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I have been a long time lurker on here, but this is my first post to the blog.

I have been dating my girlfriend for 3 years and 7 months. She's 39. We have an incredible relationship, but our sex life has been lacking for a little while. It's not hers or my own fault, it's just a lull that happened. And I found out last night just how much it has been effecting her.

So last night, I get kind of an urgent text from my girlfriend Katie. "Please come over soon, we need to talk." I was a little shocked...it kind of sounded like a break up text, but I thought we were fine and a happy so I went over to her place nervously.

I get to her place, she greets me with a kiss on the cheek and grabs my hand to lead me into her bedroom where we both sit on the edge of her bed. "So what's going on with us....I feel like you're not interested in me anymore?" Katie asks bluntly. Now this took me by surprise and dumbfoundly I responded..."I thought we were totally fine...why what's on your mind?"

She goes on to explain that we rarely have sex anymore and that she thought I might be cheating or that I wanted to break up with her or something.

Now just to give a little backstory on my girlfriend. She's really sexually liberal and likes almost anything I asked to do, positions, roleplay, bondage etc.

Now, I really don't know why our sex life has suffered but whatever the reason is, it just has. So she goes on to reveal something shocking to me....

"I've been really bummed out about the lack of attention I get from you lately, and I've been confused and so I've been doing something...." Katie begins.

"Ummmm, OK?" I asked confused.

"I started webcamming with guys on a dating site. I deeply craved attention and I was exposed to that site. And I really enjoy doing it" She just bluntly blurts out.

"Like what do you do exactly?" I ask.

"It started out innocently, just talking to people. But then I got really into it so I started buying lingerie doing stripteases until I'm completely naked. Then the last couple weeks I started masturbating for my most loyal fans." she explained.

I'm not going to lie... I was fucking pissed when she said this and I stormed out and went to grab a coffee. And as I was sipping my coffee, I started to get really fucking hard and turned on. The thought of my perfect little girlfriend being a little slut for guys on a dating site really got me going. And after I've been lurking on this blog for awhile I realized that I think I must be a cuck.

To add to this...Katie and I are going to Vegas at the end of the month, and for the past month or so I've had this fantasy of wanting to book her a massage with an escort...not tell her the guy's an escort and tell him to try and fuck my girlfriend. It's been the main fantasy of mine to jerk off too. I've even gone as far as calling places in Vegas to see if I could make this happen.

So, how she told me is that she watches this chick on YouTube that gives advice and emailed her. And she responded back with that she thought Katie should be upfront and honest with me and that's why she came clean to me.

So we've decided that I'm going to watch her next when she is webcamming (tonight) just to see if this cuck thing is real or not or if I get jealous and pissed. But I gotta say, we fucked like crazy last night after she told me about it, and I've jerked off 3 times today just to the thought of her webcamming.

This turns me on too (her too). She's not a supermodel, but she does get me going and many other men too.

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