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I love this blog and so does my wife. We wre in the cuckold lifestyle but took a break. We do that every so often to keep things fresh. Last year, she had a regular guy she met most weeks at a hotel not to far away.

As she got herself ready for him, I got the clothes she was going to wear ready, suspenders and a short jacket, and heels. She got dressed kissed me and I told her to enjoy her night. I left to go for a walk since I can't stand to sit still, then, around midnight my wife returned home with little warning. I pulled her over to sit on my face while I ate her pussy and his cum out of her. Then we lay together, my cock nice and warm inside her pussy as she told me what she had got up to.

As planned, she walked though the lobby to his room, getting looks from staff members, as she knocked on the door she opened the jacket. On opening it, Doug's mouth hit the floor, as her boobs greated him fully. Pulling her in the room they kissed as he played with her boobs, then went down and ate her pussy out, she sucked his cock to full size and he climbed on and fucked her hard.

Somewhere along the way she was naked and she smilled at him and said he was going to enjoy what cums next. She got up doggy on the edge of the bed and let him fuck her like that for awhile. Then she guided his cock to her arse, he smilled and slipped in, slowly then faster and faster, until he was balls deep in her swollen arse.

She knew he wouldn't last too long and all to soon she felt his cock grow as ream after ream of cum flooded her butt. Resting for awhile she told him to take a cool shower and she would join him soon. A quick drink and she opened the door shortly to let her friend Kay in.

This blew me away. I didn't know Kay knew she was sleeping with other men and so I figured she must have told her a long time ago. That was humiliating and arousing all at once.

Kay stripped off and Doug walked in, shocked but happy to see both woman on the bed playing with one another, he quickly joined in (who wouldn't??), licking Kay's pussy as my wife Claire played with her too. They then spent 3 hours licking sucking and fucking one another. Doug blowing his second load in Kay's arse while Claire fingered her.

Claire knows I love eating her out and after Doug had recouped, she got him to fuck them both, but told him his 3rd load was going in her pussy. Kay had brought a couple of toys along and they all got used in the girls holes, at one time Doug fucking Kay's pussy while Claire fucked her arse with a 9 inch vib, and just about every combo you can do, until Doug got Claire to kneel up with kay licking her clit, he let loose his last load deep in her pussy.

When the girls left they both turned and said Happy Birthday Doug. He smilled forgetting he had told Claire many months earlier.

I was jelous. Not only had this guy had my wife but he got to have her best friend. Something Claire never even offered me or hinted at. But bollocks did it get me hard.

So Claire now was hot once more and my cock was in still warm inside her, slowly pumping her pussy, my pace quickened and I pounded her pussy hard, then flipped her over and slid my cock deep in her cummy arse, Doug's cum still in her and feeling good on my cock. It wasn't long before my cum joined his as ream after ream flooded her body, Claire letting out a load moan as her orgasm hit home.

As we rested, we both started to work on what she would get up to next time with her lover, as I also filled her in on my night walking for hours with my ipod. Although my cock grew hard once more I knew I was empty and had nothing to shoot, but Claire gave my cock a quick suck and said, "tomorrow when its full once more I 'll suck you dry."

I can't wait until we start again but that's up to her not me.





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