Travelled to Meet a Dominant Bull



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As an experienced hotwife who has struggled to find quality bulls close to home, I'm no stranger to doing a little traveling to enjoy a good fuck. But flying halfway across the country was a step that even I hadn't taken until recently. My time with that specific bull was an experience worth every penny and every mile.

After I got permission from my husband, I responded to one of his dating ads, he and I were quickly swept away by series of incredibly hot correspondence over chat. So many of our interests clicked, and even though it turned out he wouldn't be near my city, we quickly became determined to make a meeting happen. We found two days that would work while he was in a city in the South, and he helped me book cheap flights and accommodations for us there.

An Aussie with an accent had always been a fantasy of mine, but the weeks leading up to our rendezvous were tantalizing for other reasons as well. We teased each other with photos and descriptions about what we would do when we finally met, and his experience as a dominant came through immediately in his words. I craved the moment when we would finally meet, wanting to hear him call me a good girl with his big, hard cock down my throat.

When the day of the trip finally came, I was wet during my entire three-hour flight and 20-minute ride over to the hotel. I couldn't wait for him to tear into me.

When I arrived I was wearing a tight, short cotton dress and heels, but no underwear and a sparkly plug, per his request. He greeted me with a series of long, deep kisses, grabbing my ass and pulling me closer to him so that I could feel his hard cock pressed against my body through our clothes. He then ran his hand through my hair and grabbed a firm handful close to my scalp, pulling my head away from his so that he could look into my eyes and see how badly I wanted him, forcing me to wait until he was ready to take me.

When he had decided I was ready, he picked me up and set me on the bed. He began to move his hands up my thighs, spreading my legs apart and pushing them up so that he could get a better view of my soaking wet pussy.

He let out a groan of satisfaction at the sight but wouldn't touch it yet. Kissing my inner thighs, we worked his way up, knowing what I wanted, but denying me until I was begging for it. Then, he started licking, sucking, fingering my pussy with such finesse that I was loudly moaning within minutes of walking through the door. I didn't want to have all the fun though, so I insisted that he let me gag on his cock.

He graciously filmed the scene from his POV for my husband to enjoy later while I took him deep into my mouth, alternating between teasing the head of his cock with my tongue, stroking his big cock with my spit covered-hand, and taking him all the way down my throat.

Finally, we were ready to fuck. He lifted me onto the bed so that I was on my back, ready to accept his cock in the missionary position. He pushed my legs up so that he could penetrate me deeply, which he did, immediately. I was moaning loudly as he thrust in and out of me, running my nails up and down his back in pleasure.

We eventually took a break from him fucking my pussy so that he could fuck my face. I leaned my head over the edge of the bed so that his thick cock could easily move in and out of my throat.

We transitioned to doggy, where he filled me up deep once again, my pussy extra tight from the plug I was wearing. When he was finally ready to reward me for being a good slut, he pulled out, spraying my back and ass with a huge load of cum that covered me all over.

It was an amazing start to the next two days. ;)





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