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My wife and I practice the Hotwife/Cuckold sexual lifestyle. This means a lot of things to a lot of people but for us it means that I am quite content to remain 100% faithful to my wife while she freely and quite unreservedly fucks other men, lots of other men.

In fact, since we started on this path about eight years ago my sexy wife has been the only object of my romantic and sexual attentions while she has fucked more than 75 men, many on multiple occasions.

I have to admit that I love this. It’s taken me a long time to come to this realization but the fact of the matter is that I do enjoy being faithful to a woman who in turn needs to fuck men other than me in order to fully satisfy her sexual wants. It’s just hot to have a wife who fucks around on me while at the same time expecting me to be faithful to her.

This puts me in the considerably more (sexually) submissive role in our relationship and it suits me well, perhaps because in almost everything else I tend to be more dominant. But sexually she’s the dominant one and I’m proud to say she has taken to this as if it was her second nature, which I guess on some level it is.

There is something very seductive about being married to a woman who very often receives sexual pleasure on the end of another man’s dick. The inequality of it all is a turn on for me and for my wife. She really does get to be the “Queen Bee” in all of this, enjoying the sense of entitlement: Entitled to make the demand that I keep my marriage vow to “forsake all others” while she very freely breaks that same vow again and again.

The fact that so many men “know her” in the most intimate way possible makes me want her pussy even more!

I love having a wife who gets sexual satisfaction out of doing things that most wives may dream of but will never do. To have her come in the door with that smug, self-satisfied grin and to know that it’s there because she just had her pussy rocked by another man—while I’ve been dutifully waiting for her at home—well, that pretty much checks off quite a few of those “Cuckold Excitement” boxes for me!

Sometimes when she comes through the door she not only has a smile on her face but her hot pussy is also filled with her lover’s cum.

I remember the first time it happened. She had just returned from a tryst with Marc, a man who was 18-years her junior and who had actually been her “f--the first man to pop her “Faithful Wife” cherry. My wife had a special affection for Marc and they had been together perhaps a dozen times since he had first officially made her a Hotwife.

However, when she came back this time it was clear from her smile that something was different:

“I’m back” She stated the obvious as she gave me an open mouth kiss.

“Did you have a good time?” I asked.

“I sure did, a GREAT time, can’t you taste him on my breath? I swallowed a lot of his cum.” She said as she broke our kiss.

“So, what made it great?” I asked.

“I did it.” She whispered.

“Did what?” I whispered back.

“I let Marc fuck me without a condom.”

“Really?” I asked, my dick getting instantly hard. “Did he cum?”

“Twice” she said in a teasing way as she kissed me again, “Once in my mouth.”

“And?” I asked.

She smiled and gave out a little chuckle: “And once in my pussy.”

“You let him come inside of you?”

She looked me in the eyes and smiled again: “Mmm…Hmm…I asked him to. Once he put his cock in me I was amazed at how good it felt. I was thinking: ‘Now I’ve fucked my husband lots of times like this but man, it’s not as hot as this’. Fucking him bareback, it just took it to another level! All I could think of was that another man was completely bare inside of me, experiencing me in exactly the same way you do. I loved that.”

“Loved what?” I asked, a little lost in her reverie.

“MMM…that I was doing it. That another man was ‘knowing me’ just like you do. That I was craving another man’s naked dick so much. Soon I was telling him I wanted him to come in me and I surprised myself how much I meant it. He didn’t have to be told twice, he started fucking me faster and faster and soon he stiffened and I felt him twitch and jerk and I knew it was happening, he was pumping my insides full of cum, I loved it, every gooey drop of it! But let’s go into the bedroom, I want you to see for yourself.”

We head to the bedroom and lock the door to discourage interruptions.

She stripped down to her camisole and see-through panties, which were soaked, and waited in bed while I undressed completely. She has a smug grin on her face as she watched me, she was clearly pleased that her revelation had made me hard.

