Tiny Steps in the Hot Tub Made it Happen



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My Husband and I met our final year of college and we were married shortly after graduating from the University of Florida. My husband Mark is about five foot nine and 175 lbs, dark brown hair and stocky with a great sense of humor. You can see me in these pictures. I was a swimmer in High School, but I did not make the college swim team, so I joined the masters swimming program and worked as a lifeguard all through college. Needless to say, I had a great suntan and very nice tan lines.

After graduating, we moved to Naples and rented a 3 bedroom house with a swimming pool and a very private back yard. It also had a very nice hot tub!! In the summer we would go skinny dipping every day after work and then climb into the hot tub to relax with a glass of wine. I was in heaven!!

Soon after we moved in, Mark's college roommate Pat called. He was interviewing in the area and wanted to know if he could crash with us for a week. We've been friends with Pat all through college and he was Mark's best man at our wedding. Pat is 6 feet 3 inches tall, with very broad shoulders and a great body! I've always liked Pat and when we'd flirt, I could feel a tingle in my pussy. I'd even seen him naked one time when we went skinny dipping at the beach with a group of friends. Even though the water that night had been chilly and it was dark, I could tell Pat had a large cock. Of course, I never said anything to Mark about this.

While Pat was staying with us, it was weird wearing a bathing suit in the pool and hot tub. I was missing my freedom from clothes in the afternoon and had told Mark this on several occasions. On the third night of Pat's visit we were all sitting in the hot tub, relaxing with glasses of wine and talking about the college days. It was fun reminiscing and I was thinking about the time I'd seen Pat skinny dipping and wondering what his cock looked like hard. I like to day dream. Pat pulled out a joint and passed it around.

Being slightly intoxicated and stoned in the hot tub was making Mark horny and he was rubbing my thigh under the bubbling water while we were talking to Pat, and I was still day dreaming? In turn, I started rubbing Mark's cock through his swim suit, it was rock hard and I knew what he wanted to do? or at least I thought so. Soon Mark had pushed my bikini aside and was fingering my pussy? I was having a hard time staying with the conversation and I think Pat knew what Mark was doing. Pat did not say anything, but I felt his foot reach out and start playing with my foot. While he was rubbing my foot Mark was slipping his fingers deeper into my pussy? It was very hot! By now, I had pulled Marks shorts part way down and was slowly stroking and softly playing the head, feeling the slippery pre-cum on the tip. I leaned in and kissed Mark hard on the lips, telling him that we needed to say good night to Pat and head for the bedroom. Mark ignored me and kissed me harder. I was wondering what Pat was thinking?. I was not sure what Mark was thinking, but guessed he only wanted to tease Pat and maybe me. Surely he would stop soon and tell Pat that we were going to bed. After all, we were married?

Suddenly, Mark stood up, dropped his shorts and sat on the edge of the hot tub! Right in front of Pat ! I could not believe he had done that! Then in one swift motion, he guided my lips to his throbbing cock, wanting me to give him a blowjob, right there, in front of Pat! I could not believe this was happening!! Here I was kneeling on the seat, with my head between my husband's legs, giving head, sucking on his cock while his best friend was watching us. Boy was he drunk! I lowered my ass all the way to the seat, feeling the jets of water between my legs? I was not going to let this night get out of hand and do something crazy we would all regret! Pat was saying something in a low voice, but I could not make it out above the sound of the water. Mark then untied my top and tossed it over the side, totally exposing my boobs? this was really getting crazy but at the same time it was turning me on, imagining Pat watching me give a blowjob topless. Suddenly, Mark lifted my ass out of the water, but this was really going too far, and I quickly sat back down and quickened my pace hoping that he would cum soon so we could end this game. I was not sure if I could control myself if this went much further? Again, Mark lifted my ass out of the water, giving me the message that he wanted Pat to see my ass while I was sucking him. I figured if he tried this twice, he was serious!!

