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My husband thought it would be the hottest thing in the world to share this with others. My husband was transferred to San Diego to attend school to learn more about his military job. This was years ago and finding a place in San Diego was hard because it was very expensive but we found a small two bedroom apartment for us and our son. Although very junior an E-3, guys at the school loved him because he had a car and a place off the base for everyone to hang out.

We would throw parties and all the guys from his school would come over a drink. They would usually drink too much and pass out on the couch or we would have guys all over the apartment sleeping on the floor. It was fun seeing all the guys drunk off their ass and joking around.

One of the guys became real good friends with my husband. Dennis had a lot in common with my husband and they hit it off. He became a regular fixture around the apartment coming over almost everyday and stay the weekends with us. He must have loved our couch because he slept on it all the time.

Dennis was a tall good looking guy that had no problem picking up women. He was 6 foot tall, blonde hair, blue eyes, and very handsome. He would always wear tight shirts or tank tops showing off his big chest and arms and jean shorts fit nicely against his ass. I couldn’t help myself from looking sometimes and dream of him taking me.

Dennis would always flirt with me and rub his crotch against me as he passed me in the kitchen. And I was no better, because I would wear loose fitting tops and no bra and bend over in front of him flashing him my breast. At night, I would wear skimpy outfits like a tank top and tiny baggy shorts with no panties that showed off my sexy thighs. And if I sat just right on the love seat he could have a clear view of my full pussy lips.

When I turned 25, we decided to have a birthday party and invite all the guys over. Dennis and my husband had a drinking contest and both got smashed. My husband got so drunk that he passed out on the bed. The party winded down and everyone began to leave so Dennis said he would stay to help me clean up the mess.

I was wearing tight fitting jeans and wanted to get out of them so I went to the bedroom and put on my sleeping outfit the tank top and tiny baggy shorts. As we picked up all the empty beer cans and food mess, Dennis kept looking down my shirt at my bare breast. I know he was trying to sneak a peak and I loved every minute of it.

As I was dishes, he would bring me dirty dishes and slide behind me and brush his hard cock against my ass. He was driving me wild and my pussy was getting super wet. I went to get a bowl off the coffee table bending over right in front of him putting my ass right in his face. My shorts were riding up and I am sure he a clear view of my aching pussy. Remember now we all drank A LOT and inhibitions were out the window and our judgement was non-existent.

He followed me back to the kitchen and as I washed the bowl he pinned me against the counter and began pressing his hard cock against my ass and kissing my neck. Whispering in my ear, I have to have you now and slid his hands around me cupping my breast.

I knew that my husband was in the other room and knew it was wrong but I couldn't stop myself. We began kissing; stripping each other's clothes off, and I dropped to my knees taking his hard cock in my mouth.

His cock was hard and getting it into my mouth was a delight. Pre-cum was leaking from the head of his cock and it tasted so good. He grabbed me by the hand and led me to the couch and started to eat my pussy. His expert tongue swirled around my clit driving me wild. My pussy has never been eaten so well and he made sure I came twice before he stopped.

He laid me on the couch and rubbed the head of his cock against my swollen clit and dripping wet pussy. I begged him to stick his dick in me and he slowly drove his hard cock deep into me and held it there until I adjusted and was ready. He loved my wet pussy and pulled his cock almost out before driving it back in while sucking on my hard nipples.

We repositioned ourselves so that I was lying over the arm of the couch and he was behind me. Grabbing my hips, he aimed his hard tool back at my pussy and drove it completely in, making me gasp. I never have been fucked as hard before as he pounded away on my wet cunt with my pussy making sloshing noises as he used me.

He pulled me tightly back onto his cock as I felt his cock began to throb in me. I tried to pull his cock out but it was too late as he grunted and shot his seed deep into me. It seemed like he came forever shooting 3 or 4 times overflowing my sore pussy. His cock slowly slipped out of my well fucked cunt leaving a sloppy mess that ran down my legs and onto the couch arm. Spanking my ass and giving me a kiss on the cheek, he told me to go to bed and he went over to the spare room to pass out.

In the morning we didn't speak as we were both ashamed and it took me a month to tell my husband. When I did, I was relieved to hear he wasn't mad. He told me he loved me and to just make sure it doesn't happen again.

Now it's 15 years later and we think about that often in bed. I give him all the details I can and it gets him hard and me wet. We use it to fuel our long nights and whenever I look him in the eye and tell him his friend was so much better at eating me out, and that that was the best tongue I ever had, my husband cums on the spot. I love that power!

Looking back, I'm lucky I wasn't pregnant!

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