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Chris & Tracy


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Like many men, I had been trying to convince my wife to have a three way with another girl for years. We've been married for twelve years, and together even longer, and in all that time it had always been a fantasy of mine to watch her with another woman, and then to have my way with both of them. It was one of those fantasies that I would bring up every once in a while, but would always be turned down. Until a few weeks ago, that is.

I had brought it up again, and instead of immediately turning me down she paused and said that she was willing to do it, but only if she got to choose who was involved. Now, I'll admit, I've always had a couple women in mind, but I wasn't about to push my luck. I told her of course she could pick who we involved. She gave a wicked smile and then told me that she would let me know when she had made her selection.

A week passed, then another. I thought she had forgotten about it, and I didn't want to bring it up lest she get angry and tell me that the deal was off. Finally as we were eating dinner one night she told me that she had made her choice and that on Saturday night one of her friends, a woman named Stacy would be coming over for some fun. I asked my wife if she was excited, and she gave the same wicked smile and said that she was wet just thinking about it. I asked if she wanted to join me in the bedroom and she agreed, flashing me that smile again.

I hadn't seen her strip so fast since we were newly-weds. The minute we were in the bedroom the dress she was wearing hit the floor. I pulled my shirt off as she pushed me against the edge of the bed and dropped to her knees to undo my pants. When the four inches of my semi-hard dick popped out she looked at it for a second, and it seemed like she was almost disappointed. But then she smiled and began to stroke and lick it until it was fully erect.

She took all five inches of my cock into her mouth a few times before she stood and kissed me. I wished she would have stayed down longer, but she never does. I love the feel of her mouth, almost as much as the feel of her pussy, but she never gives me more oral attention than necessary. As she pressed against me I could feel the wetness between her legs on my hard cock. She pulled off her panties and I stepped out of the pants that were around my ankles. She lay on the bed and beckoned me to her. I moved to enter her but she instead directed my face to her pussy. I began licking around her entrance before I turned my focus to her clit, with one finger entering her. I had gotten plenty of practice at eating her out over the years, and soon she was having an orgasm, her hands in my hair and pulling me into her. She relaxed and I started to pull away when she increased her grip. She pulled me back in and whispered to me to do it again. I obliged, resuming my licking and fingering while my cock throbbed in anticipation. After her second orgasm she let go of my hair and finally allowed me to enter her.

Her pussy had been wet before I started, but now it was dripping, allowing my cock to slide into her easily. She gave a soft moan as I began thrusting in and out of her. I kept it up for a minute, maybe two before I had to move off her. Whenever I was on top I always came too quickly, so I rolled onto my back and allowed her to climb on top of me. She began riding me as I massaged her breasts and licked her stiffened nipples. Soon she was rocked with her third orgasm, and shortly after I climaxed as well, unleashing my seed inside her.

She climbed off of me and went to the bathroom. She came back into the room and handed me a towel to clean up. After I had wiped myself off and was lying on the bed she positioned herself between my legs. My dick had already gone soft, but I knew she would have no trouble getting me hard again. Only that apparently wasn't her goal. I felt a slight pinch and heard a click, and looked down to see my soft little cock locked in a steel cage! I asked her what was going on, and she replied by saying that the threesome was four days away, and she wanted me to save myself until then. I wasn't happy, but again, I really wanted this threesome to happen, so I didn't complain.

The four days seemed to drag on forever. The first day wasn't too terrible, but the second I was horny almost all day. The third day was worse, and on the fourth my cock and balls ached from lack of attention. At least during the first three days I had work to take my mind off of it, but on Saturday I was at home, with nothing to distract me. I made an off handed comment to my wife, who simply responded by telling me to work on cleaning the house. I spent the rest of the day working furiously. By the time I was finished the house was cleaner than it had ever been. It was finally time for us to make dinner, but my wife told me that she had to prepare herself for the evening, so I would have to take care of dinner myself. She gave me a passionate kiss that caused my cock to stir inside it's cage before she left me in the kitchen.

I made us a delicious meal. As I was cooking the doorbell rang, and I went to answer it. The girl standing on my doorstep introduced herself as Stacy. All I had known about Stacy before that moment was that she worked with my wife. I had no idea what she looked like until that moment. She was short, maybe five foot four. She was slimmer than my wife, and while her breasts weren't as big as my wife's, they still seemed like they would be a nice handful. But the biggest difference was the fact that she was younger. Much younger. I estimated that she couldn't possibly have been more than twenty two years old. I couldn't believe that this was the girl my wife had chosen to join us in our bed!

