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I step out of the shower at Scott’s feeling warm and clean. It was a long, at times tense day at work and I needed to sit under a soothing, relaxing spray and let that wash off of me to make myself ready for what’s to come. Given who we are vis-à-vis one another I’d be ready shower or not, but I’ve been looking forward to being here for a number of days now, the shower is a little indulgent icing on the cake. Let’s call it part of the foreplay.

Despite the fact that I’m a happily married wife and mom, I’m here for one reason: so that I can once again experience the intense pleasure when Scott, a very sexy man who is not my husband, slides his big dick inside my very willing pussy and then fucks me, just the way I love it--with long and deep strokes from that beautiful cock of his, a cock I crave more than any I have ever had the pleasure of feeling inside of me. If I didn’t desire it so much I’d be embarrassed to admit how much I want, even need to feel Scott inside of me tonight. But any embarrassment is overpowered by my desire, his cock feels way too good to be embarrassed by how “easy” I am when it comes to Scott. No doubt about it, each time he sees me, his dick will find its way into my pussy and he will fuck me, guaranteed. And there is also no doubt about it, he’s the best I’ve ever had, bar none. I’m sorry, I know I’m not “supposed” to feel this way but I do.

I happen to be a married woman who loves her husband and, who LOVES feeling a penis that isn’t my husband’s inside of me, in a place where only my husband should be. MMM…it’s such an exciting taboo that I can’t help myself, there is nothing that feels more “naughty” in such a good way than letting a man who isn’t your husband put his penis inside your vagina. Although my husband is a great lover, after more than 20 years of marriage there is little we don’t know about each other sexually. I wouldn’t say having sex with my husband is “old hat” but it is nowhere near as pleasurable as when Scott’s dick is inside of me. I suppose you can say I definitely have a preference to having my pussy filled with a cock from a man who is not my husband. And when it’s the beautiful penis that’s attached to Scott, it’s sublime! When he fucks me I feel a profound rush of pure, primal, passion that cannot be matched when I’m getting fucked by anyone else, including my husband of 20-plus years. The bottom line is that there is no hesitation and there are no regrets here. I am here, stepping out of the shower at Scott’s place, feeling way beyond excited, because I’m going to once again get fucked by him. Fucked hard, like I want to be fucked. Fucked deep, like I need to be fucked. Fucked in a way that a woman who loves fucking can only be fucked. I need to be here to experience that kind of passion.

The passion I feel only when Scott and I couple. I need to be sexually known by him. To feel that wonderful dick of his as far inside of me as it can possibly go, till my world unhinges for some brief moments while I experience the pure pleasure of being a married woman who is being laid, masterfully, by her extra-marital lover.

To eliminate any confusion: Scott and I do not love each other and we never will—I’m actually a woman who loves her husband, and only her husband. I like Scott and we always enjoy “catching up” when we see one another. But I have no desire to see him anywhere other than his bedroom which is just about perfect for me. You see, in the sanctuary of his bed Scott and I become GREAT lovers. Scott’s dick simply fits my pussy better than any have, and there have been many so I speak with a fair amount of authority on this particular subject. And by both his words and actions, Scott seems to feel the same as I do. As a result, no one has and I doubt anyone will bring out the pure, overwhelming, sexual fulfillment I feel when Scott has his dick inside of me. So when we get together it always feels like an event, a wonderful sexual event, unmarred by the expectations and years of trust-building, and commitment of a full, loving relationship. It’s a wonderful fantasy-space that I get to occupy for a period of time, more than enough to keep me sexually charged for the week or so until my next visit…which is just fine for me and Hubby by the way.

This level of sexual arousal isn’t something I want to experience on a daily or even a weekly basis. I’ve been around enough to know there certainly is such a phenomenon as: “too much of a good thing” so I like to keep it a bit more uncommon, it raises the value. But once every two or three weeks feels mighty damned good to me! To prepare for this mind-blowing coupling, I take a nice, warm shower so that my body, so that my aching pussy, is fresh for my lover to explore with his hands, with his mouth, and with his big, beautiful cock.

I put on my short, black, “baby-doll” negligee. It is made of a soft, gauze-like, see-through material that, although giving an impression that I’m covered, clearly makes my body: my nipples, my belly-button, and my “V” visible. I’m looking good, good enough to eat, I hope!

I walk into Scott’s bedroom. He’s fully-clothed and sitting in a chair by the bed. His eyes get wide when he sees me and he breaks out in a smile and crooks his finger, beckoning me to come over. I like the reaction, it makes me feel sexy as I strut over and stand in front, presenting myself to him. He gently begins to caress me, running his hands over my breasts as he lightly stimulates my nipples through the gauze-like material, causing them to stiffen. I’m loving this, I feel little static bursts of pleasure each time he gently pinches and pulls on my nipples. A very soft moan escapes from my mouth as I enjoy his attentions. This moment feels so pregnant with sexual possibility, to be practically naked standing in front of my fully clothed, extra-marital lover, standing there while he slowly plays with my very available body. I know this is just the beginning the slow tease before he has me fully with long deep thrusts that send me to a different plane of sexual existence. My body is already reacting big time, as if I’m a mass of nerve endings responding to his every touch. The way that I’m feeling, this man can have me any way he wants, as long as his big dick spends an extended period inside my cunt.

