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So, I'm happily married to a great husband whom I love...but I've always kept my eye out for potential long-term boyfriends on the side, and it appears I may have found one! At the beginning of this year, I happened to hit it off with a guy whom I met in friend/professional circles. We had some unspoken but very clear chemistry with our flirting, but he knew I was married. What he didn't know is that I was "married and looking." My husband and I have an amazing relationship and I couldn't dream of spending my lifetime with anyone else.

That being said, I've never really craved sex with him. We've had a lot of "dry spells," and I've been okay with that, because sex hasn't been something I've craved from him. I've never had an insatiable sex drive or anything, but I've always thought a dominant partner may be able to summon that side of me (if it does indeed exist). Enter the boyfriend (we'll call him B). The flirting eventually turned into a drink at his place, where I explained to him that my husband is okay with me seeing others. Boy was he confused...he didn't understand it, but who was he to complain?! He had a few questions about my marriage, how it worked, etc...and I answered them, but given that we are in the same circles and trust has to be earned, I didn't want to reveal more information than I had to (I'm sure some of you can relate).

I think I answered the questions to his satisfaction, because a half hour later, I was on my knees with B's cock in my mouth. He was gripping my hair and fucking my face, and at that point, I had a feeling this could be the one....this could be the dominant guy who awakens the sex drive that I thought might be hiding inside of me. He came in my mouth, then told me he wanted to see me again soon to "continue what we started."

That was 6 months ago and we have continued indeed. The next time I went to B's place "for a drink," I ended up on his bed with my legs spread, having my pussy owned in a way that made me realize what I'd been missing in bed at home. He called me a slut...told me I was a married whore...told me that he wanted to use my pussy for his pleasure. And guess what? I wanted him to. I wanted sex with this guy more than I've ever wanted sex.


Because quite frankly, he fucks me like a man, and he does it better than my husband ever has. He was dominating me in a way I hadn't been dominated before, and it was turning me on more than I ever have been with my husband. These "drinks at his place" happened a few more times, and I couldn't get enough. Eventually, we started going on dinner dates (we don't do any PDA though). It's incredible how horny I get just going to dinner and wondering if anyone might see us...or if any strangers notice my wedding ring, see him without one, and then wonder if I'm cheating on my husband. These dinners always resulted in us going back to his place, where he got rougher and more degrading each time.

He began asking me whether he fucks me better than my husband and making me answer him (the answer was obviously "yes!!!" or even "mmm...of course...I don't even fuck my husband anymore!"). Soon after, we stopped using condoms (he pulls out and shoots his cum on my face/stomach/ass). Since then, it has continued to heat up. He eventually met my husband. We all had dinner at our place one evening and had some drinks while just hanging out and watching a movie.

I cuddled with my new boyfriend while my husband sat alone. It was thrilling to know that they both wanted me and that I could have my choice...but my choice was made. My boyfriend and I headed to the bedroom shortly after, at which point he fucked me senseless for at least an hour. My husband could easily hear the noise, including some some noises I've never made with him...and I'm sure he could hear me saying B's name over and over while I was getting pounded and satisfied.

That night was full of milestones. B fucked me at my place for the first time, my husband first heard how satisfied B makes me, and last but not least.....since we'd all had drinks, we decided B shouldn't drive home, so he and I spent the night together for the first time. My husband slept in a spare bedroom, and when B and I woke up the next morning, we fucked again before he left. It's not purely sexual at this point. I enjoy my non-sexual time with B like any typical girlfriend would! Lately, we've had a few dinner dates, watched a few movies at his place, gone out for drinks a few times...and every time, I've ended up in B's bed with my legs spread.

I've also called my husband several times while in B's bed...just to let him hear the satisfaction in my moans. I've spent the night a couple of times. Once, the three of us even had dinner and drinks at B's place...and my husband slept on the couch while B and I fucked the night (and morning) away in his room. B also makes me create profiles on dating sites and makes me make myself available to men in chat rooms and on my webcam and have them order me around. Mmmmm.

B has gotten rougher and rougher with me (with me giving the green light), and it's been such a turn on. He chokes me, smacks my ass (and even my face once), and grabs me hard enough to send me home with marks. B, husband and I all agreed awhile back that fucking me would be something only B does. B did, however, allow my husband to lick my clit one night over a month ago (when my husband asked permission)...with one catch: I had to call B on the phone and talk to him while it was happening.

So I did...and B made me tell him how much better he fucks and satisfies me...all while my husband had his head between my legs. My husband has only gotten to fuck me twice since I started fucking B, and not at all in the past month. I guess my husband is truly a cuckold now! :-) And that brings us to recently. Last week, B instituted some "rules." When he wants sex, I'll provide it. When he says I have to spend the night (up to a couple of times a week), I have to spend the night. My husband and I can kiss each other hello and goodbye as is our usual custom, and we can cuddle in bed, but nothing further...no making out, no sexual touching...and he cannot see me naked/changing/showering. If he wants any of that, he has to ask B for permission, and B can refuse. My body belongs only to B for him to use as he wants, and his confidence with these rules turns me on so much! I'm craving sex more than ever now :-)

This all, of course, drives my husband crazy (in a good way), and everyone is happy!

Anyway, just thought you all would enjoy the submission on me, my cuckold husband, and my boyfriend!

B's Girlfriend




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