My Husband got Hard Twice - Sent Me an Email

Dora and Daniel


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Daniel and I have been together for many years now. We had always had a very full and exciting sex life. We have shared lots of erotic adventures. Sex with Daniel has been an ongoing adventure - one I never want to end. While we sometimes made love, other times he just fucked my brains out. Daniel had never failed to please me and always gave me multiple orgasms.

Fourteen months ago, Daniel hurt his back playing squash. It was a freak accident and he's in one piece but he's in constant pain.

As a result, our sex life changed dramatically. We went from enjoying a very active sex life in which we made love 4-5 times a week, to a complete lack of activity as our love making came to a complete halt. We have tried to make love several times in the past few months, but without success. Daniel is in so much pain, he cannot pump his hips at all. He tries to hide it from me, but I can tell. We tried me being on top, but the motion of my hips on his body as I rode his cock was excruciating for him.

I have worn out several sets of batteries in my vibrators. I have been going crazy with sexual frustration. Daniel has watched me have sex with many men in the past. At those times, he was still able to satisfy me himself. Taking other lovers was just an avenue to a different form of erotic excitement. To me, if I would take a lover now, it would be like cheating on Daniel. I love him more than life. I would do anything to keep from endangering our relationship.

Daniel knows how sexually frustrated I have been and continue to be. He has been encouraging me to take other lovers. I resisted for a year. Then, after about a year, one Saturday, I seduced a young man who was painting our house. I did not continue the relationship after that day, because I was afraid our friends would find out. The young man lives just a few miles from us. When I confessed to Daniel, he was ecstatic. He was really happy that I had been able to relieve some of my sexual tension. I thought that would be the end of it for a while. But, Daniel kept encouraging me to take more lovers. I know he has always enjoyed watching me with other men, but this seemed different to me. We discussed it many times. Finally, Daniel sent me an email in which he tried to express his feelings since he felt I wasn't listening to him.

"I can never get enough of seeing the look on your face as another man's cock slowly pushes into you. Yes, I do feel a mixture of feelings, jealousy, joy - but - that look is something I cannot see when I am the one forcing myself into your steaming hot pussy.

And the sounds you make as a stranger's dick enters you for the first time. It is different from the sounds you make when I fuck you. When a stranger mounts you and slides his hard cock into you, you make such unbelievable moans. That low deep moan of pleasure that you only make as a new strange organ slowly pushes deep into you. I can see your sensations building in intensity, as your eyes glaze over and they become blank, looking nowhere except into space as you focus on the feeling of a stranger's cock penetrating deep into you. Your moans and whimpers build as I watch your hips rise up to meet him, begging for that new unknown cock to go deeper and deeper into you.

I can see that wonderful look and sound of fulfillment as he claims your pussy as his haven of pleasure for the night. I love to watch as your passion builds, watch you curl your legs around him and dig your heels into his ass, pressing him deeper into you. You reach up and stripe his back with your nails as you pump your hips up to meet his hard thrusts.

I can see the ecstasy written on your face as your hunger mounts. Your need for his plunging manhood is plain to see as heated breath flows from your dilated nostrils. I do not even need to stroke myself as I watch his cock plunging in and out of your hot feverish body. My own cock throbs as your pleasure rises. I feel a slow increase in pressure in my balls. The precum oozes out of the tip of my cock, because it is so hard, from watching you being fucked before my eyes.

I hear your cries of pleasure as his balls slap against your ass. I watch your face contort as your orgasm nears. It almost looks like you are in agony as the sexual frenzy overpowers you. Your body convulses in pleasure as you explode in release. I can see your orgasm wash over your body in thundering waves of throbbing pleasure, your body rippling in unrestrained spasms.

These are things I cannot see when I am the one making love to you. But, seeing your obvious ecstasy and fulfillment with another man turns me on like you can't believe. Now that I cannot bring this pleasure to you myself, I would never deny you this thing that you love so much. I can still share in your pleasure by offering you to other men and watching as you ride the rapturous heights of delight.

But know this, even though I am willing to share your body in order to give you the pleasure you so richly deserve, I still love you. I never want to lose you."

After reading this, I sat down with Daniel on the following Friday night and we had a long talk. I watched his eyes as he told me of the pleasure he gets from watching me cum in the arms of another. I wanted to test and see if he was really sincere about watching me give my body to another guy when he can't satisfy me himself. I talked him through a story I made up about me meeting a guy and letting him fuck me. The more I talked, the more details I added, the harder Daniel got, until he was masturbating to orgasm as my imaginary lover plunged his cock into me.

