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We love this blog and wanted to start off saying that. We haven't cuckolded yet but know that it won't be long. I'll set the scene..... My partner & I have been together a bit over 4 years and love each other very much. Of modest upbringing, her family were and still are deeply devoted to a religious background. Brit is the black sheep of the family so to speak and has more get up & go than her siblings and parents. However, sexually, her drive had not bloomed until we got together. She'd had a couple of casual bi relationships (with her former husband's knowledge & approval) and apparently her and hubby attempted a very failed threesome. She tried anal sex with hubby but supposedly his preparation wasn't very thorough or thoughtful and it too failed. The experience for her was not enjoyable and became a no go zone.

She had said she had never got off by receiving oral unless there had been fingers involved, nor had she ever particularly enjoyed giving head, especially cumming in her mouth and over her face. Wow, has that changed....nothing new to receive a text message as she is leaving work offering a blow job which usually ends in big facial before she has a shower. At times when I am fisting her she tells me all she wants is my cock in her mouth. Who am I to argue with that?

Right from the early days of our relationship the sex was amazing, it's like we both grew that way for each other. We had talked about threesomes and at one stage she did offer to have a MMF, I said I'd prefer a MFF. Came to a stalemate as she didn't want to see me fucking another woman. I had the same feeling but reverse of course. Petered out & we did have a Female friend approach us, but Brit wasn't interested and still isn't on inviting anyone to play. She also knows I am real keen and she thinks I am dying to see another man fuck her, it's not quite as blunt as that, but I would really love a threesome, even MMF.

We were interstate a few years ago, had a nice lunch, few drinks and went for a stroll through the CBD. Having lost her inhibitions to a degree, when we walked past an adult shop and I suggested we went inside, in we went. Started chatting to the gay sales guy and ended up leaving with a rabbit and 7" vibrator, she named it after one of her favourite footballers, Koota.

Soon after, back home and in the throws of a nice session, Brit asked me to fuck her arse. I didn't take it seriously at first and kept ploughing her pussy from behind until she asked again. Didn't have to ask the 3rd time, and in hindsight I probably could have prepped her a bit better too, but she got off on it big time once she was all warmed up. The monster was starting to grow.

Koota finds his way into her arse occasionally but it is relatively thick and she really has to be wanting it. We had moved on to dual penetration in the form of Koota in her pussy and my cock in her arse, but as I thrust forward Koota used to slip out. Unless one of us awkwardly manipulated it, it was just too hard.

Next solo trip to the adult store resulted in the purchase of "The Boys", a thing which looks like a 'slingshot', one branch being a string of cherries, the other a small vibrating cock. This thing is great in foreplay, she loves me using it while I'm eating her pussy. I’m pretty sure it was while using "The Boys" she squirted for the first time – now that is a regular occurrence too.

Her sexual growth is amazing, as I just mentioned she now squirts at any stage, she initiates sex regularly (& often at the wrong time, lol), she loves it in different rooms and outside, she loves being arse fucked and very hard at that once she’s loosened up and she loves dual penetration. Used Koota on her in doggy fashion while she was blowing me recently – she got off big time and didn’t realise it was a "fake spit roast". All good things........

I’d been looking around for a while to see if there was such as thing as a male strap on for double penetration, but really couldn’t find what I was after, and then all of a sudden, there it was in an adult store’s discontinued list, their last one at that. Her favourite footballer is named Murph, and so is her new toy.

Brit was still a little unsure about Murph, even though we tried DP with Koota, there was never any movement in sync., in other words, she had never been fucked in both holes in the same motion if you know what I mean. Murph is/was actually branded as "My First Double P" and is a firm but flexible 5", relatively narrow cock. It then has a rubber ring moulded on which of course goes onto one’s cock. Included in the mould is a little 'pouch' which holds a tiny vibrator for clit stimulation.

Well, if any of you guys and girls fancy something like this I suggest you get surfing before these things die a death. They are awesome........even without the clit vibrator (only used it once), Brit simply can’t get enough of Murph. We have used him Missionary position, doggy in bed, doggy bent hard over the arm of the sofa. All of these positions create a different feel, and the beauty of Murph is he can be put either underneath or over my cock. Any of these positions can be fucked by either me or Murph in either hole.

We’ve also done both of us in her pussy and one night recently, her arse had the benefit of both once Murph was finished with her pussy. At this stage the bed is soaked, and I have this warm sensation running over my cock and balls.

One real benefit for us males is the ring which you put over your cock actually slows down your orgasm, makes it longer and way more intense.

Now, for the cuckold part - sort of. While using Koota, she once screamed another man's name. When I caught her she looked terrified! I asked her who that was and she admitted it was a guy she works with but she doesn't like him etc... I told her to hush and to close her eyes. I put the Koota back in and she understood. I asked her if she wanted him and she hesitated. I asked her again and she said, 'yesssss' ... I then went into overdrive and pounded her with it while I told her to scream his name. She came harder than ever, with me harder than ever too.

Afterwards she looked ashamed but it was a beginning. We talked about it afterwards and she said we could do that again. You have no idea how hard I am just writing this.

I know where this is going and am dying of excitement!

B & T





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