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I once anonymously posted about my wife fucking another guy a long time ago. I forget what the site was called but I just realized I never told anyone about the second time my wife fucked another guy...it was a couple of years (last year) after the first guy, and she met him in Austin for a business trip!!!

When she finally said she would have sex with another man, she said there were only two candidates...an old boyfriend from high school, and an old friend from high school who she had a crush on. She started talking to both of them, and told them both indepedently what I wanted them to do to her and that I was OK with it. They were both totally into her and wanted what she was offering. When I asked her which one she had decided upon, she said "why can't I do both of them"!!! Wow, she totally blew my mind with that response!

After months of convincing her that I wanted her to fuck other men and that it really did excite me beyond belief, she first had sex with the old boyfriend who happens to live in the same town as us...he is her regular fuck-buddy now (although not as regular as I would like...although he did fuck her on our anniversary last year and I ate his creampie out of her).

Anyways, we bought her a round-trip ticket to meet her other friend in Austin the next weekend (Sunday night through Tuesday night)! She stayed three nights in his hotel with him, and they fucked several times that trip. She told me he purchased three sexy outits for her to wear, and told her she needs to be wearing one of them each night when he got back from his satellite-office (he travels there frequently on business).

She said his cock was much longer than mine, and he could last over an hour (even after coming in her). He was rock hard the whole time, and she had to beg him to stop!!! but only after coming multiple times with him on top (she can't come with me on top, which makes it even hotter!)

When she got home, she wore one of the outfits for me, and called me his name as I tried to fuck her in the same styles he did (she told me his techniques, and I tried to duplicate him...but she just laughed and said nice try).

Anyways, she is planning another trip to meet him on another business trip (me paying for her of course...as well as taking vacation days at my work to watch our kids while she is gone). She texted him on facebook at my begging, and asked him if I could listen over her cell phone when they are having sex during her next visit with him...he said as long as he could watch my wife and me sometime over a webcam as my wife and I are having sex ...while she also calls out his name when she cums!!!)

She isn't so sure she is going to let me listen in or let him watch, but I will definitely try and talk her into it!! What she is sure about is that she can't wait to see her Austin friend again real soon...and the sex should be even better now that they aren't as nervous about fucking each other silly again!!!

I can't wait either....mmmmmm...just wish I could eat the creampie afterwards!!!

Attached are 2 pictures her now regular boyfriend took one time. I don't have many but wish and beg her for more.

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