I continued with my story and in a few minutes Daniel's manhood started rising again. When the organ I love so much was standing tall and rigid I knew that just talking about it had him hard and excited. I asked him to continue the story as he would like to experience it, and as he talked, I took him into my mouth. I worshipped his cock, running my tongue over the head and sucking it into my mouth. In a few minutes, I was rewarded with the blast of his salty cum shooting across my eager tongue. If fantasizing about me having sex with other men could make him cum twice in less than a half hour, he was obviously sincere. We agreed to give it a try. If only we could celebrate his readiness together and fuck one another to exhaustion. But, we both knew we could not.

I realized that somewhere along the way, I had to tell the guy I selected that I am married and that, if he wanted to get in bed with me, he had to accept the idea that Daniel was going to watch. He had to understand that his presence was required. This was to be a one-time only deal. He could enjoy me all he wanted, but once the evening was over and we were all sexually satisfied, however many times we had intercourse and orgasms that night, then he was to shower, dress and be on his way. There would never be any other contact, ever.

The next morning, we drove over to Tulsa. Daniel got us a room at the Radisson Hotel. After lunch, we went to the Woodland Hills Mall. I wanted a new outfit with which to entice my lover for the evening. I tried on several dresses and modeled them for Daniel. We liked several, but then I found the perfect one. It is a beautiful red cowl neck dress in a material that clings but still allows for freedom of movement. It was cut very deep in front, to just below my navel. The material clung to my breasts and ass, but still allowed my breasts to swing and bounce as I moved. In the back it was scooped so that my back was bare so that the dimples above my ass were visible. My entire back was exposed, so it was obvious that I was not wearing a bra. The open back would invite men to caress my bare skin. The loose cowl neck would allow them easy access to my unfettered breasts. To make it even more perfect for what I intended, the hem ended about three or four inches below the red curls between my legs. As I modeled it for Daniel, I could feel myself getting wet and my nipples formed hard peaks, just thinking about what would happen that night. I could tell by the wet spot showing over the lump in Daniel's pants that my sweet love was sharing my thoughts.

After we returned to the hotel, Daniel lay on the bed and watched me as I prepared for our evening of lust with a stranger. As I smoothed the dress down over my body, my nipples hardened in anticipation. A look in the mirror told me how obvious it was that I was not wearing a bra. My boobs are not particularly big, but they are still firm and stand proud. My nipples were very prominent as they pressed out against the material. As usual, I did not wear any panties - I wanted to be ready and openly available. I felt my pussy tingle and moisten as I thought about what Daniel and I had planned for the evening. I fixed my hair and finished dressing by slipping on a pair of five inch stiletto heels that matched the color of my dress. They really accentuated my long legs.

I was ready. I looked at Daniel and could tell he was ready as well. The front of his pants was tented out just barely containing his hard cock. Rising from the bed, he came over to me and gave me a deep kiss. As the kiss broke, we looked into one another's eyes. "I love you." he whispered as he turned and led me to the door.

When we got to the club, it was only nine o'clock, but there were already a lot of cars and trucks in the parking lot. Daniel went in first and got comfortable at the end of the bar. From there, he had a good view of most of the club.

I waited about five minutes and then followed him inside. As I entered the door, the music of the band was pounding even more loudly than my heart. I paused briefly to allow my eyes to adjust to the lighting and so I could check out the crowd. As I looked around the club, I saw some couples but there were also several men alone or in small groups. I could feel men watching me as I walked over to the bar with a sexy sway to my ass. I sat down about three stools from Daniel. I did not look at him since we were not supposed to know one another. As I sat on the stool, I felt the hem of my dress rise until it almost exposed my curly red pubes.

I ordered a Margarita. It didn't take long for me to get some attention. Before my drink arrived, I was approached by a man who asked me to dance. The band was playing a fast song as we moved out onto the dance floor. As we danced to the hard throbbing beat, my breasts were bouncing and swaying to their own rhythm. Daniel was watching us intently. I was enjoying the dance, but this guy just didn't turn me on. When the song ended, he moved to keep me on the floor for another dance, but I wanted to make sure other guys knew I was still available. I politely declined. As I returned to my stool at the bar, I made eye contact with Daniel and smiled as he winked at me. As I sipped my drink, I surveyed the room. I saw a good looking guy across the club. He was sitting with a couple of buddies. I watched as he crossed the dance floor and went down the hall to the restrooms. He appeared to be in his early 40s, but was in good shape. His Wranglers really fit him well and he had a nice butt he had. I knew I'd have to give him to opportunity to admire my ass as much as I did his.

