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I have always fantasized about my wife fucking other men and last Sunday while on holidays with the kids, she did just that. We have played with a this guy chris once in a threesome before, but this time my wife wanted to go alone.

So here it was Saturday night and my wife got ready to meet Chris. She had done her hair, make up and put on a short black shirt, black bra and g string and a little black top. She was looking goregous. She even asked me to help shave her pussy 1 hour before leaving.

I was so nervous and excited at the same time. She left at 6pm and while I stayed to watch the kids, she went to his hotel and had sex.

At 10pm, I received a text telling me, "I am catching a cab now, be home in 15 minutes." It was the longest 15 minutes of my life. Here I am waiting for my wife to come home from fucking someone and I am excited.

She comes though the door and kisses me and I ask her how her night was she said fantastic, with a huge grin on her face. We have a little small talk then agree that it's bed time as we had to leave early in the morning. She strips off and jumps onto bed and kisses me and starts playing with my cock and then starts telling me what had happened that night.

She arrived at the hotel and greeted by Chris on the 3rd floor with a hug & a kiss, they headed up to the room and she sits on the bed and has a bite of a club sandwich and a glass of scotch and they chat for a few minutes. Then he leans into her and they start to kiss and it got heated very quickly she said. She unzipped his pants and started rubbing and playing with his thick cock. She asks him what he wanted first, a blowjob or her pussy.

He said he wanted to feel how wet her pussy was... So while fully clothed still, he climbs on top her, kissing her and grinding his hard cock into her thru his jeans ... she then slides her hand down and gently unzips his jeans releasing his hard pulsating cock out of its cage. She then takes hold of his cock and pulls her black panties across, slides his cock straight into her very wet pussy and they fuck for awhile and she's enjoying every bit of his thrust.

Eventually he climbs off and they strip her down to her bra and panties and she gets on her knees and sucks his throbbing cock. He then helps her up and puts her on her knees and fucks her doggie, nice and deep for a while and he seized the opportunity and stuck his finger in her ass. He then puts her on her back and says, "How flexible are you?!" and put her legs above his ears and pounded my wife.

Then she blew my mind with what she did next. He asked her if she wanted to spoon for a while so while he lay behind her, he grabbed the lube and the shoved his cock into my wife's ass. I almost blew right there! I rearched round and felt her ass. Yep she did do anal.

I have been able to fuck her there only after a couple of years, but this guy gets it straight away. She even took pics as you can see.

Anyway he ass fucked my wife for at least 10min and she tells me then they decided to shower together. She sucked his cock in the shower too.

They stop, had a breather and went for round 2 with the curtains open, lights off and let the city lights shine in. She rode his cock for ages then decided to try a 69er, he was in need! She tells me she had Chris's toes curling while she sucked his thick cock. He then took control and then put her on her back again, thrusting and pounding my wife's dripping wet pussy until he unloaded a massive load of cum in her.

I was shocked. Then she stuck her 2 fingers unto her moist pussy then put them in my mouth and whispered, "Can you taste him? Now you need to clean my fucked pussy like a good boy."

I ate her like a demon posessed, her pussy was stretched and loose then normal. We fucked for a while and I added my cum to the mix.

The photos are from the night she took them on her phone.

Blue - thepurplewiggle@hotmail.com



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