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My wife and I have often chatted about going to a swingers club but never quite had the courage. She has been telling me more and more about how she'd love to go and just have an open season where everyone could fuck her pussy. What she meant was lots and lots of cocks, which gets me hard every time. We also thought that it would be a great way to dive head first into cuckolding.

Well this weekend past we went to our first swingers club finally and within 10mins of entering she had her eye on someone. A handsome man who had come in not long after us. Wasn't too long before we all headed to a private room. It was one of those rooms where others could look in and there was quite an audience that followed us down. We locked the door behind us and I took a seat like the good cuck husband I am.

She took her dress off and took his towel off seductively telling him he wouldn't be needing that at the moment. He was well built and I could tell she loved running her hands over his body and feeling his muscles. Her hand found his huge cock and she lowered her lips around his helmet before taking his shaft in her mouth. My wife, if you ever get the pleasure of receiving one, gives the best blowjob ever and he was really enjoying it but he wanted more and so did she.

He laid her onto her back and spread her legs. Guiding his cock into her eager cunt he thrusted deep into her. There was my wife moaning with pleasure while this stud of a guy was fucking her and boy was I hard especially when she orgasmed hard and told me how good his cock was. He was pumping deep and fast into her and then he tensed up and shot his load in her. He pulled out and she cleaned up his cock for him but by all means she wasn't finished yet for the night. I stopped myself from cumming so I could enjoy whatever else was in store for us. So far, my wishes came true!

So we went and chilled in the jacuzzi after and she asked me who else I think she should fuck and I told her that there was another guy there a little older then she normally would go for but good looking all the same. A couple of mins later he turned up and asked to join us. Another guy tagged along. She told me to shift up and was sat in the middle of both of them. Wasn't too long before she was wanking their cocks as they fingered her pussy.

She got very horny and said it was time for open season. We went into the open room and got to sucking the 1st guy's cock which looked pretty thick while the other guy fingered her. While this was going on the room gradually filled up with other men coming to see the show. She swapped cocks, I think wanting the guy to fuck her but he had already played earlier on in the night and wanted to recharged his batteries, so she had to make do with yet more guys fingering her.

In the end she told the room, "I want cock so whose going to fuck me." I knew we'd talked about it but I never really imagined she'd go through with it. The other guy from the jaquzzi tried but strangely enough couldn't keep it hard enough to fuck her so I took it upon myself to show them what to do. I shoved my cock in her, grabbed hold of her hips and thrusted deep inside her and then slapped her ass. Before too long she was shuddering again with orgasm.

I pulled out not wanting to cum in her and an asian guy took my place. She loved his cock. Then she looked up and saw a black guy was close by and called him over too. She sucked his cock as the asian guy fucked her. Seeing her moaning with pleasure while being spit-roasted by these 2 guys nearly made me shoot my load over her. The asian guy pounded away at her and then came inside her and by now most of the men had got the idea as another guy not even asking permission entered her.

Not that she cared as she was too busy deepthroating her black guy. It all become somewhat of a blur of activity for awhile as man after man took turns to give her a pussy full of cock and cum. She made sure the black guy came in her mouth and she swallowed that load. It wasn't long till another eager cock was there to take the place of the one before.

After what seemed like hours she had to take a break so we went back to chill in the jacuzzi and recharge our batteries. Again we were joined by company and again she ended up with her hands around more cock while being fingered to orgasm. Back to the open room we went but I had to leave her to get a refill. I came back to see her having her pussy licked and fingered while she had her mouth around one cock and wanking another.

The guy's partner came down and sucked his cock her arse was in the air so I took my chance running my hands down her body until I found her pussy and slipped 2 fingers inside. She didn't push me away so I took my tongue to her clit as I finger fucked her. Eventually she couldn't take no more so laid on her back. Some guy tried to pushed in but she told him no she wasn't interested and I went back to licking her pussy and making her cum.

My wife was by now fucking this woman's partner having already fucked one of the other guys and also swallowing a load of cum. She was so turned on by my licking she told me to fuck her and I didn't need a second invitation. My cock just glided into her already wet and soaking pussy and we both fucked till we came. Her parnter had already finshed in my wife and the guy from the jacuzzi earlier who had wanted to recharged was now fucking her hard and I could tell she was enjoying his thick cock. He said in her ear, 'do you want me to cum in you?' and she said yes. So next he asked her, 'do you want it deep or shallow?' and she replied, 'fuck me deep'.

I was quickly hard again watching as this man shot his load in her. After he had left we were strangely left on our own for once so I thrusted myself inside my wife's cum filled pussy. God knows how many loads were in there but it was soaking and I slipped out at least once. I made sure I gave her at least another orgasm but having not long cum made her wait till we got home before she got a load from me.

All in all a good night and she's already said we'll be going back. Not bad for a first cuck experience.

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