Another man asked me to dance. As we moved out onto the floor, the guy I had noticed earlier, returned from the restroom. He stopped at the bar and ordered another drink. He stopped at the bar and ordered another drink, turning to watch me move while he waited for it. As I moved to the music, I made eye contact with him and was encouraged when he smiled and nodded. I maneuvered myself and my dance partner across the floor until I was dancing directly in front of the guy at the bar. As my dance partner grasped my hips, I turned in my partner's arms and faced the man at the bar. I watched as he smiled and looked up and down my body. I made sure my breasts were swinging and bouncing as I ran my hands up and down my sides. I bent slowly forward and ground my ass into the guy behind me. At the same time, the neckline of my dress fell forward and the guy at the bar got a good look at my boobs. As I straightened up, I threw my head back and let my blonde hair fly. My hands moved up my body until they were caressing my breasts. I ran my fingers over my hard nipples as I let the music take me away.

As the song ended and the next song began, he extended his hand to me. Stepping forward, I moved into his arms. He was an excellent dancer. We moved around the dance floor like we had been dancing together for years. His movements were strong and sure. I knew he would be as good a lover as he was a dancer. I glanced over at Daniel a couple of times. He was watching us closely. He did not look upset, so I continued to move around the floor with my new partner.

The next song was slow and sexy. I moved into his arms and slid my hands behind his neck. As our bodies ground together, I felt his hands gliding down my naked back. His fingers were leaving lines of tingling goose bumps as they traced my spine. I turned in his arms. Laying my head back on his shoulder, I ground my ass into his cock. He responded by sliding his hands under the lose cowl neck of my dress. He cupped my boobs in his hands as if checking them for size. I turned my head and kissed the side of his neck. His hands moved to my stiff nipples. He twirled them in his fingers and then pinched them, just hard enough to make them ache in appreciation.

I kept rubbing my ass against his crotch. His hard-on was obvious against my ass. I could feel it hard and throbbing against me as I rotated against it. When I turned to face him, my thighs straddled his. I pulled my dress up just enough to let my naked pussy press against the hard muscles of his jean covered thigh. I rubbed my pussy against him, my juices leaving a wet line on his leg. As we were dancing, I took opportunities to steal glances at Daniel, catching him with a look of intensity and a smile on his face every time. After a half-hour or so, I pulled my partner's head down so that I could whisper in his ear. I told him that my husband was watching. His head immediately popped up and he began to scan the bar. I pointed Daniel out, and when their eyes met, Daniel smiled weakly and waved. The guy smiled an unsure smile and nodded back. I started moving against him again and pulled his ass forward so that his cock ground against my pussy. He looked down at me and we went back to our dirty dancing.

I reached down to rub my dance partner's cock as we moved together. His hands moved down my back again. When they reached my dress, he moved them over the material until he was grasping my ass in his hands. I felt his hard cock against me as he pulled me into him. I responded by rubbing my mound against his rigid shaft. I looked over at Daniel. He was watching intently. Looking at the front of his pants, I could tell he was hard and excited as he adjusted his cock. Turning my face back to my dance partner, I pulled his face down to mine. Our lips met and I slid my tongue into his mouth. The signs of passion were obvious in our hands and body language as I pushed myself against his body. I sucked on his tongue as my mouth conquered his - the fact that our tongues were intertwined obvious even from where Daniel was. Our tongues fought a hot duel as we continued to move to the slow music.

I think the band was watching us because they immediately went into a second slow song. We continued to sway to the music as our tongues danced in tingling caresses. I felt his right hand leave my ass and move up onto the skin of my back. Then, it slid beneath my dress and I could feel his hand moving down onto my bare ass. I threw my head back and sucked in my breath as I felt his finger sliding slowly down my crack. He accepted the invitation of my exposed throat as he leaned forward and his teeth started nibbling the taught skin. As his fingers explored the deep crevice between my butt cheeks, I was trembling in excitement. As I was treated to the dual sensations, I was also aware that a lot of people were watching as he explored my body on the dance floor. My breath was getting uneven as his left hand lifted the hem of my dress and exposed my ass to the crowd. They watched as his fingers slid up and down. I lifted my right leg and wrapped it around his, opening myself for deeper exploration. I gasped as I felt his fingers slid across the dewy opening of my pulsing pussy. It had been so long since a man touched me like that. My body shuddered as orgasm swept over me. Many eyes watched as my body shook in ecstasy.

