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Been browsing this blog for years and I finally have something to submit! I've always wanted to create a post about plans we've been having but I didn't want to let any readers down. So here goes.

I'd like to start off by saying we have an incredibly strong relationship together and it has proven to be the most important factor. We've always had strong chemistry when it comes to expressing and working through issues. Very communicative about emotions.

It started 3 months into our relationship when I had first brought up the fetish. I started slowly and explained how jealousy translates into a turn on. Describing it as BDSM for the mind was the best revelation. You know how some people get off on being fuckin smacked by a paddle? Yeah, it can happen in the head too.

Fast forward a few weeks and we started some heated bedroom talk on the topic. The idea of cheating on me didn't really turn her on, but she saw what it did to me and she loved it. She'd mention how much she misses a bigger cock and I'd just explode. She loved the control.

We went on vacation and spent a week together without working. Lots of sex. Naturally, the bedroom talk started in and I decided it was the appropriate time in the relationship where we could take a step towards making this fantasy a reality. We talked and talked and eventually went through her contacts from her phone to look for an appropriate candidate. Most, if not all, of her past sexual partners have a location issue. Except for one. We'll call him Chris for the story.

Chris was an old FWB she used to have around a year before meeting me. The fact they had past sexual experience together has turned out to be a very important factor in making this work. It was 2AM when we had landed on his name and decided to send a simple "Hey" message over text, not really expecting a response until later. I woke up after her, as usual, to find they had been texting for around an hour. The situation was explained, the chemistry was there, and an agreement was made. They wanted to fuck the shit out of each other.

University just started this week. Chris's house is about 10 minutes away from our campus. My girlfriend has morning classes, 9am-2pm, while my classes go from 9:30am-7-30pm. We had arranged a plan for Chris to pick her up at 2pm and drop her back off when I am finished with classes. Twice per week on our school days.

It worked out beautifully.

The first time was expected to be a little awkward. It's been awhile for them and there are some nervous but excited butterflies. Nothing out of the ordinary, but the sexual tension was very high.

They started out by him giving a tour of the house, then relaxing on a futon to watch a movie. It didn't take long before he rested his hand on her upper thigh, with fingers roaming up the ends of her shorts. She and I were both glad he was able to make the first moves because she truly didn't want to have to make the advances herself. That hand on her thigh was all it took for her to grab his cock through his shorts. She had told me it was immediately obvious that he was larger than me from this moment and she got very excited. You see, her first ever blowjob was with me and she turned out to be incredible. After a week she was able to deepthroat all of me (5.5") and she's been wanting a challenge. This was it, right here in her hands. He pulled his shorts down and his cock was out of the confines of his shorts and now she was able to feel his girth.

She couldn't resist. Pulled the cock out through the opening and went to town on him. Started with a tongue tease with a hand stroking the base, until she put it in her mouth. She tried to deepthroat him, and guess what? She couldn't. He was that much bigger. She gave me a visualization by showing how much longer he is compared to myself and we estimate a little over 7", but our girth is comparable.

She blew him topless for a good amount of time until they couldn't wait any longer to fuck. They've had many experiences together in the past so they just went straight to their favorites. They fucked with 10-15min breaks until 7 o clock.

The entire time this was happening I was in university. In between classes we'd be having laughs and a good ass time which helped keep my mind busy. But as soon as I got into a classroom and my mind drifted for even a moment, I thought of what they might be doing and had a raging hard on for the rest of the period. There was one point where we were introducing ourselves to the class (around a 12 student class) and I was fighting to keep my boner down for when it was my turn to go to the front.

Fast forward to the end of my day, we finally returned to each other. I couldn't explain the rush of emotions, I wanted to know everything! I wrote most of it up above so I won't bother writing it again, but that's the jist of it.

She stayed the night with me that night and then we had another day of classes. They had already arranged to meet again and that made me ecstatic.

They skipped all the pleasantries this time and just went at each other from pure lust. Pictures speak a thousand words, so here are a few of what she looks like.

I'd like to take this last bit to go over a few rules we set out before this adventure. We had already decided that if anyone had any problem with any aspect, it would be respected without any questions asked.

No kissing on the lips
No meeting without sex
Don't leave either party out of the loop
It is a strictly physical relationship
Maybe the most important one, but we do not cut into our time. They only meet when I am in class or otherwise unable to physically be together.
Don't force anyone to do anything they do not want to do
Respect & communication

It is an amazing kink to play with and it has done nothing but strengthen our relationship and have some awesome sexy fun times. Seeing her vagina after they fucked and feeling how loose it is just doesn't have a comparison. It's fuckin awesome.

Happy cucking!

Ryan and Her




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