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So I have wanted to be cuckolded for a long time now... But I fall into to a smaller section of this kink where I want her (my wife) to cheat on me the first time. I want her to want to fuck another guy and not have to tell her to do it. The problem is though is that my wife was brought up to be very repressed about sex. I have tried my best to introduce new things but she has a very hard time with anything other than basic sex or being tied up a bit.

For a while I tried everything I could to tempt her. Examples: Tried to go out drinking and let guys talk to her and hit on her a lot, bought her dildos with sizes that went from a little bigger to a lot bigger than me (she doesn't use them at all unless I use them on her... which she won’t let happen often. and she gets off very hard on them so I don't know why she doesn't use them.)

After a while I figured I would have to settle and maybe have a mfm 3some but after I kind of tricked her into bringing that up, she is nervous about that even. We have had lots of sex talks about how hard it is for her to be sexual and stuff... But it hasn't really helped uch. So I thought up a plan that might help and put it into action.

The Plan!: I looked for a kind of kinky sex game online for couples. I found one that consisted of a .pdf with lots of sex things to do. With this you were supposed to use a random nuber generator to pick what number sex thing to do in the .pdf file. So I brought this up to the wife and suggested we try it and it might help with her be more sexually open. Neither of us are allowed to read the document other then what number it was that selected and each number is a male reads or a female reads only, so the other person is in the dark. We both promised to do whatever it was that was said in the game as long as it wasn't illegal and didn't risk us getting put in jail no matter if we liked it or not.

The thing is though that I'm very good with computers... So I did some work and managed to edit the .pdf and changed/added things in the .pdf that were much more cuckolding leaning. Combined with this I wrote a random number generator program that looked like it matched the game. Inside that program though is a way to make sure whatever number I wanted would be the one that was "generated".

The first few times we played the game I had it pick some plain ordinary things to do to get her into it. Then I picked a naughtier one where she fucked herself with a dildo while I had to watch and if I wanted to have sloppy seconds I had to lick her juices off the dildo. This didn't go to well and she was very awkward through the whole thing, but she did do it.

I did two more safe ones and she was enjoying it. Then came #40. This basically said that she had to dress up like she was going to the bar and kneel in front of me. I had to cum on her in less than 5 mins. If I didn't I would have to take her to the bar in the next week where she would get to go dance and flirt with other men in front of me. BUT I had added to this... I added that before she did anything she had to ask if I wanted the bonus or the regular. The bonus she was not allowed to tell me till after I was successful or failed. The bonus was that if I won that I got to control her for a week and could tell her what to wear show her off however I would like. If I lost then not only did she get to go to the bar and dance with other guys but she got to bring one home and fuck him (and pick whether I was allowed to watch or be in another room).

Now I figured if she didn't want to fuck anyone else she could easily not tell me about the bonus and I would never know in her eyes. But if she did want to fuck someone else it would be easy for her to justify fucking him because the game told her too and it was my fault for picking the bonus version...

So when she asked if I wanted the bonus version I was pretty happy but played it cool and after a bit of asking her what it involved (she was not allowed to tell me as per the game) I picked the bonus version and intentionally failed. After I failed she filled me in on what she has to do but didn't seem super thrilled.

In the following few days we had a few conversations about how tentative she was about it and made some rules about how it would have to be in a hotel room and I would have to be there and at least take part somewhat. I was little sad but it was still better than nothing as she still had picked to fuck another guy.

So the night we were to go out and do this I came home from work and she told me she couldn't do it and that it was just too much. I was sad... but I'm not going to force my wife to do anything she doesn't want to do. (Willing to trick her a bit... but not force.)

We were both happy. I really wanted to respect her and didn't force the issue at all, it had to be her decision completely on whether or not to go through with it and she felt I was sincere which I was. I was just happy to play a fantasy game with her and we both got off on that, bringing us closer sexually.

So a few days go by and I figured the game was over and she was not interested in playing it any more but I asked her to be sure. She said that she wanted to continue the game. I told her that now that one of us had backed out once, it would be much easier for one of us to do it again next time. We then (pretty much me) came up with an agreement about a punishment if someone chooses not to do what the game says. So then I thought for some time (really just made it seem like I did) then gave her, her punishment. She has to fuck herself with the largest dildo she has 9"x 7" every day for the next 7 days and let me watch.

So she was game and everyday she did it. But to my surprise on the 3rd day she told me to lick the juices off of one of them and called it a, "cock!" She said, "Lick that cock clean," with a grin. On the last day she gave the dildo a name, "Johnny." So when she used it she said that "Johnny" was fucking her. I was rock hard and can feel her moving, at her own pace, towards the fantasy.

This is awesome, and btw, she came the hardest ever when calling out, "Johnny."

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