My moans are coming more rapidly as I feel myself getting wet down below, some primal urge signaling my pussy to get itself ready for him. An urge that feels so intoxicating! He traces his hand down from my breast, across my stomach and under the hem of my negligee. I feel his warm hand on my naked ass caressing me, possessing me as his other hand moves up my inner thighs to my waiting pussy. I feel my breath catch as his finger begin to lightly explore me. He is pleased by how lubricated I am for him and he slowly runs a finger back and forth across my slit, slowly getting deeper inside my wetness with each excruciatingly slow pass.

“See how wet you’ve made me? How wet I am for you?”

I ask as he strokes me. Oh it feels so good. I slowly move my hips in unison with his touch as I sink down slightly, encouraging him to explore me deeper and I begin to moan a little louder as I feel Scott’s strong fingers entering me, they make wonderful soft wet noises as they slide in and out. This is so amazing, right now there is no place I’d rather be than receiving attention from this very sexy man.

Scott stands up, takes me in his arms and kisses me deeply, passionately with an urgency that makes me swoon. My tongue does a slow dance with his as we take our time tasting each other.

“I’m wearing way too much clothes” he says as he breaks off the kiss. He undresses as I stand before him, exposing a body that is thin and sinewy, rugged in a way that reminds me of the actor Scott Glen. I wonder if that Scott is a good a lover as the one standing before me.

In a matter of moments he is completely nude and his very long cock is fully aroused and glistening with pre-cum. It looks so tempting I must have it in my mouth, I have to taste how much he wants me. I get on my knees and lick the smooth bulbous head taking great care to get all that drippy, gooey pre-cum on my tongue before fully taking him into my mouth. He tastes so good and that sweet pre-cum that is dripping so readily from his dick is delicious. I gobble it up, enjoying the moaning I am able to coax from him. I know how badly I want him inside of me tonight. It is a great turn on to know that the feeling is very, very mutual.

“No more” he says after a few minutes, “that’s not how I want to come” He pulls me up and kisses me some more and then gently lays me back onto his bed. He then kneels down and begins to kiss me: up my legs, to the inside of my thighs, to my now throbbing pussy. When his tongue begins its exploration I cry out, it feels so fucking good.

“Oh yeah that feels so good” I cry out breathlessly as Scott’s tongue starts to do its magic on my cunt. He begins eating me out slowly, but as my passion builds so does his oral assault. When he adds his rapidly moving finger over my clit it’s too much and I come, from my toes, thrashing about like a woman possessed. Like a married woman possessed!

As I come down from my release Scott crawls up my body and kisses me gently giving me some time to recuperate. I don’t need much time. I feel his hard cock up against me as he’s kissing me. I reach down and gently stroke him marveling at both how hard he is as well as by the copious amounts of pre-cum that drips freely onto my belly as I stroke him. In a few minutes I’m ready.

“I want your dick inside of me” I tell him, between kisses.

He positions himself between my legs and begins to rub his cock head along the lips of my well-lubricated cunt. I am wet and ready and open, oh so open for him.

“Oh God yes!” I cry out as I feel his big dick begin to enter me. I love this moment: the relentless pressure as he pushes his bulging cockhead against my opening, the building resistance as he pushes forward, and the fantastic sense of release as my cunt lips flower open so he can sink that beautiful dick deep inside of me, which he does with one strong thrust. And that’s it, he’s inside of me, his length filling me causing the world to fall away in an instant. Oh God, the pleasure of the moment is almost unbearable, but bear it I do and I want more and more of that cock.

“Oh Scott yes! God, you feel so fucking good inside of me.” I cry out.

Scott begins his slow but relentless sack of my pussy. There is little, if any rational thought. We’re just like two wild creatures copulating in the night, the primal nature of what we’re doing overpowers everything else. I feel as if I’m having mini orgasms with each thrust but as he picks up the pace, the level of my arousal goes off the charts and the volume of my moans get louder and louder until they are full-throated screams of passion. God am I getting laid by this man! I so love having him in me like this, pounding my pussy into submission, my legs spread wide so he has maximum penetration, I’m practically crazy with lust, clawing at the sheets, clenching and unclenching my hands and toes, panting, screaming, begging him to keep fucking me just like he’s doing. Scott is taking full advantage of my state--he seems to be fucking me with his entire body. It feels as if he’s trying to climb inside of me, each time his pelvis slams into me it feels so damned good, each thrust better than the next until I can’t take it anymore. I come, my spasming cunt squeezing his dick, gripping it, causing him to cry out and with one final thrust his whole body stiffens and he comes, with my pussy wrapped around him.

We lay like that for a good long time, enjoying the afterglow of our coupling. Enjoying the “filled up” feeling of having his slowly softening dick still deep inside of me…mmm so satisfying. Finally, Scott rolls off of me and begins to gently play with my pussy with his hand. I can’t believe it but I’m still aroused. I start to go down on him but he stops me.

“No” he says, “I just want to do this for you.”

I smile and lie back and enjoy the feeling of his fingers in my pussy, marveling at how great tonight was until I feel another orgasm building inside of me.

“Oh God this is amazing.” I cry out as Scott continues the digital blitz on my pussy. He picks up the pace until, almost impossibly, I have my third orgasm of the night.


When I get home my husband is eagerly waiting for me. He loves when I come home like this, flushed and wet and both sexually satisfied and sexually charged.

“How’d it go?” he asks me.

I roll my eyes up and let out a long sigh then give him a big smile: “Let’s go in the bedroom” I tell him “I’ll tell you all about it.”

And I do.

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