When the song ended, we left the dance floor, hand in hand. I led him through the crowd to an empty booth. When he sat down, I sat in his lap, the deep cut cowl neck of my dress giving him easy access to my tits. "My name is Greg." "No names," I whispered. "Okay," he responded with a smile, glancing down at where I was rubbing my pussy against his thigh. "And from the way you're riding my leg, I think I'll just call you Hot Rider."

My cleavage was right in his face and I pulled his face against my skin. He kissed my chest right between my breasts, his tongue flickering a wet trail of fire over my skin. I ground my butt down against his bulge. I covered his mouth with my own, my tongue seeking out his. Soon, Daniel was watching this guy's hand squeezing my right breast. My lips found their way to his neck and then his ear as his hand slid inside the deep opening of my neckline and he caressed my bare left breast. Our breathing was labored as the sexual excitement built between us.

I leaned forward and our lips met. Our tongues flashed together, warm, wet, tasting. I felt his hand on my knee. Moaning softly, I spread my legs a little. With this encouragement, his hand slowly moved up my inner thigh as it made small circular caresses. When his hand contacted my pussy, I pushed forward to meet his fingers. My tongue drove into his mouth and flickered across his tongue. My pussy was dripping in welcome as his fingers slid between my slick folds. It has been so long. He slipped first one and then two fingers inside me. My hips start bouncing in response as he finds my g-spot. With a groan, I experienced a second orgasm, squirting my juices all over his hand until they dripped down my leg and cover the seat of the booth. Greg looked down and exclaimed. "Wow! That was hot!" He grinned as he raised his hand to his mouth and sucked off my juices.

Leaning forward, I kissed him and sucked some of my juices from his lips. As my lips left his, I reached down and rubbed a very nice cock through his jeans. I looked into his eyes, I asked, "Would you like to feel my juices squirting all over this?"

"Hell yes!"

"That sounds wonderful to me, but, there is one other thing."

"Name it!"

"My husband likes to watch. Is that okay with you?"

"Hey! I'm not into anything between me and another guy!"

"Good! Neither is he. Nothing will happen between him and you. No touching at all. He just wants to watch."

"Are you sure?"

Reaching down, I unzipped his jeans and reached in and rubbed his hard cock. "I promise. Just hot sex between you and me, with no strings attached."

Greg closed his eyes and moaned as I brought his cock out. I curled my hand around it and stroked his throbbing shaft. "You can put this in me anywhere you want."

"Okay," he breathed. "Let's go."

I kissed him deeply, my tongue swirling around in his mouth as I continued to play with his cock. Looking over at Daniel, I saw him adjust his own hard-on again. "I will be right back." I told him as I stood up to go to Daniel. Leaning down, I gave Greg another deep kiss as I massaged his cock again. I made sure that my hips swayed as Greg watched me cross the room.

When I got to Daniel, I greeted him with a big hug and a tongue-filled kiss. I reached down and felt his crotch. It was fully erect and throbbing from watching my performance. "What do you think? Do you still wanting to watch me to fuck another guy?" His reply was a breathy "Yes!"

I walked back over to Greg and slid into his lap. I softly tongued his ear. "Are you ready to go?" Greg just nodded.

As I looked into his eyes, I asked, "Are you sure you are okay with him just watching as you fuck me?"

"Yes." He whispered as I rubbed his hard cock. I kissed him deeply, my tongue swirling around in his mouth as I continued to play with his cock. Looking over at Daniel, I saw him adjust his cock again. Breaking the kiss, I nodded at Daniel. Greg helped me out of the booth. As we walked to the door, Daniel was right behind us.

When we got to the parking lot, we stopped and I introduced Daniel only as my husband. Greg seemed a little wary, but I reassured him. "It's okay. he just likes to watch me have a good time."

Daniel chimed in, "Yes, she deserves a good time." His voice was a little hoarse, but I could tell he was excited.

Greg looked at Daniel and then back at me. "Okay, let's go. But, I came here with a friend in his car."

"That's okay. We can all go in our car." I responded. We had the SUV, so there was plenty of room.