So here I was, bent over in a hot tub, sucking my husband's cock with my ass pointed directly at my husband's best friend, who was watching from the other side of the hot tub! Suddenly, I felt Pat's hand on my ass, and it sent shivers through my body! Pat knew what Mark wanted when he lifted my ass out of the water the second time, and he did not need to be asked twice! He seductively untied the strings to my bikini and lowered my bottoms, exposing my naked ass to a man I had desired for years. My legs almost buckled when he did this! And I had a mini orgasm right then??? Wow it felt good. His big hands then grabbed my ass, spreading my ass and exposing my pussy? I shifted my legs farther apart giving him access to my pussy while I clutched my husband's thighs and looked into his face for approval. Mark was just smiling, watching Pat licking my pussy, again I shook with an orgasm, clutching Mark's waist while the tremor went through me. All I could do was mindlessly stroke my husband's cock while Pat licked and fingered my pussy? I was in ecstasy!

Mark then got up and motioned Pat to sit on the side of the hot tub. As Pat stood up, I caught my first glimpse of Pat's hard cock, it was huge? I had not expected it to be that big! It was rock hard and I could easily place both hands on the shaft and the head still was poking out the top! It was so big around, I could barely get my mouth around it, so I just started licking the head. His pre-cum tasted sweet and I twirled it around with my tongue, licking the massive pink head of his cock while I gently stroked the shaft. It was a beautiful cock! While I was admiring Pat's cock, Mark had moved behind me and slowly slide his cock into me, I shuddered and gripped Pat's cock tight in my hands while I had another mini orgasm, this was just so erotic! Soon Mark was pounding my pussy from behind and I gave up trying to suck Pat's massive cock. I was having trouble concentrating, so I just looked into Pat's blue eyes while I felt Mark's cock swell inside me, he was cumming and it set off my own orgasm. wow!

Pat then got up and laid down on the chaise lounge next to the pool. It was a full moon and I could clearly see Pat's hard cock sticking straight up while he rubbed it's full length. I quickly looked at Mark and he nodded his approval. I went over and straddled Pat with my long legs, gently rubbing his cock and guiding it towards my dripping pussy. I went slow, working the passive head past my lips, and feeling it quiver in anticipation. Pat began playing with my nipples and I lowered them to his waiting mouth. He gently circled each nipple in his mouth, making me shiver with delight. I barely had the head of his cock in me and it was feeling very tight. So I concentrated on just working the head in and out of my pussy, while all its juices lubricated the shaft. Soon Pat's cock was about half way in and hitting my g-spot constantly with each stroke. It was already much deeper than Mark had ever been and I still had several inches to go! Mark came over and started playing with my tits from behind while Pat's massive hands grabbed my hips and started slowly working me up and down on his shaft. Feeling two guys at once, four hands caressing my body sent me over the edge, and I had a massive orgasm! With each orgasmic contraction, Pat's massive cock slid deeper into my pussy until it was all the way into me? I slowly began rocking back and forth, grinding my clit into his pelvis. Pat began matching each of my thrusts with his own, each time a little stronger, until we were really going at it.

Mark had backed away and was staring at me as I rode Pat's cock for all that I'm worth. It was hitting spots deep inside me that I'd never felt before and I experienced multiple orgasms, each one more intense than the last, each flowing into each other until it was one constant orgasm and my body was on fire, suddenly I felt Pat's cock swell and watched his head roll back in an orgasm, I felt hot cum shoot into me and my entire body shook with yet another, deeper, primal orgasm like I'd never had before and I grabbed Pat's chest, digging my nails into him. My body shuddered several times and I collapsed onto his chest, totally exhausted.

I laid there for a very long time, while I felt his cock slowly shrink inside me and my body was still shivering. He gently stroked my back while I laid on his chest, listening to his heart race, and not thinking of anything but of the pure pleasure I had just felt. After a while, I looked around, into Pat's eyes, then into my husband's eyes, and for an instant, I was scared that we had gone too far, that I had enjoyed it too much, that jealousy had struck. Mark then smiled at me and I knew he loved me very deeply and that everything would be fine. It was such a wonderful feeling to know that he loved me this deeply and I began to softly cry. He helped me climb off Pat, my legs were numb and I could barely stand up, he gave me a big hug and held me tight, saying how much he loved me. We stood there a long while until I noticed that Pat was standing there watching us and smiling.

Mark broke the embrace and smiled at both of us, then he turned to Pat and said, what are you waiting for, go get us some more wine! This reassured Pat that he and Mark would still be friends and a great look of relief spread across his face as he gathered the wine glasses. The three of us sat on the pool steps, watching the moon and talking like nothing out of the normal had just happened... but we all knew it did and it was a wonderful beginning of a new level of our friendship.

We're still close friends to this day.





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