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My wife started cuckolding me without giving me a choice. I loved it. Eventually, my wife Lily persuaded me to start taking her to upmarket hotel bars, where she could be picked up by businessmen while I discreetly watched sitting seperately in the bar, so that after her being bought a drink and negotiating her 'services' I would see her escorted towards the lift to be taken up to 'his' room for a higher fee, and a more comfortable fucking in 'his' bed, because she enjoyed being fucked by other men, and loved being paid for doing so, even more. It wasn't for the money, it was the thrill.

After a leisurely fucking she would be able to use 'his' bathroom, re-apply her make-up, and return to the bar and sit on a high stool, 'available' to be picked up again, and repeat the process, usually three or four times in an evening. I was in heaven.

Sometimes, as Lily came out of one bedroom she would meet another new guy in the corridor or on the stairs down, and I would be waiting in the bar wondering why she was taking so long, me not knowing that my wife had her skirt and blouse off yet again, showing her naked tits and stocking tops, suspender belt, and pretty panties to yet another guy, getting ready for another hot session as 'his' paid whore.

Some guys negotiated for a higher fee that they wanted to give Lily a spanking, either before or during her fucking, and Lily was happy to be spanked on these occasions, as it made her orgasm more strongly, and she earned more too!

Some guys wanted Lily to spank them, and she was happy to oblige. Anything to keep the guy really happy!

When Lily knew she was about to be spanked and fucked she usually managed to slip me a note with the guy's room number, by passing me on her way to the toilets then rejoining the guy.

I would give them a few minutes to be settled in his room and for them to be busy, then sneak upstairs and listen outside the bedroom door, to listen to the sounds of spanking amd bed springs creaking, but I had to keep these 'bedroom door' visits to a minimum, otherwise the Hotel Security would become suspicious.

The Hotel Bar staff soon realised what Lily was up to, but as she never gave any trouble, was disceet and obviously gave good value, soon the bar staff were recommending Lily to any businessmen that asked (by tipping well) if "Are there any working girls available?"

After three or four fuckings, my wife had usually had enough for the evening, and would signal for me to meet her outside the Hotel, and I would then take her home, while she told me all the details of he evening's 'work'.

As soon as we arrived home, I could not wait to get her upstairs and get her skirt and blouse OFF, and so give my whore wife yet another fucking.

She has since stopped as she needs a break of about a year each time to rekindle the flame for that type of fun. I can't wait until it starts again.

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