Daniel got behind the wheel and I joined Greg in the backseat. I saw Daniel adjust the mirror so that he had a better view of Greg and me. As Daniel started the car, I moved up against Greg and kissed him. I felt his tongue probing at my lips, and I parted them, allowing his tongue into my mouth. My tongue darted out and discovered his, and our tongues began to dance just as we had danced earlier. As our tongues moved in frantic union, I reached down and rubbed his cock through his jeans. He moaned into my mouth. His zipper made a loud rasping sound as I lowered it. Reaching inside, I grasped his hard organ and pulled it out. I stroked it a few times as our kiss continued. Breaking our kiss, I looked at Daniel. He was driving slowly down the street as he watched us. Reaching down, I unbuckled Greg's jeans. He raised his hips as I pulled his jeans and boxers down to his knees. I held his cock in my hand and stroked it gently. I watched as a bead of precum formed at the entrance to the slit on the purple head. Leaning down, I flicked my tongue out and tasted the salty goodness of his precum. His hips arched up trying to shove his cock into my mouth. I looked up at him and smiled. Looking over my shoulder, I met Daniel's eyes in the mirror. I could see the lust and excitement shining in them. Turning back to Greg, I leaned down and put my lips around the head of his cock. I ran my tongue over it, moistening it. It had been a long time since I'd had a strange cock in my mouth and I relished it. I opened my mouth wider and swallowed several more inches of his rod. I felt his hands tangle in my long blonde hair, pulling me in closer. I pulled back, sucking as I went. I could feel every bulge and vein of his cock sliding through my lips and under my tongue. I loved it.

I opened wide and moved down again, forcing more and more of his cock into my mouth and down my throat. I tried hard to get all of it in, but I didn't quite make it before my gag reflex kicked in and I pulled back.

I relaxed my throat and went down on him again. His cock was about seven inches long and as thick as a flashlight. I took his huge dick in deeper and deeper. I moaned with lust, my mouth full of his rigid shaft. He grasped my head and pushed the last remaining length of his cock into my mouth. My nose was buried in his pubic hair. I reached out and caressed his full balls, causing him to moan with pleasure.

He gently stroked my hair, and abruptly pulled almost all the way out of my mouth. I knew that he was going to thrust his hips and push the length of his cock into my mouth again, and I relaxed my throat in preparation. When he drove forward, I easily sucked down his entire cock. I shivered excitedly as his meaty rod filled my mouth and throat. He started rhythmically thrusting his cock into my mouth and I was swallowing and sucking it with wild enthusiasm.

I could taste Greg's precum on my tongue, and I liked it. I wanted it all. I also knew that if I got him off then he'd last a long time when he fucked me later. My saliva was running down his cock and onto the leather of the seat. I rose up to look at Daniel again. My saliva strung out in a line from my mouth to Greg's cock. Daniel was watching intently. I bent back down and took Greg deep into my mouth again. As I sucked and nibbled on his cock, he started humping his cock up to meet my warm orifice. As he fucked my mouth, I coated my middle finger with the saliva that was pooled on the seat. He moaned loudly when I started working my tongue and throat muscles on his cock. I could feel his cock throbbing in my mouth. I knew he was close. I moved my finger to his anus and rubbed it in a circle. Greg jerked when he felt me massaging the outside of his asshole, but his strokes into my mouth did not falter. I slid my finger into the tight opening and started fucking him with it. I found his prostate and rubbed. Greg grabbed my head and arched fully up off the seat. He cried out as his cock jetted hot streams of cum into my eager mouth. I swallowed eagerly as his salty prize filled my mouth.

When he had finished, and I had swallowed every pearly drop, I sat up and looked outside the car. We were sitting in the hotel parking lot. Daniel had parked and turned around in his seat to watch us. We had arrived in time for him to see Greg pouring his cum into my mouth.

I looked at Daniel. He was looking at me, transfixed. I noticed he was staring at my chin. I reached up and found some of Greg's cum had leaked out of my mouth. In Daniel's eyes, I could see the lust burning like a hot flame. I ran my finger across my chin and picked up the cum. Looking deep into Daniel's eyes, I put my finger in my mouth and sucked the last of Greg's cum off of it.

Daniel looked into my eyes and swallowed hard. I could tell that he was worried about us. I got out of the backseat. Opening the front door, I slid in beside Daniel. "I love you." I softly told him as I looked deep into his eyes. Leaning over, I tilted up the steering wheel. I reached down and unbuckled his pants. Pulling down his zipper, I reached inside and pulled out the cock that I love so much. It was hard, hot and throbbing. Bending down, I swirled my tongue around the head. Daniel moaned and tilted his head back. I took the maroon head into my mouth and sucked as I worked my tongue on the bottom, just the way he likes it. I started bobbing my head up and down on his straining dick. It didn't take long. Within seconds he erupted, pulsing blast after blast of his hot cum onto my eager tongue. I had never known him to produce such a huge amount of cum. I swallowed as fast as I could, but some of it ran out of the corner of my mouth and down his shaft. After he finished cumming, I licked up and down his shaft, making sure I got every drop.

