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I got my wife a massage for her 35th birthday. It was at a chain massage business in a local shopping mall. She made the appointment and checked in. The girl at the front desk led her to the massage room told her to get completely undressed and gave her a towel to put on and told her to lay face down on the table. The girl put on some low playing music and lit some insence and stepped out of the room. My wife thought getting nude was kinda strange but she felt she was there for the experience and went along.

Soon there was a knock on the door and the masseur came in. She wasn't expecting a man and got real nervous. She got a real surprise also when he told her to stay on her stomach and loosen her towel and it was a deep voice. She said the thought of getting a massage from a man made her get aroused. He proceeded to roll the towel down and let it cover just her ass. She was face down on her tits with her back exposed.

Nothing happened at first he just oiled her back and started to massage her back, he did not talk and she did not see his face. Occasionally he would brush the side of her tits as he rubbed her back. This really started to get her excited. He started on the back of her legs with the warm oil up and down her thighs and calves with each pass getting firmer. She said it was the most erotic feelings she in had in a long time. Then to her surprise he started massaging her ass.

He put oil on his hands and slid them between the crack of her ass and softly brushed her pussy. This was a surprise but she did not say anything or complain. As he passed his hands over her upper thigh his hand brushed her pussy lips again. She said she thought it was an accident too and she didn't have a problem with it.

He continued rubbing and did not touch her pussy each time but then he did it again. This time she raised her ass a little and spread her legs. He ran his hands against her pussy again the acted like it was a slip and apologized.

She said there was no need and raised her ass opened her legs wider to invite him to do what he liked, I mean she was dripping at this point. Then the massage started in earnest. He oiled his hands and started to rub her right leg with both hands up and down slow and firm. each time he did not stop at the top of her leg until he pushed his hands onto her pussy lips. Then his hands stopped and he took her lips between his index finger and thumb and run the up ad down her lips.

She told me that was it and right then she got on her knees to present her pussy to him. He proceeded to rub small circles around her clit with his finger. Her hips writhed to meet his fingers and hand. Now she was telling him to fuck her and that she wanted more.

Her pussy juices were starting to flow she could feel them on her pussy and inner thigh. He started to finger her while she was on her knees and she knew to arch her back and thrust her pussy out so he could get full pressure on her g-spot. She buried her face in the pillow to muzzle her moans of pleasure.

She took it for awhile but she wanted to be fucked bad. She rolled over on her back and got her first look at who was doing this to her. She was shocked and excited to find her host completely naked with a raging 7" cock standing straight on end and him completely naked. He was around 50 years old bald and very muscular, his looks exited her more. He stood beside the table and took the back of her head and guided it onto his cock. Which didn't take much.

She sucked his full cock until she saw he wanted it too. On her last pass with her mouth she stopped on the head of his cock and took it firmly between her teeth and bit down slow and hard. That was it. She laid on her back spread her legs and pulled him on top of her. He put on a condom and he thrust his cock in her and began to stroke it in and out. It did not take long until he exploded inside her. She came a few more times and she could feel his weight drop upon her.

He got off of her and they both sat on the massage table and looked at each other. She asked "What the hell just happened?" He shrugged and said, "What the hell." and then he kissed her and left the room. She lay there for a few minutes to gather her thoughts. She used a towel to clean up her juices which were running out of her pussy. She thought about what was she going to tell me. She put her clothes on quickly, buttoned her blouse wrong and half tucked in her blouse and walked to the front desk. The girl asked if she wanted to make another appointment. She said she would think about it. As she turned to walk out the girl said let us know - my wife almost blushed even though the girl had no idea.

When she got home she was kinda red faced when I asked her if she enjoyed the massage. She thought for a minute and since I have always told her I am fine with fucking someone else if she was in a situation where she was turned on as long when she came home and told me about it. She said she was going to call my bluff and told me what she had done in the massage booth.

She got the second surprise of her life because when she told me, I got so turned on I pulled her clothes off and fucked her on the floor. She later told me that was the best birthday she had ever had.




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