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I (26F) have been on a work trip all week. My fiance (29M) and I had discussed this before and he told me that I could do whatever I wanted as long as I gave him details.

I was very curious to meet an older coworker (39M) in person. We had talked extensively on the phone, he is charming, funny, and has a sexy voice. We met the first day of my trip and instantly hit it off. The first night we went to a group happy hour. I badly wanted to take him back to my hotel room but the opportunity didn't arise as we were with others and I wanted to remain discreet. After all, my fiance and I are not swingers or anything but talked about this a lot and he allowed me to try this just this once.

I was so nervous and excited!

So, instead I went back to my room alone and texted my fiance about my coworker and what I wanted him to do to me. I was soaking wet and my husband came hard and texted me a picture. God I was horny!

The next night though, it happened. It was towards the end of the work day and he asked me if I wanted to get a drink and I gladly accepted. It was just the two of us this time. It didn't take long for him to run his hand up my thigh as we sat at the bar.

He was not deterred at all by my engagement ring. I told him that I was free to "see" other men, and he loved it. Apparently he had been involved in some MFM situations before, he told me about some of his experiences and it got me very turned on.

I couldn't wait to get him back to my hotel. I was so nervous and excited as we went up to the room. I sent a text to my fiance telling him that it was happening and that I couldn't wait to have this older man's cock inside me.

As soon as we stepped into the hotel room, the clothes started to come off. He undressed me and ran his hands all over my body. I loved the way he touched me. Older guys have always appealed to me because of their confidence and experience.

He knew exactly what he wanted and wasn't afraid to take it. I felt his cock through his pants and it felt really nice. I couldn't wait to see it, so I dropped down to my knees and took it out of his pants... wow it was a nice thick one, much bigger than my fiance. I admired it, stroking and kissing it before taking it into my mouth.

He talked dirty to me as I sucked him and told me how well I took his big cock. I was so wet and practically begged to be fucked. It felt amazing feeling his big cock sliding inside me. Such a nice thick cock.

He started slowly then gave it to me harder. It got me so wet when he asked if his cock was bigger and better than my fiances, to which I said yes it was so much bigger and better. He gave me a very good fucking and came on my tits.

Then after a break to catch our breaths we went another round. I came several times on his cock which is something that has never happened with my fiance.

I told my fiance the story and he was so aroused that we both barely slept.

The next night he got to fuck me again, I wonder if my fiance noticed any difference in my pussy after I took a bigger cock!

Fiancee G




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