We got out of the car and I walked into the hotel arm and arm with them both. We got a curious look from the desk clerk as we crossed the lobby. I smiled at her and winked. She blushed and quickly looked down at her paperwork. We rode up to the room. Greg put his arm around me and held me close as Daniel opened the door to the room.

We entered the room and things seemed a little awkward for a moment. I led Daniel to a chair that was sitting a few feet from the bed. I gave him a deep scorching kiss. As I did this, Greg just stood next to the bed as if he were not sure what to do. I walked over to Greg and gave him a quick kiss. Stepping back slightly, I suddenly pushed him. He abruptly sat down on the side of the bed.

I smiled at him and then walked across the room. I had brought a small stereo CD player and a few CDs from home. I got out a Joe Cocker CD and advanced it forward to the song I wanted. I strutted to the center of the room on my stilettos and posed with one knee bent as I waited a few seconds for the music to start. As the strains of "You Can Leave Your Hat On" filled the room, I started to dance.

Both men had their eyes glued to me as I moved to the music. As I swayed to the music, I made eye contact with Daniel. I could see the lust in his eyes. Reaching down, he started to rub his cock through his pants. I continued to dance as I turned and looked at Greg. He was watching me as if mesmerized. Bending forward, I let Greg see down my dress as my boobs swayed to the music. At the same time, my dress crept up my ass and exposed my pussy to Daniel's eyes. I was getting really hot. I could feel the juices starting to run between my lips and slowly ooze down my upper thighs.

Rising back up, I made eye contact with Greg as I ran my hands up my body. As I reached my breasts, I pulled on the hard nipples. Turning in time to the music, I bent forward and kissed Daniel. At the same time, I knew Greg could see my pussy. Reaching down, I unbuckled Daniel's pants. As I thrust my tongue into his mouth, I pulled down his zipper. Reaching inside, I pulled out the cock I adore so much. As his familiar meat filled my hand, I stroked it in time to my tongue thrusts between his lips. I was swaying my hips to the music, shifting my weight from one foot to another in rhythm to the beat of the music. This made my pussy open and close as Greg stared deep into my pink wet hole.

I broke the kiss and looked over my shoulder at Greg. His eyes were locked on my glistening wet pussy. As I continued to dance, I stood and moved toward Greg. Kneeling before him, I removed his shoes and socks. Opening his jeans, I took out the cock I had sucked in the backseat of the car. I kissed the head lightly. Leaning back, I pulled his jeans and underwear down his legs and off his feet.

I looked over at Daniel and smiled. "Get those clothes off!" I said in a husky voice.

"Leave Your Hat On" had finished. The room was now filled with the sound of "Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This." I had wanted to strip to that ever since I saw Demi Moore strip to it in the movie "Striptease." I undulated my body as I slowly stood back to my full height. Both men were quickly removing their remaining clothing. When they were both completely naked, I reached behind my neck. As they watched, I unhooked the dress at the back of my neck. The cowl top fell away exposing my boobs completely. The dress caught at my hips. Facing Daniel, I leaned forward and rotated my hips in time to the music. My back was to Greg and I slowly slid the dress over my ass and down my legs. Stepping out of the dress, with one foot I flipped my dress to Daniel. He caught it and lifted it to his face, smelling the aroma of the juices that had soaked into my dress.

Greg had now gotten his first look at my fully naked body. Moving between Daniel's legs, I turned and faced Greg. I sat in Daniel's lap and started grinding my pussy against his hard cock. I did my best lap dance as the music throbbed from the stereo. I could feel Daniel's hard cock as my juicy pussy lips slid over it.

I looked over at Greg. The look on his face was one of pure lust and hunger. I could see his cock rising and falling in time to his heartbeat. I slid off Daniel's lap and onto the floor. Maintaining eye contact with Greg, I slowly crawled over to him as the music pulsed. When I was a couple of feet away, I lowered my nipples to the floor. The carpet scratched them with an agonizing texture as I moved to his feet. I slid my body up between his legs like a snake. Grasping his cock, I stroked his length and leaned down to kiss the head. A bead of precum was on the tip. Forming a pout with my lips, I sucked the salty dew into my mouth. I looked up at Greg and continued to stroke his cock. A pearly drop of precum flashed again at the tip of his length I smeared it around the outside of my mouth before flicking my tongue out to taste his sweet essence again.

