipples (which were huge) pierced, his belly and a PA, with an 8mm steel ring in it. She stood there admiring his body and saying, "Mmmm, nice." Before she told me that I was being restrained to the Ottoman by the bed. She locked me to it before standing in front of him again. She made a comment on how big his nipples were and showed him how small hers were in comparison. She played with his nipples for a while before offering him hers. As she stood in front of him he took one of her nipples into his mouth and sucked and licked them. Meggie has very sensitive nipples and has been known to cum just from having them played with.

Tonight was no different.

As he sucked and licked on them she began to cum and had to hold onto him to remain on her feet. Eventually she sat on the corner of the bed, near me, and let him carry on sucking at her nipples. After cumming again she sat forward and kissed him, a full deep kiss. I was so turned on by this my cock was straining at it's cage. This went on for several minutes as they alternated between him licking her nipples and them both kissing as Meggie played with his pierced nipples. This only made her cum quicker and harder.

She had him stand up and rubbed his, by now, hard, throbbing cock. It looked enormous to me, well it would against mine, wouldn't it ? She wanked him slowly as he groaned at her touch, and rubbed his pre-cum around his glans and PA before lowering her head to take him into her mouth. He groaned deeply as she did this and slowly moved her mouth up and down his shaft. He began to groan harder as Meggie also began to groan as she sucked him. Suddenly she stopped moving her head, grabbed him by the buttocks and cried out as she came again.

When she had recovered she instructed him to stand in front of me and told me to suck his cock. I know this turns her on and as I took his big cock into my mouth I heard her groan as she came again. As I sucked his cock Meggie was tweaking my nipples and sucking on his right nipple. After a few minutes she lifted my chin away from his cock and I sucked on his left nipple as she slowly wanked him right in front of me.

She sat on the bed and moved over, instructing him to lick her pussy. The moment his tongue touched her clit she was moaning and groaning loudly, telling him it felt so good, that she was cumming. I watched him licking at her clit and watched, and listened, to her reactions. Suddenly, just as she was shouting out from a huge orgasm, she passed out. This is a regular thing for Meggie, but I had neglected to tell her Bull this. I re-assured him and told him that he should carry on with what he was doing and that she would come round very soon. He did as suggested and a few minutes later she came around and carried on crying out as if she had pressed a "pause" button. He made her pass out once more before she rolled over onto her knees and said:

"Fuck me. Let me feel that big cock in me."

She groaned loudly and shouted out, "Oh yeah." as he began to slide his big cock into her soaking wet tight pussy. I watched closely, well as closely as I could, as his cock slid into Meggie's pussy and listened to her as it went deeper into her, deeper than I can reach. She went into almost continual orgasms as he fucked her hard and deep. She passed out another time as he fucked her. He warned her that he was going to cum, but she told him not to stop. As he emptied himself into her pussy, and it began to dribble out past his thick cock, Meggie had another big orgasm. So much so that her pussy clenching forced his cock out.

When she had recovered her breath and rolled over onto her back she said, "Oh, boy that was sooo good." as she looked me straight in the eye.

I was uncuffed and told to clean him up first. I spent several minutes licking and sucking his cock and balls until I was sure he was clean. As I was doing this I could hear Meggie moaning gently. I then moved between Meggie's thighs and saw the cum leaking out from her pussy. I touched my tongue to it and she groaned, I lapped up all the cum from outside before pushing my tongue into her pussy to lick it all out. As my tongue entered she cried out and raised her hips up. I persevered and continued cleaning his cum out of her before moving up to her clit and licking that clean as well. She passed out again as I licked. When she came around she pushed my head away from her pussy and told me:

"That's enough for now. Stand over there." indicating where the Bull was standing by the side of the bed. She rolled over and began to fondle his cock and balls and rubbed her hand over his body. She decided that it was time that I was let out of my cage, after 25 days, and unlocked the padlock. She then compared out two cocks, side by side. I could see that his cock was much thicker than mine and longer. She wanked us both slowly and took us, one by one, into her mouth, cumming again as she did so.

She pulled her knees under her and told him to fuck her while she sucked on me. The moment he entered her she cried out in lust and let go of my cock. I bent down and kissed her deeply as he fucked her deeply. She passed out once again as he brought her over the edge again and again with his cock. After a while she rolled over and he fucked her missionary while I sucked on her left nipple. I moved over to her right nipple, leaning over her body as she arched up in orgasm. She took my right nipple into her mouth and sucked and bit on it as she came, and passed out, with her teeth still holding on to my nipple. When she came around she cried out and released me.

Unfortunately, at this point, we had to stop as his phone went and, as it was work phoning, he had to answer it. He apologised and said he had to go. Meggie looked upset, but allowed him to get dressed. When he left Meggie saw him to the front door, with me, and gave him a kiss goodbye.

Later when we were in bed talking about it, Meggie began to get turned on again, admitting that she really enjoyed his cock. She was getting more and more turned on until she said, "Fuck me." I got between her legs and slid easily into her, normally tight, pussy. He must have really given her a really good fucking and she must really have enjoyed it. She was still stretched from him fucking her nearly two hours earlier and she did not make the noises, as I entered her, that she did when he entered her.

I am glad that she enjoyed her belated birthday present and glad that she has "Officially" made me a cuckold. She has said that she enjoyed it so much that she will definitely be cuckolding me again.

I am looking forward to it happening. Attached are pictures of her tits and small nipples.




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