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Just thought I would share my first dogging experience with you all after reading the last one a few days ago on this blog. A 'friendí told us about a local meeting place which was quite close to our home in fact. We have been considering going for a while but just never got up the courage to do so. But two nights ago, sitting at home bored, my hubby suggested we give it a look and see what was going on. We drove the fairly short distance to the place and were quite disappointed that only one other car was there.

We parked up anyway and hubby started to kiss and finger me. To our surprise, a guy got out of the other car and approached ours. We pretended not to see him, being a little apprehensive our first time there, and he just stood next to the car watching at first but then he tapped on the window. Hubby let the window down and the guy said "Hi, you Ok?"

Hubby said we were good and carried on fingering me. Hubby got my tits out and started to rub and lick them. The guy then asked if he could touch and hubby said "sure, no problem". The guy reached in and started to rub one of my tits while hubby sucked the other one. I felt really weird but also very excited too. The guy carried on rubbing my boob with one hand then got his cock out with the other and started to rub his cock, which was right in front of my face.

I reached out and took hold of his cock. Not a bad length and average thickness too, well hard and already oozing pre-cum. Hubby told me to open the door and give the guy a blowjob so I did as I was told. The guy was very excited too and couldn't wait to shove his cock in my mouth. It felt really good, sucking this guy while hubby was fingering my pussy. I sucked the guy for quite a while until he said he was going to cum, so I asked him to cum on my tits which he did, groaning and shaking and squirting his cum all over me.

Hubby rubbed the cum into my boobs while kissing me really hard. The guy said thanks and got back into his car.

I cleaned myself up with some wet wipes (a must for the handbag lol) and we sat for a while talking and giggling a bit, really excited that something had actually happened in such a short time of being there. A few more cars pulled in but nobody got out of them for quite some time, perhaps enjoying their own company or like us waiting for something to happen perhaps. Hubby said it might be better if I get into the back of the car if another guy comes over and just as I was agreeing with him a guy did start walking towards the car.

The guy walked right up to my still open door and asked if we wanted some company. Hubby said we did and I got into the back seat and the guy followed me. I was really excited now and couldn't wait to get the guys cock out. I undid his jeans and put my hand inside his boxers, it felt quite big but not yet hard. I took his cock out and licked and sucked it until it was rock hard. The guy was moaning a little and pushing his cock into my mouth quite hard, which I don't mind at all.

He came in my mouth, quite a good lot of cum and I swallowed it all. He then asked my hubby if he could fuck me and hubby said that he better ask me not him lol. I said he could and I turned around on the seat and got on all fours. The guy put his hand up my skirt and pulled down my knickers and I slid my legs out of them. He started to finger me, quite hard, and made my very wet. He slipped his hard cock into me and started to fuck me really hard and fast.

It felt wonderful having some stranger fuck me like that and hubby was really getting off on it too. While the guy was fucking me the original guy came back to the car, just opened the back door and put his cock in my mouth without a word lol. So now I was getting taken by two strangers with hubby looking on and encouraging them, what a fantastic scenario. It felt so good having two cocks at the same time.

Eventually they both came again and I was surprised when I got up to see we had an audience outside the car, a few of them wanking off too lol!

We can't wait to go again and who knows what will happen then. Enjoy the pictures too.





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