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It took 12 hard years to convince my gorgeous lady to fuck another guy while I watched. I had initially told her my fantasy and she was horrified. No was the answer so I lay in bed next to her thinking about what it would be like trying year after year to talk her into it. After a time I started to copy videos of men wanking and coming on my mobile phone. Then we would go out in the car, her dressed in hot undies, find a quiet spot and make love.

After some trepidation I took her out in the car and after I had just started to lick her honey tasting pussy, I gave her my phone which was on the video section and asked her to watch a video. well I had several on there at the time so she pressed play and I carried on licking away feeling my cock as hard as iron. She started moaning and thrusting her saturated pussy hard on my eager mouth, obviously enjoying watching a stranger's hard cock wanking. Then she said god he is coming, look at all that cum, it's spraying, wow this is so hot!

I could not beleive she was loving it. Then she came hard squirting all over me and the car seat which she has only done a handful of times in 17 years of being together. She then watched all the films I had on there coming loads of times after I felt like I had a broken neck from licking so long. On the way home she asked where the films had come from. I told her a few mates had sent me them and they all would love to fuck her, and were willing to pay so she could buy some gifts for herself.

She said I don't know these mates . I had been in the airforce a few years so I told her one had bumped into me in a shop. We got talking and I showed him some raunchy photos of her and my fantasy and he was more than happy to help. Then he told his mates and that resulted in all the videos sent to my phone. After that I videod more guys wanking to show her and we went out twice a week in the car to do the same thing. By now she looked forward to watching the vids while I told her what these guys would do to her.

I would watch him and her fucking and would wank myself watching them. At one point we were in an empty car park, she had watched the films and was very wet and turned on. She was sitting on my lap fucking me, facing me, and I heard something outside and looked at the side window and a guy was standing right next to the car door, trousrs down, wanking furiously watching us fucking. I started to suck her rock hard nipples which really gets her off then said, 'look to your left love.'

By now she was so horny she just looked at this guy wanking his cock sticking out like a howitzer and started grinding hard saying oh god look at that horny bastard, I'm going to come. As she said that the guy started jerking and shot a huge load. She was shuddering all over me and I came too. The guy just pulled his trousers up and walked away. After I said, 'Blimey! Didn't expect that today!' She was convinced I had arranged it, but it was pure chance he turned up.

Wwhat did you think then I asked, could you not tell was her answer. Very very hot, I loved seeing him pulling that hard cock, with yours up me. She said if the window were open she would have helped him. As we were driving back, she suddenly said ok. If it will make you happy, I will do your fantasy. But it will cost him 300 pounds and you have got to give up smoking. I could not beleive my ears after all this time.

So she agreed to letting me watch her with a stranger if we can find a guy willing to part with 300 quid, and have me stopping smoking. A tall order but worth it I thought after 12 long years waiting to make this happen. Well I gave the fags up and her stipulation was 6 weeks stopped then I could arrange it. So stopped for six weeks. In the meantime, how to find a suitable guy? The money no sweat, I would put it in an envelope and say it was given to me by him. So I joined a dating site, advertised as a couple with photos of Gail, looking for a guy to join us. We had huge response, and looked at all the profiles and picked a guy who was about 15 yrs youunger than she is.

We sent several emails to him explaining we had never done this, which he was fine with. I told him I would be there watching and videoing it which again was ok with. I felt very nervous about it all, he even sent a video of him wanking to show her also pics to my phone of his face, so I decided to take her for fun in the car and shoewd her his photos while playing with her pussy in back of the car saying what he wanted to do to her.

Then got down to licking her while she watched his video. Fuck was she hot and wet! Nearly pulling my hair from its roots as she came watching his spurting on phone. We started to drive home and she said well you have done your six weeks with no ciggies, is he willing to pay the 300? Which I said yes he will give me the money in an envelope when he gets here.

She said well if your're dead sure and won't get shitty if we do it then arrange it. So I booked a really nice room in a very old hotel in Somerset and made arrangements for Shaun to come at around 8.30 pm. Having arranged to meet him outside and bring him up to the room, so I told Gail it was all arranged where and when, and she was of the thought I wouldn't actually carry it out. Starting to get nervous, saying what if I am not what he expects etc, so we made our way to Crewkerne on Somerset early in the afternoon, booked into the room, then went to explore the town.

