I Called Her Semi Bluff!



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Couple of nights ago, while enjoying some foreplay with my wife, she -- completely out-of-the-blue -- asked how I would feel if she fucked another man. (Background: we are an older couple, 45 and 49, whose sex life is pretty darn good and has evolved and matured over the years.

Nevertheless, she is still has some normal inhibitions -- dim lighting, prefers being on her back, loves receiving oral but doesn't give it. We get it on once, sometimes twice a week (usually with help from Viagra, I don't have any issues but since it produces a really hard erection that she loves, may as well). Anyway . . . out-of-the-blue, she asks how I would feel if another man fucked her. Having, in the past, missed out on a few 'openings' like this, I somehow managed to give her a quick positive response . . . something on the order of 'I wouldn't have a problem with that, under the right circumstances.'

She seemed somewhat surprised by my response and she asked what the right circumstances would be. I asked whether I would be present when she got it on with the other guy. She said yes, and I clarified further that I wouldn't want this other guy to be someone she found 100% better looking than me or so well-hung that it had her groaning about how much better he was than me. There was some laughing while we chatted about this -- but a little bit of tension, too, because I had no idea how she came to ask me how I'd feel about another guy, and, as she admitted, she was 'disappointed' by my 'yes, it'd be okay' response.

She said she thought I would say I'd be jealous. "Wrong answer," she said. I then explained my answer, saying that -- and I mean this -- she is one beautiful woman, with great boobs, a fine ass, and a world-class tight and delicious pussy that a lot of men, young and old, would die for if they just knew, see the pics for yourselves!

And, I said, I really would take considerable pleasure in having the right guy experience what I have all the time. I think she kind of liked my explanation. I then suggested that we were at an age when there are times when we aren't able to pleasure each other -- sometimes she'll go for a time without getting real horny, and there are times when, even with the 'help' of Viagra, that I don't stay hard enough, long enough for her.

I've told her before that I really get off on the fact that she obviously likes it when I'm really really hard. But now I tossed in that I think there are times when she'd like me to be able to get deeper in her.

Before she might have quarreled with this statement, I said maybe we should get ourselves a couple of sex toys, to use when one of us couldn't pleasure the other as much as they needed to be pleasured. She reflexively said, 'no'. But I got her to agree to talk (her clit was saying, 'fuck me') about this (and, with the thought of having another man join us in bed) she said 'yes' and gushed cum.

Anyway . . . . . would really like all this to move in the right direction, quickly.

Thinking that the sex toys might be the best first step . . . overcoming a minor inhibition . . . to be followed by some action on the threesome front.

Will let you all know.






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