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I'm 42 and my wife is 26. Married two years, together for three. She has been cucking me for about 6-7 months now.

She is without a doubt the most beautiful woman I've ever seen and I only got her because I was in the right place at the right time after she'd broken up with a boyfriend. We've always had lots of sex, nearly every day and usually more than once per day. I've never had trouble making her cum. My sex drive has always been high and my stamina is excellent, i can still fuck for an hour before cumming as long as I pace myself carefully. However, my erections aren't very hard, so we have been limited to cowgirl and missionary and my wife had been begging for doggie, spoon and anal, all of which are impossible for me because I can't get hard enough to penetrate her in those positions.

She never complained, but was clearly frustrated, so over time I encouraged her to find a younger man who could fulfill the desires that I could not. After months of talking and reassuring her that I would not love her any less, she finally agreed. Finding a suitable man who she was attracted to, but would understand our arrangement and respect our marriage (and not try to "steal her" from me) was harder than I expected given how gorgeous she is, but finally we found the perfect guy.

Her bull, Greg, (his name is common, unlike my wife's, so fuck it) is 28, very athletic, has a thick 8 inch cock and loves fucking my wife so much that he is monogamous with her. We get along well too. I'm turned on by seeing my wife fucked hard and fast and given multiple orgasms, but I'm not into humiliation, cleaning up, chastity, etc. The closest thing to hardcore cuck stuff was when we were on vacation for a week she made me wear condoms every time we fucked because Greg said that after a week without her he was going to destroy her pussy and wanted it extra fresh for him. When I'd cum, she would say things like "don't let any cum drip into me!" or "okay, get off me before you spoil Greg's pussy!". And dear God did he ever keep his word. He fucked her like he hadn't had sex in years when we returned and grunted like an animal when he had his first orgasm in her pussy after a week without her. She told him that the night before I'd fucked her for almost an hour and he said "oh yeah? Did he fuck you like this?" and then he went crazy on her, fucking her as hard and as fast as he could and she screamed "no, not like this!" Greg asked her "why not?" and she screamed "He can't! He can't! Your cock is so much better!" I can't stop playing that moment in my head over and over, especially when we're having sex.

Usually Greg fucks my wife 2-3 times per week, but we recently had him spend 5 days in our house and I was astonished by how much he fucked her. Every day, several times per day, for hours on end. Sometimes I watched, sometimes I didn't. One time he had her legs up on his shoulders and was jackhammering her for 10 minutes as hard and as fast as he could and she cried from sheer pleasure. Actual tears in her eyes and when he came she held him very close to her sobbing for a couple of minutes. I don't know how he was able to manage that because I cum within a minute when I fuck her that fast, the stimulation is too intense because her pussy is squeezed so tight in that position. It was thrilling for me and I was so happy for her, but also a bit sad knowing that it's impossible for me to do that because I can't get hard enough and can't last that long thrusting so fast. So I've been thinking since then that I want him to replace me and be her main lover. I want him to move into our home and share the bed with her and I'll move into another room. I still love her more than anything in the world and want to remain her husband until I die, but I want her to have all the sex she needs in exactly the way she needs it every night, not just a few times per week. It's also something that I find incredibly hot, the thought of her being his all the time and me wondering if she can squeeze in time for me to fuck her too. The sound of them screaming and the bed shaking from the master bedroom every night is an exciting thought too.

I don't want to stop having sex with my wife. I couldn't imagine never fucking her again or even not fucking her every day. I just love the idea of Greg having his way with her for hours and then I can fuck her and cum in 2 minutes instead of pushing myself to last so long to compensate for my poor erection quality. Another thing I want to start doing is having sloppy seconds, that is, fucking her pussy after Greg has creampied her. I've never done that and the thought of consistently pushing my cock into my wife's pussy already filled with Greg's cum drives me wild.

Greg rents a house with a revolving group of roommates, so he has no attachments that prevent him from moving in and during his last night he thanked me and told that I was lucky and he envied me because I could have my wife every night, so I think he would jump at this. I'm not sure about my wife, though. I know she'd love the extra sex, but I don't know if she'd understand that I'm not giving up on our marriage, I just want her sex life to be as spectacular as she deserves. She's so beautiful and so horny always that I feel guilty about not being able to do the things that she wants. The only possible obstacle is having to get Greg out whenever her parents visit (mine never do) or how to deal with friends coming over, though that's less of an issue because they don't stay over or go into the bedrooms.

Have any other cuckolds here given their marital bed up to the bull or thought about it? How has it worked out for you?

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