With a groan, Greg grasped me by the arms and lifted me up onto the bed. One of his hands reached down between my legs to feel the wetness. My pussy was soaking wet; literally dripping with juices, which showed just how excited I was. His fingers found their way into the cleft of my sex, not penetrating me, but running between them and stroking over my clit as he rubbed his hand back and forth over my steaming pussy. A low moan escaped my throat. My hunger was obvious as I humped my hips against his hand, moving my pussy against his probing fingers.

Moving my body, I turned around on the bed. I lowered my head toward Greg's manhood, my intentions obvious and his desires matching. I began to pleasure Greg with my lips, teeth, mouth and tongue. Holding the base of his erection, I licked the full length of his shaft, up the underside and down the top. I teased his balls with my tongue too; sucking them gently while my hand stroked his erection. Licking my way back up his cock, I circled the swollen head with my tongue and nipped it gently with my teeth before sucking it into my mouth. My mouth was engulfing the full length of Greg's cock while his fingers played in my wet pussy. My ass was stuck up in the air to give him easy access to my treasures. His right hand was full of one of my breasts. His eyes were closed in pleasure and steady moans came from both of us as we lost ourselves in mutual delight.

It was a good thing I had sucked Greg off earlier. He was lasting a long time and that is what I wanted. His probing fingers found my g-spot. I was so turned on; my orgasm didn't take long in arriving. My body quivered as my ass muscles clenched and spasmed in pleasure. My pussy literally flowed juices onto Greg's hand and arm as my pussy lips pulsed through the hard climax. Every ounce of my energy was focused on the rippling waves of pleasure that washed through my body.

I raised myself up away from his cock and walked, on my knees, down his body. Before I got too far, I reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a condom. Putting it between my lips, I again lowered my head over his cock. Using just my mouth, I unrolled the rubber down the length of his cock with my lips. Straddling his hips, with my pussy spread above his hard cock, I reached down and took his length in my hand. Looking over at Daniel, noticing his dripping erection, I met his eyes. "Are you okay?" I asked in a husky voice filled with passion.

"Yes baby," he replied. "Fuck him good."

I reached down and lined up Greg's cockhead with the dripping opening of my sex, rubbing it back and forth a few times and then repositioning it at my hot box once again. Greg's hands were on my hips, trying to push me down in an effort to get inside me, but I was in control and would decide when I would to take his cock. Looking at Daniel, I very slowly lowered myself down onto Greg's steely rod. I took the first two or three inches of his length with a single slow stroke and then rose back up until the head was again just touching the entrance. As I lowered myself again, I looked at Daniel. I could see his cock was throbbing as he watched this strange cock stretch open my pussy and enter his wife. Daniel was starring as Greg's cock spread my pussy lips - watching as they opened and stretched around the knob and I drew another man's cock into my pussy. He watched as I slid the rest of the way down, Greg's cock splitting my pussy open - my hungry sex welcoming him and enjoying his thrusts as he started to pump his full length into me.

As I started to ride him, I could feel the swollen knob of his cockhead as it stirred in my depths and the sweet grip of my pussy lips as they grasped and released his cock as I raised and lowered in over him in a steady rhythm. I moved up to leave only his cockhead inside, and then I sank down again, moaning in pleasure as his cock filled me. Daniel watched as my delicious sexy pussy opened and accepted Greg's manhood. Daniel could see that my pussy lips were swollen, reddish pink and stretched around Greg's meat. Those same lips were pushed down firm against Greg's body, the full length of his cock buried into my moist recesses and I was releasing a steady moaning sound that gave away the total pleasure I was experiencing.

Daniel had moved to the edge of the bed and was watching my ass, which was pumping rhythmically up and down on Greg, my pussy clutching and stroking his cock as I rode him. My hands were on his chest, as I built to a steady speed, rocking my body and up and down his length hard, my thighs slamming down against his hips with every stroke. I would go up until only his head remained within me and then come down hard enough to rock him against the mattress springs in the bed. I had just the right angle and just the right stroke to bring me the greatest pleasure. I felt hot sticky cum spray onto my side just as my orgasm washed over me. I came long and hard, my whole body trembling with the intensity of it.