I picked my jaw up off the floor and welcomed her in. As I led her to the kitchen where I was finishing up our meal my wife appeared wearing a silk robe and I assumed not much underneath. She met Stacy in an embrace, and then my wife gingerly brought her lips to Stacy's. They kissed passionately for what seemed like an eternity. My wife placed her hands on Stacy's ass, which was nice and round, and pulled her close, pressing their crotches together through a few layers of fabric. Just the sight of this after days of being denied access to my cock made me strain against the cage I was locked in.

When they finally released their embrace my wife looked at me and asked if I had enjoyed that. I couldn't speak; I just had to nod yes. She approached me and asked me to remove my shirt. I obediently complied. Then she told me to drop my pants. I gave Stacy a brief look, and my wife touched my cheek and said not to worry, that Stacy already knew about the cage. I undid my pants and let them drop to the floor, along with my underwear. I heard Stacy give a short laugh as my straining cock was revealed. My wife put her hand around my cock and balls in the cage and lifted them to examine. She looked at Stacy and asked if she could imagine being fucked by my dick. Stacy just shook her head with a wicked smile, much like the one my wife had been giving me all week. I was so horny that the feel of her hand near my manhood was enough to distract me from her statement.

Dinner was ready, and we ate, although my wife insisted I leave my clothes off. As soon as we were done she had me clean up the table while she began helping Stacy out of her clothes there in the dining room. Stacy had caused me to go hard with clothes on, but naked she was even more amazing. A perfect ass, medium sized breasts that were astoundingly perky, a perfectly shaved pussy, and flawless skin made her the most beautiful woman I had ever seen naked. My wife removed her robe to reveal that she had also shaved her pussy, and it was deliciously smooth. They had been caressing each other and kissing while I cleaned up, but when I was done my wife pulled one of our chairs away from the table and told me to have a seat.

As I sat down my wife pulled the tie from her robe. She pulled my hands behind the chair and tied them together, and then to the back of the chair. I had no way of getting up, and no way of even touching myself, not that it would matter with the cage in the way. She told me to just sit tight and not to worry, I would enjoy the show.

Stacy was now sitting on top of our table, and my wife moved between her legs to kiss her again. Their breasts were pressed together, and I noticed that my wife was moving in a way so that their slits were rubbing against each other. I heard Stacy give a quiet moan. My wife began kissing Stacy's neck, and then took one of her nipples in her mouth. Stacy put one of hands on the back of my wife's head while her other hand caressed the nipple that wasn't in my wife's mouth. My wife in turn moved one of her hands to Stacy's wet pussy, and I noticed the young woman begin to breathe much quicker.

My wife pushed Stacy back so that she was lying on the table. She dropped to her knees before the younger woman's slit, and then she brought her tongue to the wet lips before her. Stacy was now moaning audibly while she caressed her nipples. My wife began flicking Stacy's clit with her tongue while sliding a couple fingers inside her. Stacy's moans intensified, and it wasn't long before her body was rocked with an orgasm.

My wife pulled away and kissed Stacy before the younger woman slid her perfect ass off the table, moved behind my wife and bent her over the table. Stacy dropped to her knees and buried her face in my wife's ass as she ate out her pussy. My cock felt like it was going to break the steel cage, it had never been this hard or ached this badly. Just as my wife began to moan with her first orgasm of the evening, there was a knock at the door. Stacy stood and my wife turned to kiss her again. She then told Stacy to wait with me, and left to answer the door without bothering to cover up.

I started to protest, asking who was at the door, and why she wasn't covering up. Stacy seductively bent over, showing me her delicious cunt, which was dripping wet. She picked up her panties and pulled the belt from her jeans. She rubbed the panties all over her wetness, then seductively approached me and told me to open my mouth. I obliged and was met with a mouthful of sopping wet panties. They tasted delicious, but now I could no longer protest. Stacy put the belt around my head at mouth level and pulled it snug so that I couldn't spit out the panties, and then gave my cheek a light slap and told me to just be quiet and enjoy the show. She said this night wasn't for me, it was for my wife. She grabbed my caged manhood and pulled hard, causing me to lift my hips off the seat. Stacy said that my beautiful wife deserved much better than my worthless cock, and tonight she was going to get it. She gave me another wicked smile as she released my cock and allowed my ass to return to the seat.