We had fish and chips around 4:30 then made our way back. Gail said I had best get ready. Then she had long soak in the bath, I brought in a stiff whiskey and lemonade each and watched her in the bath imagining what tonight would be like both of us very nervous. I had my bath after her, then went and made another stiff drink each. She sat in a dressing gown, me likewise. By the second drink we were both feeling more relaxed, so she sat in a tub chair, me on the table bed.

I got the phone out and said, 'wanna look at his pics and video again before he gets here?' So I made a third drink and she watched the vid again, god he looks young she said, he will think I am a hag?

Don't be daft, I said opening her gown seeing her fresh trimmed pussy, having a feel, and she was lovely and wet down there. You're soaking I said. well I have had a bit to drink feeling quite horny after watching him wanking and thinking about what will happen. Time soon went and my phone went off. He was early, out in the car park, god I haven't got my undies on yet! I have bought a special set from agent provacateur for this, so I went to meet Shaun while she got glammed up.

So I went down and found Shaun by the door of the hotel. Said to him we will have a drink while she got ready as he was half hour early. We had a drink, chatting a bit I gave him the envelope to give Gail. He didn't know there was 300 quid in it, then we went up. Luckily Gail had already done her make up so only had to kit up. I let Shaun into the room and Gail sat in the tub chair with fantastic black undies, the bra was just straps and a tiny cup under showing her tits to perfection, strappy lace panties, suspenders & stockings.

She looked awesome with a huge smile on her face. Myself and Shaun sat on the bed looking at the stunning site before us. My heart racing and cock bursting full of pride. I made us a drink and Shaun handed Gail the envelope which she put in the bathroom. I then introduced her to Shaun, we chatted about his job and ourselves for a short while and Gail was fingering a very long hard nipple while Shaun was looking at her. I could not believe her brazzeness and sat there with my cock throbbing. She suddenly stood up and started to snog Shaun as if they had been lovers for years. He sat on the bed and started sucking her heavily engorged nipple. I was commenting like Harry Carpenter in nervous excitement.

He moved down while she was still standing, he carried on sucking her tits, then she lay over on the bed, and Shaun was sucking her tit like a baby and also rubbing his hand over her panties. I was in heaven filming and watching. This was so much better than a fantasy, her hand was running around his back and sides where he had taken his shirt off. She was trying to undo his buckle to his jeans, so he kneeled up and took his jeans off. Then carried on deep kissing with one finger in her panties. She was stroking the bulge in his pants, his fingers probed more and I could hear how wet her pussy was as he drove his fingers in and out, her sighing. She tried to get his pants off and again he had to get up to remove them. Her face was looking at his hard cock which she pulled into her mouth while being fingered, sounding wetter by the moment. She sucked his cock for a while, both moaning in pleasure.

Then Shaun lay Gail on her back and fingered and licked her out. She was writhing in heaven by now and I had got my cock out, wanking lke mad, never felt my cock so hard, coming to the brink so many times watching my horny lady in heaven. He was squeezing her big nipples and licking like a kitten at the cream, then she started to come very noisily and that was it. I shot my load all over the carpet, but was soon hard again watching Shaun wank her pussy real hard. Her sucking his cock again, she was moaning like I have never known. Then they kissed again and Shaun sat up against the head board and Gail straddled his very hard swolllen cock and was rubbing her cunt up and down his shaft.

Then his cock slowly pushed into her soaking lips, I came again. As he pushed in her she moaned in ecstasy, then she was riding his shaft like crazy, snogging him, then him sucking her big long nipples and she came again. Then seconds after he let out a cry and shot his load inside her, pumpimg his buttocks as he let go, she came again.

We afterwards said goodbye then I asked Gail how it was, spunk dribbling from her swollen hole. Better than I imagined, he made me feel very relaxed and gave me the most intense cum I have had for a long time.

Would you do it again I asked? With Shaun definitely, but we will see.

How did you feel she asked? Awesome I told her. Never been so turned on and you looked stunning seeing the pleasure on your face. I loved every second, can't wait to watch the video and relive it again. She looked in the envelope saw all the money and said bloody hell, easiest money I have ever had.

This was the best and I can't wait for more.

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