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My wife and I have been playing with this lifestyle for our entire married life. We have fallen in and out of it over the years. She has fucked some of my friends, strangers and men she has met both at bars and on the internet. Most recently it has been the internet that she has feels the most comfortable with. She checks 3 different sites each day and she has found several men that she has gone out and fucked.

She claims we have only been at this for the last year or so, and she is probably right because now we are doing it the way I have always wished it to be done. She has finally come out and told me that she loves big cock and that is what she wants, young guys with big cocks to fuck her. She tells me that I do not compare with what she has been getting and that she will do as she pleases. Believe me, it took many many years to get her to this point, but now that she is there it was all worth it.

We played for years but she could never bring herself to be honest about what she liked and what she needed....until now. Much of that was my fault. In our early years I would express jealousy afterwards and I was terribly insecure, she just couldn't pick up on the idea that this was all part of what I wanted. I wanted to feel out of control, but I went about it in the wrong way.

We had all but stopped prior to this past year, she would refuse to even discuss it with me or fantasize with me about it. I had a heart to heart with myself and came to the conclusion that no matter what my feelings afterwards my needs would never change, so I would have to accept everything 100% and quit making her feel as though she had done something wrong.

I made my mind up that I would tell her exactly that. I would tell her I was sorry for confusing her, afterall she had shown plenty of goodwill over the years by in fact going out and fucking and sucking men, but never quite felt comfortable because our signals were always crossed. Even though it was sporadic at best she had done several other men, but always claimed that it was just ok, or that she didn't feel right doing it.

I was determined to set the record straight and just make my points with her in bed that night.

That night we were lying in bed and I was so hard thinking about what I wanted to say to her. I positioned her so that I was behind her, laying on our sides. For some reason she was so wet and hot that night (I would find out why in just a couple of minutes). I poured my heart out to her. I told her that I wanted a cuckold lifestyle and that I knew I was never going to change. I told her I wanted her to fuck and suck other men and that I wouldn't make her feel guilty and that if she ever got that feeling she was to ignore me and just tell me that it was too late, she would do as she pleased.

She became hotter and hotter, I couldn't believe her reaction. She told me that was what she wanted too. She told me that she loved bigger cocks and that in fact she had already been seduced by a man at work and she had already sucked on his big hard cock. I think I came immediately after she told me this. It was one of the most exciting things I have ever heard from her during sex, and she wasn't lying.

She told me that it started out by them just checking each other out, then eventually making out in the car after work in a parking lot not far from her work and then finally sucking his cock. She told me that he came in her mouth and she swallowed him (something she did not do for me) and she loved it.

She now regularly goes and fucks guys with big cocks. She has been with 2 men at once, she has taken it in her ass and pussy at the same time, something she said in the past that she would not enjoy, but obviously enjoys now. She loves cock and never fails to remind me of my place.

I primarily only lick her pussy now and she is working on not fucking me at all, as she proposed last night that she would save her pussy for big cocks and that I did not deserve to fuck her wet pussy. Last night she was telling me that she couldn't really feel mine in her too much anyway. I guess she has been broken in for big cock and that will not change I'm sure.

Anyway, watch what you pray for, you just may get it. In my case I'm glad I did, I love her and she loves me but she loves fucking big young cock and that is what she is going to do as long as she can.

By the way, the pictures show how beautiful she is but we can't show her face for obvious reasons. I had never quite seen anyone with more beautiful eyes in my life, I wish you could see them. She is demure, but watch out when she gets hot!!!





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