Just then my wife returned, and behind her was a man I didn't know. He was young, probably just old enough to drink, and he was several inches taller than me, with a face like a model, and even dressed I could tell that he had a body to match. My wife saw the panties stuffed in my mouth and said good, now she wouldn't have to listen to me protest. She walked over to me and sat on my lap facing away from me. I could feel the heat from her pussy, and it was dripping onto my cock in its cage, but I couldn't feel her wet lips through the steel.

She leaned back and whispered that she had been a faithful wife for all our years together, but she had always wanted something bigger, something better than what I had to offer. And so she had agreed to have a threesome, but she reminded me that she had asked if she could pick who was involved, and she had never stated that she was going to have a threesome with me. She said that she still loved me, and would always love me, but tonight was just for her. She asked me if I understood, and somehow I found myself nodding my head and giving a muffled agreement through the panties in my mouth. And with that she gave me a kiss on the cheek and said thank you before rising from my lap.

She crossed the room to the man, who had taken off his shirt to reveal a hard, sculpted body. I looked from his ripped, tanned flesh to the flabby, pale skin that stretched over my belly. I had been in fairly good shape once, but now I didn't compare to this man at all. My wife put an arm around him and he leaned down to give her a kiss. She looked back at me and introduced him as Mark, and said that while his body was certainly better than mine, that wasn't the only reason she had invited him here.

She kissed him again on the lips, and then his neck, his chest, and his stomach. Finally she was on her knees in front of him as Stacy moved in to kiss his lips. As Mark brought his fingers to Stacy's pussy and began to rub her clit, My wife undid his pants and the panties stiffled my gasp as his cock flopped out. His cock appeared to be completely flaccid, yet was still thicker and longer than my full erection. His massive cock was accompanied by a set of testicles that dangled low and appeared to each be the size of a jumbo egg. There was a look of wonder on my wife's face as she took his soft cock in her hand and played with it. She had a smile on her face as she gave it a few strokes. She looked at me and told me that it was a real man's cock before she put her lips to it. I still couldn't speak, but I found myself nodding in agreement, my own cock still hard as ever at the sight of my darling wife playing with a massive cock that wasn't mine.

She gave the head of Mark's plump cock a few licks and kisses, and then took it into her mouth. She stroked the base of his shaft as she took more and more of his cock into her mouth. The hand that Mark wasn't using to stimulate Stacy found its way to the back of my wife's head, pressing her into him and forcing his cock further into her throat. She resisted at first, but then it was like her throat opened up and she buried her face all the way against him. I could see her throat bulge out from the cock deep within it. With his entire shaft deep in her mouth and throat she managed to get her tongue out around his shaft and lick his enormous balls.

Stacy was moaning loudly as Mark was furiously rubbing her pussy and licking one of her nipples. He barely seemed to notice my wife's mouth impaled on his dick. Stacy cried out as her knees went weak with her second orgasm of the night. Mark pulled his fingers from her pussy and made her lick her own juices from them before she fell to her knees to join my wife. My love was now working Mark's rod in and out of her throat, bobbing up and down hungrily on his cock, in a way she had never hungered for mine. Stacy tried giving his shaft attention, but settled for using her tongue and lips to give attention to his massive balls.

I could see that Mark's cock had grown thicker from the attention it was receiving, but my wife finally let it out of her mouth, gasping for air, and I could see that his cock now fully dwarfed mine. It appeared to be fully hard, at least eleven inches long, and as thick as a beer can. Her fingertips had always touched, even overlapped when she had them around my cock, but around his they didn't even come close to touching. She kept stroking his massive cock as she gasped for air. His hard shaft was now well lubed from her spit, and I figured that she would now be moving on to sex, but instead she hungrily drove her mouth back onto his cock. I was in shock. She had never been that into oral sex with me, she always just went for the bare minimum in making me hard. But her she was, hungrily devouring his hard cock.

After more deep throating she came up for air again and continued stroking the base of his cock and began sucking on his balls while Stacy took a turn on his shaft. He now had both hands on the heads of the women, and he gave me a look that showed that he was the true alpha in the room. I was tied up, with my tiny cock in a cage and used panties in my mouth while my wife worshipped another man's cock. There was no denying who was the alpha male in this situation.