“So, you like that I let Marc put his naked dick inside of me?” she asked as she lounged back in the bed, her self-satisfied smile making it clear that she really didn’t need me to answer that.

I began to caress her, running my hand up to her breasts, playing with the nipples that I am sure Marc had made hard with his mouth just a short time before. “MMM HMMM” I say as I pull up the camisole and begin to kiss and suck on her nipples. I ran my hands down to her panties and began to slowly pull them down her legs. She proudly spread her legs to show me her pussy. It looked amazing, wet and flushed, her cunt lips full and glistening with that look a pussy has after it’s been well-fucked.

“What do you like about it?” she asked.

“What do you?” I replied.

“No, I asked you.” She told me.

“Well, it’s a big next step” I told her “and I find it sexy.”

But she wanted more: “What do you mean?” She asked.

“You’ve been having sex with other men now for the past four years. But each time you’ve always insisted they wear condoms. In fact, you’ve even told me that not wearing a condom is something you reserve for me. By letting Marc fuck you bareback and come inside this naughty pussy of yours you’ve broken all the barriers. Now there’s nothing I do with you that you don’t do with other men. It’s hot for me. I’m no longer the only man who comes in you my wife. That’s Hot. What about you?”

“Well I definitely liked the ‘naughty’ part of it. I mean a “good” wife isn’t supposed to let another man fuck her—did that. She isn’t supposed to let another man put his unprotected dick in her-did that too. And she certainly isn’t supposed to come home to her husband with a pussy full of another man’s cum. But that’s what I did isn’t it? And he really filled me tonight, feel how wet he made my pussy. Oh honey, it was so hot! It was like we just needed to fuck like that. He was rubbing his dick against my opening and I was moaning and rubbing back against him. I loved the way he was teasing me like that and he loves doing that because it gets me so wet. Then he said: ‘Did you miss having my dick inside of you?’ and I was like ‘Yes, I love having your dick inside of me.’ I was surprised by how much I meant it. Marc just smiled and said: ‘Let me know when you want my dick inside of you’—and I was like: ‘yeah, put it in me Marc’ then he just pushed forward and it slid in like that was where it was meant to be. It felt soo fucking good to have him in me bare, so right! I started groaning and cried out: ‘Yes! Don’t stop.’ So he continued fucking me, just like you do. I came twice while he fucked me, the first time when he put his dick in me. I mean I can’t figure it out, you and I fuck without a condom all the time but when he put his unprotected dick in me, it felt so illicit, I just went way over the top! ”

“You like being a naughty wife?” I asked her.

“I really do. I really never thought I’d be saying this but I really love it, it’s like I’ve come full-circle. Eight years ago I couldn’t have imagined fucking anyone other than you. Now I can’t imagine ever going back to just fucking you, those days of being a “faithful” wife are way behind us. This is way too good to give up. And I really can’t believe how much I loved knowing that Marc was going to come in my pussy. It was like the first time I ever had sex. I was so horny: I knew I shouldn’t but there was no way I wasn’t going to do it. Then Marc was fucking me and telling me how great I felt, how wet I was, and how excited my pussy made him. Then he started fucking me fast and furious and told me: ‘Do you want me to cum inside of you?’ I was moaning by then but he says: ‘say it, say you want my cum inside of you’—and believe me I sure did. It’s hard to explain but it’s like once I decided he should I then needed him to cum inside me for it to be complete. So I say ‘Yes Marc, I want your cum, please come inside of me’ and he starts thrusting and he starts twitching and jerking and I know he’s emptying his balls inside of me. I mean there I am, a happily married woman and while my husband is waiting for me at home I’m on my back with my legs wide open while my lover is thrusting his dick as deep inside of me as it can go…and then he comes inside of me! Wow! That just sends me way over the edge! I felt so sexy, like my pussy was milking the cum out of him! It was really, really great.”

“You’re really turned on by this.” I told her.

