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My wife and I would like to post our experiences here as well. I was out with a buddy at a bar a few months back and as we had a few beers and caught up on old times we noticed there were a few different tables with some attractive women at them. Well as the night went on and we had some how included the women next to us which happened to be roommates into our conversation about essentially nothing since we were all a bit drunk. Anyway I couldn't help but notice one of the ladies nice cleavage and nice body. Her friend and her were saying that her boyfriend was 6-6 and I immediately said he is probably hung like a field mouse to which she just giggled. Later on the women asked if I participated in triathlons since I had my triathlon shirt on and I looked at the one with the 6-6 bf and said yes, I do triathlons I'm not a sprinter like some people you know.

Anyway after a few more digs and some witty humor she asked me to walk her to the bar and carry back some drinks for the table. Not being stupid and knowing this was her way of getting me alone I said nothing about the waitress can bring us the drinks. Anyway once out of sight she tried to kiss me and told me how hot she thought I was. I pulled back and told her I don't kiss strangers I only fuck them. I said this with a firm voice and straight face. She then replied that works too.

While back at the table she made no more mention of her boyfriend and had no problems rubbing my cock under the table and letting me run my hand up under her sundress to feel how wet her pussy was. While this was all taking place her roommate kept taking about how she has a boyfriend and she is in love with him, wanting my attention. I tried to pass her off onto my buddy but he was just too drunk and kinda making an ass of himself. The more this girl talked about the others boyfriend the more intense the rubbing got, as did she move closer and positioned herself so I could have better access to play with her pussy. I whisper in her ear and asked her if her boyfriend ever got her this wet and she said no. She also said there are a lot of things her boyfriend hasn't done to her that I could do, while at the same time telling me it is only sex because even though she is cheating she still loves him.

Long story short we get up so everyone can use the rest room before we go back to their place and while she was gone her roommate makes a move on me. So now I'm a bit thrown and don't want to offend her at the same time not wanting to fuck up my guaranteed fuck. We all head back to their place and the roommate brushes against my hard cock as we are getting into the car, thinking it was hard for her. While in the back seat she starts to rub on it while the one I want to fuck is driving. I didn't say anything and let her rub it for awhile until she then leans down and pulls it out and starts to give me head. The driver didn't say anything but was making eye contact with me through the rear view mirror.

So we get to their apartment and the driver and my buddy go inside while me and the other girl stay in the car so she can finish me off. Once I get inside I try to explain myself to the other roommate and she only says not to worry and we will talk later. Well before later came her boyfriend stopped in unannounced. I'm looking at this guy and shaking his had with his girlfriends dried pussy juices on my hand and thinking if only you knew.

As the night turned into morning and her boyfriend was just getting started since he was getting off his shift I knew I would not be able to fuck her. This thought changed once she somehow convinced her boyfriend to run to the store for her and then had her roommate take the dogs out for a walk. She grabbed my hand and pulled me outside and around the apartment building by some trees and bushes. Without saying a word she turned her back to me and leaned over to put her hands on one of the air conditioning units and just turned back to say we don't have a lot of time. I pulled her dress up to see her wet pantiless pussy ready for me. I told her I didn't have a condom and she said not to worry about it. I fucked her tight wet pussy for about 5-10 min before busting a huge nut in her. I really don't know who came more me or her, I just know she came more times than me.

Well we went back into the apartment and exchanged numbers before her boyfriend got back. Once he did she said it was getting late and she had better be getting to bed soon. We took it for a hint and left. Later I received a few text messages and these pictures and a message saying we were to meet up again for more fun, but her roommate told her boyfriend about it out of jealousy and he was a bit upset that it was my cum that made her pussy wet that night not him. I was hoping to have so much fun with her only to send her off to him afterwards but hey not every story has a happy ending. Not bad for a first time bull?

First Time Bull




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