My Wife with 3 Black Men Fucking Her


A Few Drinks Does the Trick - Please find attached photos of my wife and our story for the blog: My wife (34 years old) knew I was interested in watching her have sex with a black guy, but was very clear that it was not something that was going to happen.

I found out that she had started some rude chat with some guys online that she met through our personals profile. I also think she may have flashed her breats at them on webcam, but not 100% sure about that. However, she said these were just when she was drunk and cannot remember much.

My wife is a big Arsenal football club fan and so is one of her friends from work. As there was an evening match one week she invited him round to watch it on our large plasma television. He had declined because he had already invited a friend over and his cousin was visiting from Nigeria. However, my wife had then said that all 3 of them were welcome and he accepted.

The night of the match arrived and we had made sure we had stocked up with plenty of booze for the match. My wife's friend arived with his friend and his cousin. My wife's friend is not very tall (about 5'6") and slim, his friend (Jerome) was taller (about 5'11") and athletic, and his cousin (Darrel) was about 5'7" and very young looking - i found out he was 18.

Everybody made themselves comfortable in the lounge and I made sure everybody had a drink (including the cousin with permission from my wife's friend). The evening progressed and everybody began getting more and more drunk. Our team won the match which meant we drank even more to celebrate.

My wife was sat next to me on the sofa when I noticed she was smiling and looking lustful and just staring at us all. Her friend was on the other side of her and Jerome was on the single seat with Darrel sat on the floor. Being drunk myself I thought it wouldbe funny to start lifting her skirt up her thigh. When she did not protest (actually she smiled even more) Jerome said he wanted to see how far up I could get it. So I took up the challenge. I inched the skirt up her thigh slowly without even a murmer, she was smiling even wider, and Jerome urged me on when it got to her knickers.

My wife was now slumped on our sofa, looking hot, with her skirt around her waist and me and these black companions looking at her pussy through the lace of her knickers.

Darrel's eyes were wide open, I was sure he had never seen a white woman's pussy before. "What now?, he said. I told him that if he wanted to see more he would have to come over and take them off himself. At that my wife bit her lower lip which meant she was turned on beyond belief and I knew that I could just take things wherever I wanted and she would just comply. So, he crawled over from halfway across the room and slowly reached his dark hands up to the elastic of my wife's knickers and tugged gently at them. As a natural response my wife raised her hips to allow them to slip down her thighs with this young man then pulling them over her knees and down off of her feet.

Her legs were only slightly parted and Darrel could not see much, so he looked up at me. I knew from this look what he was asking, so I pulled gently at my wife's left thigh to ease her legs open and let this young man see her beautiful pussy. Darrel had now grown in confidence and asked if he could touch it, to which I gave the obvious reply.

Darrel reached forward and pushed apart her pink pussy lips with his black fingers, all of us could see she was wet (which to be honest she usually is anyway). Darrel then probed between the lips looking for her hole and I saw his hand move forward as his finger found it's goal and slid into her. He moved it back and forth a few times before removing it to see it glistening with my wife's juices. He then put it back into her along with another of his fingers. She gasped!

At this point, the other two guys were quietly watching and I slipped her top off over her head. I then said, "If you guys aren't embarassed then you can wank if you like". This was the only invite they needed, they both stood up (so did Darrel) and slid their tracksuit trousers down and took them off along with their tops. I couldn't believe it, 3 black guys in my living room, naked with my wife naked on my sofa.

Darrel was already fully erect and his young cock was at least 8 inches, my wife's friend growing towards what would end up being 9 inches and Jerome a massive 11 inches.

I asked Darrel if he would like to fuck her and he obviously said yes. We all worked together to move my wife's ass to the edge of the sofa and I put a cushion between her feet for Darrel to kneel on. Darrel lowered himself onto the cushion whilst wanking to keep his cock hard and then began to rub the tip of his fat black cock between the pussy lips of my drunk, but very very very horny wife. She was almost bucking her hips in the air asking to be fucked looking at me with her eyes saying, 'take this all the way and hurry up!' Finally he stopped rubbing his cock against her lips and lined it up with the entrance to her pussy. He leaned forward and his thick cock began to enter my wife an inch at a time and I heard her make a sound I have never heard before. At 4 inches he stopped and pulled back a little before pushing forward into her again and getting most of it into her. I'm not sure but I believe she came right then and there from the noises she was making and the spasms in her womb.

Darrel then started to settle into a slow rhythm, pulling almost all the way out before sliding it all the way back in. I could see her pussy juices making the thick black shaft of his cock shine in the light coming from above. I could smell the sex in the air and couldn't control myself any more, so I got my 6 inches out and began wanking, the same as the larger black men were doing as they watched on. He whipped her up into a frenzy and she screamed out his name and had wave after wave of orgasms.

Darrel continued for about 30 minutes before he was starting to cum, he pulled out of my wife's pussy and noisily shot his spunk across my wife's now sweaty belly and even reached her moist clevage. After that we all did the same and she was covered. They went home right after and we cleaned up and went to bed. The next morning my wife looked at me with a smile but never said a word. Our sex the past few days has been amazing and I know it is thanks to that night. I now know what I have to do if I want her to be slutty.




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