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My girlfriend and I had to go to an event/function after we each got out of work last week. It was an unbearably hot and stuffy event, and we were pretty much miserable there, particularly because the venue had no functioning AC and we were both still in our professional attire. Finally we ducked out early, and were both pretty cranky in general and with each other (not intentionally). We head right to our usual afterwork spot downtown, and start having drinks. I could tell she really needed sex (not with me, I'm a cuck). We started chatting and talking about how, since we're relatively new to this lifestyle, it kinds of sucks we don't really have any "regular" bulls yet to call upon when she needs it (which is often). We place an ad from our phone while we're still drinking. Some responses, but most were not available asap, which we understood.

Then I mentioned that I had heard of a swingers bar not far away. We looked it up online together, wondered to each other what it was like. Should we go? Maybe another night? Etc. Finally we decide it couldn't hurt to drive by it and see what the deal was. We go there, and say we'll just go in for 1 drink and leave, just to see what it's like. But as we approach the building, we can't tell if it's open. We get out of the car, walk around the buliding and were confused.

Seemed like no one was there. We start walking back to the car to leave, and an older gentleman comes out and greets us. Very nice, but we obviously felt a little awkard. He asked if we had been there before, if we knew what type of place it was, etc. It seemed like he worked there or owned it and when he offered to show us the place, we were like "um, okay..." and found ourselves walking through the (right) door. It wasn't crowded, but not totally dead either. We ordered our first drink, laughed about it, and sat at the bar. Porn was playing on all the tvs, mostly girls dancing on the floor.

Long story short (too late), there was a pretty good looking couple there, and the female came up to my gf and asked said hi, asked her to dance, extremely outgoing. She said she was feeling a little shy at the moment and maybe would dance later. No problem, the woman returned to the dance floor for a bit, and continued to dance and have fun. We had that feeling like everyone knew we were the "new" people there, which we thought was kind of exciting in a way.

After antoher drink, the couple came over, and we started to chat. The woman was extremely flirtatious with my girlfriend. I was a little nervous because my gf has consistently said she has absolutely no interest in girls....at all. I was pleasantly surprised, maybe even shocked, when the playfulness between them escalated. The other woman kissed her lightly here and there, touched her, etc. Add more drinks, and before you know it, another very attractive woman comes over and they're both kissing and touching her. Girlfriend is turning beet red and laughing/tipsy. I'm just flat out amazed. First woman's hand starts going up my girlfriend's thigh. It's at this point I remember my gf is not wearing any panties. She starts fingering her slowly as my gf sits on the bar stool, now with her legs open. Hot...but it gets hotter.

The woman's boyfriend is nearby and comes over. Before I know it, his hand is on her thigh. His girl takes his hand and replaces hers with it up my gf's skirt. Now I can see her getting really turned on. This guy is fingering her faster and a bit harder. Her eyes are shutting and her mouth is opening. I stood a comfortable distance away like a good cuck. When I saw my gf's hand reach over and grab his cock over his jeans, I knew I was in trouble ;)

Others are starting to watch/notice. He undoes his jeans at the bar and takes his cock out. She's all over it. He's standing right between her legs as she sits on the bar stool and I can see his nice cock right up against her bare exposed pussy as she strokes it. The other very attractive girl (who was watching next to me and loving it) takes out a condom out of her purse and tells me "looks like they're gonna need this" before walking over to them and giving it to him. I felt like such a cuck, but was so turned on by it.

He puts the condom on and proceeds to fuck the shit out of her on the barstool, while everyone watched. I stood there watching her head tilted back, eyes closed, mouth open panting passionately while getting fucked. She clearly LOVED it and was extremely turned on by what was happening. The attractive girl standing next to me watching leans over and says "This is so fucking hot. Wow, he's REALLY GIVING it to her good." The stud's gf started rubbing my gf's tits while watching her man fuck her.

A small little crowd of men watched and enjoyed the show, which lasted till the place closed. I walked out feeling like it was all very surreal. Did that just really happen? We went home, she was exhausted, drunk. I kissed her on her pussy and she passed out.

I rolled over and went to sleep without cumming. Like a good cuck.

Good Cuck




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