“I loved it. Sorry, but I absolutely love it. I loved when we were fucking and I knew he was going to come in me, I loved when I could feel him jerking inside of me, knowing he was filling me up. Then, after he came he just stayed inside of me, kissing me, moving around, spreading himself all around inside of me until he softened. He told me ‘I made a nice big mess down there’ and I almost came again! That was so fucking HOT! On the ride here in the taxi I was thinking about the fact that I was coming home to you but that Marc’s cum was inside of me and it made me feel, I don’t know, wicked and smug, and desired and just, complete. Like I was a woman who had it all. All I kept thinking was ‘You’re married and you just let a man twenty-years younger than you cum inside of you’ --I love that, it’s so hot.”

Her excitement had my dick about as hard as it’s ever been.

“How about you my husband? How do you feel knowing that Marc’s cum is inside of your wife? Do you love seeing me this way? My pussy all satisfied and wet, and filled by another man? Still excited because I finally did it? Do you like the fact that your wife is a little bit of a slut, that I’ve not only been “marked” by another man, but I proudly came home to you with his cum still inside of me? But there’s one more taboo we have to break to make tonight’s experience complete, isn’t there?”

I didn’t answer her, we had talked about what I would do during fantasy play before. I began kissing up her legs and spreads them wide. Slowly, I began to kiss closer and closer to her cum-filled pussy. She’s so excited she can’t stop from moaning with anticipation. Then it happens, I begin to lick her cum-filled cunt.

She starts moaning louder and louder as I hungrily begin to eat her creampie. I can’t believe how hot this made me. I’ve read creampie stories before and thought they were hot. But believe me, to actually have your wife come home with another man cum inside of her and then to willfully eat another man’s cum out of her pussy. It’s unbelievable! Soon I was groaning while my wife was moaning and thrashing about: “MMM yeah, do you like that? I sure do, do you like eating another man’s cum out of my pussy?” She said. “I sure hope you do because I plan on getting regular sperm deposits from Marc from now on. Just think about it, now I’m a “Sure Thing” for Marc. Every time he sees me he will be leaving his spunk inside of me MMM, and you’re going to get to taste what he did to me. Oh yeah, put your dick in me and cum just like he did. I want to have the cum of two men inside of me.”

And that began her practice of creampie sex with a select few lovers. Something that has definitely enhanced the experience for both of us. But my wife has now moved things to an even higher level of cuckoldry. Lately, she has been playing with the idea of only having sex with one lover and denying sexual intercourse with me. She has identified one man, John, who she has had sex with a couple of times recently, as the man she would like to try this with. Yesterday, we were in a bar together and she was texting John in anticipation of their rendezvous next Tuesday:

Wifey: I got waxed today, just for you.

John: MMM, I can’t wait. I can’t stop thinking about us getting naked together again. I want to spend a long time on and inside of you. Definitely plan on spending a long time nibbling on you and especially with my tongue inside of you. Wifey: Sounds good to me! But let’s take it easy on the nibbling. The last time we met I had some black and blue spots!

John: Sorry! I just find you so sexy, I think I got carried away. I’ll be extra careful this time.

Wifey: It’s OK, in fact I love the passion you bring to your work. It definitely makes things VERY enjoyable.

John: That’s good to hear because there is no way I’m not going to feel passion for your sexy body!

Wifey: BTW, there have been NO male members in the kitty since the last time I was with you.

John: Fantastic! I’ve been celibate too since then. I will not spill any more sperm until I see you.

Wifey: HMM, this should be a very Hot evening indeed! Toward that end, I am disease free.

John: So am I, 100%!

Wifey: And since I’m in my mid-50s we certainly don’t have to worry about pregnancy.

John: Oh you and I are going to have a VERY good time!

When we got home my wife was locked and loaded for some sex play and when I started working her over with her favorite dildo-telling it was John’s unshielded dick claiming her pussy for his own—she had a mind-blowing orgasm. Afterward she told me how excited she was to be starting a period of unprotected, monogamous sex with John. I am sure Tuesday will be amazing.

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