I collapsed forward onto Greg. As my body fought for breath, I looked over at Daniel. His hand was covered with his cum. His cum was also running down my thigh and my ass> where it had sprayed on me as he came. He had experienced an intense orgasm watching me fuck Greg. But, his enjoyment was not over. His cock was still hard and waving proudly in front of him.

Greg cock was also still hard. He rolled me over onto my back. Kneeling between my spread thighs, he took his steely cock and guided it to me, rubbing it back and forth on the swollen nub of my clit, making me jump in pleasure. Then he pressed his cock into me. Holding my legs at the backs of the knees, he held them high and wide as he began to pump himself in and out of my juicy depths.

Greg fucked me for a couple of minutes like that, and then I exclaimed, "I want doggy! Fuck me doggy!"

Greg moaned in appreciation of the suggestion and lifted himself off of me. Turning only partially on the bed, I moved enough that he could get up behind me. I positioned myself on hands and knees with my ass pointed directly at Greg. I lowered my head and tits a little to give him the right angle as I readied myself for his raging cock. Greg got behind me and lined his cockhead up with my sex which gaped open before him pink and dripping. My pussy was swollen and red from the fucking he had already given me. He could see into my depths as it stretched open, ready and eager for his cock. I moaned as he sank his full length into me. He started stroking me frantically, his hips slapping loudly against my ass. He was driving me hard and fast, his steely cock nailing me to the bed. I grasped the sheets tightly in my fists as I enjoyed the wild pounding of his hard cock. I was moaning and gasping in delirious ecstasy as he drove me hard toward yet another orgasm. In between his strokes and my moans, I gasped out, "This....... Is......... so........ good." And then I growled in an expression of deep pleasure.

My pussy was in a constant state of pulsating pleasure. As his cock charged into my depths, I was so wet that I could hear the loud sloshing noise that only a well fucked pussy can make. My body quaked as another orgasm rocketed through my body. The intensity was so great I got weak from pleasure and sagged forward onto the bed.

Greg flipped me over onto my back. I spread my legs apart without any hesitation, spreading my thighs high and wide to accept the cock that was pleasuring me so well. Greg repositioned himself between my legs and started to reach down to guide his length to my hot opening. He needn't have worried as I took care of that, grasping his length and pulling it into my body. It was amazing to feel him still hard as he lowered his body into me, his cock length disappearing into my wetness and my pussy swelling with fullness as he penetrated me. He made no pretense about making sure I was comfortable or anything else for that matter. As soon as he'd sunk his length into me he began to pound in and out of me. He slammed down against me, forcing me down into the bed. As the bed pushed me back up, he was forcing himself back down and we slapped together, his pelvis to mine, his cock buried deep, and his pubic bone mashed against my pussy lips.

We were climbing the mountain of erotic hunger together. He suddenly started jabbing his cock into me in fast deep plunges. I could feel his cock swelling within me as his orgasm approached. My pussy was pulsing, in that erotic rhythm that no man can resist. I cried out as I felt the jets of his cum filling my pussy. As Greg shot his cum into my grasping quaking pussy, I felt Daniel's cum splashing onto my bare tits. The feeling of Greg pumping his cum inside my pussy as Daniel's hot cum flew across my skin was euphoric. I moaned at the intensity of my pleasure as I felt Greg's cock twitch and spasm within me, swelling with each pulse of his orgasm.

Greg rolled off of me. We lay there gasping for breath. I looked at Daniel and he smiled. Leaning down, he kissed me gently. "I love you." We both said in unison. After we had recovered, we all three took a shower where I received the slave-like attention of two men who washed me thoroughly and then rinsed me clean. We dried one another and then they took me back to bed. Greg had gotten hard again in the shower. He and I fucked again as Daniel watched. Greg cleaned up, dressed and as agreed, said goodnight. He was very grateful to me for a wonderful encounter and thanked Daniel as well.

Daniel and I returned to bed and snuggled as we enjoyed the moment, holding each other and being just man and wife once again. "You seemed to enjoy yourself," he said to me softly. "And then some," I agreed. "I was nervous at first, but seeing how much it excited you only served to turn me on all the more."

"I'm glad," he responded. "This was as much for me as for you and I know that." he paused. "But if you hadn't enjoyed it, I would have felt horrible and never would have asked you about it again." I giggled against his chest. "It won't happen often," I said with a smile. "But when the circumstances are right, it might happen again."

Dora and Daniel - lynneperea66@gmail.com





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