She Messaged me saying she wanted a MFM



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I hope there is some interest in the story behind our first mfm 3some as many of the hotwives here are lovely and wickedly sexy. So, here is an account from a happy man...

So, around just two days ago, my wife Lilly messaged me while I was at work saying she was ready for a mfm. I instantly got excited and started setting something up with a friend of ours who has been playing the single game for a few months while his wife is away (she is very aware and gets updates of his playtime). He was excited to be a part of it so we set a date and time for dinner and drinks and dessert afterwards.

The night came and we all went out and had a few drinks before heading back to our place. We walked in the door sat down on the couch and chatted for a few minutes before I couldn't take it anymore. I turned to her and asked, "So are you ready for both of us to pleasure you?"

I don't even think a second went by before she shot up and said, "Yes please!" and ran to the bedroom. We followed her in quickly undressing once we got in there. She was already laying on her back so we went to town teasing her with kissing, hands and tongues. My friend, we'll call him Jake, got his first taste of her amazing pussy while she sucked on my already rock hard cock.

She was so turned on that it took maybe two minutes before she was rocked by her first orgasm of the night. After that I told her I wanted to see her suck Jake's big cock so he laid down and she went to town like she had been imagining this moment for two days. He was moaning with every stroke of her hand and flick of her tongue. It was so incredibly erotic to watch the woman I absolutely love ravish another hot man.

I couldn't take it so I got behind her and had to slowly enter her dripping pussy. I fucked her hard as she was sucking Jake and as I was ready to stop and switch things around she let out a loud moan and I felt her clamp down on my cock.

Now it was Jake's turn so I told her to get on her back, he put a condom on, lifted her legs in the air and buried his massive cock to the hilt. I was kneeling beside her taking pictures and she was switching off sucking and stroking my hard cock. After about 10 minutes I laid down, she flipped over on her knees to suck me while Jake fucked her from behind.

Two minutes into this position and a moan came out of her that reverberated through my swollen cock as Jake brought her to another blinding orgasm. I looked up and saw he was struggling to keep his composure as he was getting close. Her tight pussy in that position would make even the most confident men shake as they tried to hold back the inevitable.

Suddenly he couldn't take it anymore and shot his load all over her ass.. he was spent. I too was getting close but I wanted to reclaim that sweet pussy so I flipped her over and thrust my cock in hard and fast as Jake was playing with her nipples and kissing her.

The thought of reclaiming her at that moment made it so erotic that I was finding it hard to hold back myself.

I lifted her thighs up so I could fuck her faster and boom she exploded again in a series of strong convulsions and moans. That was it, she sent me over the edge with that and I pulled out and shot a huge load all over her stomach. We all laid in a heavy breathing pile for a few minutes as we all got out wits about us before Jake went home.

The next morning she rolls over and tells me how sore she is from an epic night. The best part is her cracking a little evil grin and asking, "can we do it again on Saturday?"

Like I said, I'm a happy man.






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