I Told My Girlfriend my Cuck Fantasy

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I admitted my cuck fantasy to my girlfriend the other day while we were in bed. I was nervous as all hell and wasn't sure if it was going to be accepted, rejected or if she would look at me like I had just ruined our relationship. This is what I told her:

I decide to take my gf out for an extremely romantic night out with plans/hopes of lots of lovemaking afterwards. She dresses very sexy. Before hand, I bought her an extremely sexy/nice lingerie set that she is wearing BENEATH her dress. I have never seen her in it yet despite buying it, she wants to "save it" (she does have this btw). I go all out for the evening, buying her flowers, treating her special, taking her out to a really nice dinner and paying for it.

Maybe even take her out afterwards for a stroll at a romantic place. Any attempts of trying to grope her magnificent body or do anything sexual, she would swiftly deny/swatting my hand away telling me she wants to save it for later that night. Our contact just being sensual, romantic, and cuddling/light kissing.

But then when we get home, I find out she has a guy over (she texted him/set it up previously online). She met him for coffee a couple of times and set this up. He is horny and ready. He is an alpha bad boy jerk. He doesn't treat her with respect/kindness and instead treats her like a whore/slut and uses her appropriately. He never goes out of his way for her. I am completely shocked, angry, and frustrated.

The moment she sees him, her entire body language/demeanor changes compared to her around me all night. She looks super aroused and begins to present herself in more provocative way. He abruptly and domineeringly calls her over to him. I look at her eyes pleadingly, desperate for her only for to be completely lost in lust for him and afraid to disobey his orders. She gives me a kiss on the cheek and tells me "sorry sweetie" as she smiles and eagerly goes over to him.

I ask her why and she tells me "only bad boys get pussy but thanks for the night out". After all that, after everything I did and went through with hopes of sex. Her just giving it to this bad boy asshole who uses her and didn't do anything for her instead. And her making me jealous teasing me while doing so.

Without going too much into detail, all of this happens in the next hour; he pretty much undresses her in front of me. He gets to be the 1st one to see her and feel her in the really sexy lingerie set I bought for her. She looks mesmerizing. Him feeling how soft it feels on her body. After that, they pretty much fuck like rabbits. Her sucking him off wildly (it being months since the last time she gave me a bj). Riding his cock with mine being rock hard in the air unattended.

She even gives him her ass (which I am not allowed inside of). After multiple orgasms, he gives her a playful slap while she is drenched in his cum. Says something degrading and leaves. Does not even hug her, kiss her anything, just uses her like a piece of meat and leaves.

Me and her having this awkward moment her looking at me with his cum, directing me to her pussy to clean her up. So desperate for her wanting to fuck her so bad; I go over and eat her out (his cum inside) until she orgasms again/is cleaned. And as I try to mount her, my cock aching; she aggressively pushes me away and pulls up her panties. Giving me a soft, sensual kiss on the lips; her mouth still fresh with his cock. Her telling me how much she loves me.

The rest of the night would be just us doing super sensual, romantic things together that are NON-Sexual. Her sexual energy would be totally spent and she would be wore out and it would show. I would pamper her all night long. We would get a romantic bath together. She would undress again in front of me totally unthreatened without sexual tension knowing we won't be having sex. Ill wash her hair for her and her body.

Afterwards, Ill massage her and rub oil/lotion on her skin. And then finally me and her will fall asleep together, me stroking her hair and cuddling with her lovingly. This portion of the night will be super loving, super sensual, super pampering for her, and NON-Sexual.

That's my ultimate cuck fantasy. To go through all that trouble only for the bad boy who treats her like crap to get her pussy. Me being the good guy, the nice guy who treats her out, pampers her, and makes her feel like a loved princess. Us being super sensual with each other telling each other how much we love each other.

I told this to her while I was behind her spooning her (I couldn't look her in the eye). By the end of it she was soaking and I mean SOAKING wet. She didn't say anything but just asked me to fuck her right away. I did as asked and she came within 30 seconds which never happens. I came just after she did. We lay there not knowing what to say. Finally I asked if she liked it and she said she did and that she thought I was very imaginative and gave me a kiss and went to shower.

We didn't speak of it after that. It was probably a bit much for her all at once but judging from her reaction I think I may be able to get her to try it one day.

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