As if he sensed that I was surveying the situation and wanting to make me feel worse, he spread his legs and used the hand on my wife's head to guide her away from his balls and through his legs. It took me a second to realize what was going on and then it hit me, my wife, who had never been willing to try anything outside of the most vanilla sex with me was now licking another man's asshole while stroking his massive cock.

This went on for another minute before Mark guided the two women away from his shaft and to their feet. We led my wife to the table, lifted her up to place her on the edge of the table, and guided his thick cock to the entrance to her slit. I could see her holding her breath in anticipation, and I realized I was too. He rubbed his cock, glistening with the spit of two beautiful women, on her dripping wet lips, and then began to push it in. Instantly she gave a moan of pain and pleasure, as she had never had anything that big in her before. He pushed into her and then pulled out and thrust in further, repeating this until he was somehow all the way in. I had always heard that the woman's cervix was only a few inches in, and I had used that knowledge to comfort me on the size of my penis, but now I knew that my wife could apparently take a cock more than twice as deep as I was long, and at least three times as thick.

Now that he had made his way fully in, Mark began thrusting his monster in and out of her stretched pussy. She laid on her back on our dining room table, her legs on his shoulders and her tits bouncing as he slammed the length of his shaft into her repeatedly. She was moaning loudly now, but her moans were muffled when Stacy climbed on top of her on the table and sat on her face. Stacy leaned forward to kiss Mark as he slammed his cock deep into my wife, who in turn buried her tongue in Stacy's snatch. Soon both women were orgasming again. Stacy slumped against Mark crying out, while my wife screamed into the younger woman's pussy and dug her nails into Stacy's legs. I had never, in all our years together, given my wife an orgasm when I was on top, and Mark not only did it but kept pumping away, giving her yet another orgasm before he pulled out and moved to Stacy, who had laid on her back next to my wife. As Stacy became filled with Mark's cock, my wife stood and approached me, a glazed look in her eyes, and a smile on her face. She leaned over to me, and gave me a passionate kiss on the lips. She pulled away and whispered thank you in my ear before she again joined the other two. If my cock had been any harder it would have literally exploded.

She positioned herself the way Stacy had, forcing Stacy now to service her pussy while she was filled with Mark's cock. My wife soon had another orgasm as Stacy went to town on her wet pussy and Mark played with her breasts. Mark took the time to tell me that my wife had an amazing body, one of the best he had ever fucked. After Stacy had another orgasm, Mark pulled out of her and pulled my wife off the table. He walked her over to me and had her bend over so that her hands were on my thighs and she was looking into my eyes. Then he entered her from behind, his massive cock once again slamming into her. Her whole body shook every time he thrust in.

After a few minutes of this my wife was shaken with another orgasm, and this time she screamed into my face in pleasure. Mark stopped slamming into her and told her put my cock in her mouth. She complied, and soon my steel cage was in her mouth, and though I could feel the heat and moisture it did nothing for me other than put me completely over the edge. Mark looked me in the eyes and said that he knew he had done things to my wife that she had never experienced with me, and now he was going to do one more.

I felt my wife gasp on my little cock, and I saw that Mark was no longer slamming into her, but instead was back to his slow building thrusts. And then I realized that he was no longer fucking her pussy, but was now in her tight ass. And it was true, her asshole had been virgin until a minute ago. Soon he was thrusting in and out of her tight ass, his massive balls slapping against her cunt. She still had my caged cock in her mouth, and was moaning loudly as he thrust in and out. Finally she lifted her head up and screamed again as yet another orgasm ripped through her. She pulled herself off of his massive cock, turned around, and sprawled herself on top of me, my caged cock nestled between her loosened ass cheeks. I couldn't tell if this was heaven or hell. She kissed me and then looked at Mark. He had been fucking the two of them for a while now, but he seemed just as ready to go as he had when he had gotten here. She asked if he was getting close. He nodded, and she rubbed her stretched and swollen pussy, telling him to cum inside her. He obliged, once again filling her pussy with his massive cock. His balls were so massive that they were slapping against me, but after a couple minutes, and another one of my wife's orgasms, they stopped slapping me and drew up close to his body as he finally had an orgasm of his own, drilling deep into my wife's used pussy and filling her with his cum. It seemed like he came for a full minute, his massive cock just pumping his seed into her used cunt.

Finally he stopped, and he pulled out of her. His cock had lost just a bit of hardness, and he stepped away from my wife to Stacy, who had been rubbing her pussy as she watched and now got on her knees to lick the cum from Mark's penis and get him hard again. Meanwhile my loving wife stood, undid the belt and pulled the panties from my mouth. I started to speak, but she put a finger to my lips. She bent down to her robe and pulled something from the pocket, and then shoved he cunt in my face and told me to eat. As she did so, Mark's cum spilled out onto my tongue. I started to protest, but she told me not to waste a drop. It was a superior man's cum, and eating it would give me a taste of what a real man was like. I swallowed the salty cum that was already in my mouth, and went to work on my wife's used pussy.

As I was doing so, my wife was touching my caged cock, and suddenly I heard a click. Suddenly the cage was gone and my cock was free! I was so excited but I kept eating her cum filled pussy until she pulled it away and sat on my cock. Her pussy was so stretched that she slid right on. She said she could barely feel me as she bounced up and down. Within thirty seconds she heard me start to gasp and she lifted all the way off just before I came.

It had been nearly a week since I came, and it was the biggest load I had produced in years, and yet still not as much as Mark had filled her with. She managed to avoid all of it, and my sticky cum landed on my stomach and chest, and some even in my own mouth. I thought to myself that not only was Mark better looking than me with a bigger cock, not only did he get to fuck my wife and cum inside her tonight, but even his cum tasted better than mine.

My wife looked back at me and used the panties that were still in her hand to wipe all of my cum off of my stomach and chest and then forced them back into my mouth. As she did so she said that only Mark was allowed to cum in her tonight, that she only wanted superior cum from a superior man. As she pulled the belt back into place, even tighter than before that's when it hit me: I had weak sperm. We had never had children, because my sperm couldn't get her pregnant, despite all our efforts. We never used birth control because I couldn't get her pregnant, and over the years we had just grown to accept it. But Marků Mark surely had no such problems. I couldn't protest with the panties in my mouth, but she must have seen my reaction in my eyes and whispered so that only I could hear that in nine months I would be raising the child of a superior man.

She and Stacy fucked Mark two more times in the dining room, with Mark filling my wife's pussy with his superior cum both times, which I had twice been forced to eat. I had been allowed to cum once more, this time by Stacy giving me an unenthusiastic handjob while Mark again fucked my wife's ass. Again I came onto my chest, and after I was wiped up and had the panties replaced my cage was replaced since my dick was now soft enough for it. At least they no longer bothered with the belt, as they knew how obedient I had become.

Finally they untied my hands from the chair, although still tied behind my back, so I still couldn't touch myself or take the panties out of my mouth. Stacy had taken the loose end of the tie and fastened it around my useless little caged cock. They used the belt to slap my ass as we all made our way to the bedroom. They lightly tortured me for a fit, continuing to slap me with the belt. My wife was gentle, Stacy was a little more rough. They could all see my cock straining in my cage and knew that despite any objections I might have made, I was enjoying myself.

Mark was finally ready to go again. He took turns fucking them in every position, and after nearly an hour he finally filled my wife's now thoroughly destroyed pussy with one more huge load of his hot sticky cum. Even his third load of the night was bigger than the weeks' worth of cum I had produced earlier. By then it was nearly two in the morning, and Stacy and Mark said that they needed to get going. As they were finding their clothes, Stacy realized that her panties were still in my mouth. She kissed my cheek, told me I was a good sport, and said I could keep them, as she put on her jeans without anything underneath.

After they left I followed my wife to the bathroom. She turned on the shower, undid my cage, took the panties from my mouth and told me to sit on the floor of the shower and jerk off. I did as she said, and she stood over my face, letting Mark's cum drain into my mouth. I ate his final load, wondering just how much cum I had swallowed tonight. I continued eating her until she had her final orgasm of the night, and her first from me. When it was time for me to cum she told me to shoot my worthless load into the drain, and I did, watching my tiny spurt of pathetic sperm float away.

Finally I stood, and she embraced me. She held me tighter than she had ever held me, and kissed me more deeply than she had ever kissed me before. She told me that she loved me more than anything in the world, and despite my faults she would always love me. She kissed me again, and asked if I was okay with what had happened tonight. I simply asked her when we could do it again.

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