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My wife Holly is a little heavy, not fat, just a little extra padding. She's selfconcious about it and doesn't find herself as attractive or sexy as I do, or some of my friends do. I recently reconnected with a buddy of mine (Jeff) after 20 years, who'd moved away, but who's work had required he spend more time in town.

He'd always had a crush on my wife, and let it be known to me on several occasions that he would love to participate in a threesome with us. (He and I had attempted one with his old girlfriend and he figured I owed him.) I was reluctant, because I knew what Holly would say, and I didn't really want her pissed at me for asking. I'd mentioned doing it at different times while we were having sex and could tell that it excited her, but she wouldn't let on and refused to talk about it afterwards.

Any way Jeff was going to be in town over the weekend and begged me to let him try and get Holly interested. I wasn't sure how he was going to go about it, but gave him the go ahead. He arrived at the house at about 7:00 and we headed downstairs for a few beers and BS session. Holly would come down stairs now and then to see what we were up to but wouldn't stay around.

At about 9 we decided to move to the deck and start a fire in our fire pit. Holly loves it when we sit around the fire and I knew that this was the only way that I would get her to join us. Sure enough with in minutes she was out on the deck having a beer and enjoying the fire. It was rather warm by the fire and she was wearing jeans, (self concious about her legs) and Jeff started giving her crap about putting on some shorts.

She gave him some line about not feeling comfortable letting him see her fat little legs and said she was fine. I excused myself to grab another beer and to give Jeff an opportunity to work on Holly. I stood in the shadows listening to their conversation and Jeff played it perfectly letting Holly know that he'd always found her attractive and that he'd often wished he'd seen her first. I headed back out and Holly excused herself and said she be back shortly.

A few minutes later she was back wearing the tightest pair of shorts she could and ones I didn't know she owned. I looked at Jeff and he gave me a little wink, and I knew we had a chance. We sat and talked for a couple of more hours and I could tell that Holly was really getting comfortable and into Jeff, so I excused myself again to get everyone refills. I came back a few minutes later to find Holly and Jeff sitting a little closer to each other than they were when I left.

Bad news I said, we're outa beer, I'll run down to the liquor store and get another 12, you guys just catch up. To my surprise neither objected and I head off to resupply the beverage. Now the store was only 6 blocks from our house so I decided that I'd walk, one to give the two of them more time alone and two I didn't want to run the risk of gettin pulled over. I got back put the beer in the fridge, grabbed 3 of them and headed to the deck.

As I got to the door I could hear Holly moaning every so slightly and saw her legs spread apart and Jeff rubbing her pussy thru her shorts. I was instantly aroused and wanted to let them continue, but they must have heard me and stopped. I acted as thow I hadn't seen anything and we had a few more beers. To my dissapointment Jeff decided to call it a night about 1 in the morning and said his goodnights and headed in. I asked Holly if she was ready to turn in and she said that she wanted to sit by the fire a little longer, we started talking and I asked her what her and Jeff had talked about while I was gone. Oh not much she said, just about his old girlfriend and a failed threesome and how he'd always had a thing for me.

Really I said, what all did he tell you? Oh, how you both tried to have a threesome with his old girlfriend and how he'd fantasized about doing it again, if he could find someone willing. Then she asked: do you really want me to have a threesome?

I wasn't sure what to say so I said: if it is something you'd like to do I would love to. Let's go find Jeff, she said. You first I said as we entered Jeff room, Holly has something to tell you Jeff I said as he got out of bed. I want your cock Holly said and she reached down and took his massive member out of his shorts. She began licking and stroking his shaft to his approval, and sat down and scooted back on the bed. Holly crawled up over him and began to suck him.

I could tell Jeff was really enjoying this and decided to up the ante. I unbuttoned Holly's shorts and slipped them off, to my suprise she hadn't been wearing any panties and her pussy was soaking wet. I licked a couple of my fingers and slid them into her pussy and she emediately arched her back in approval. The harder I finger fucked her the harder she sucked Jeffs cock, until he asked her to stop, because he wanted to take my spot. Holly began to suck my cock and Jeff took up my position, with in a few seconds I asked Holly if she'd like to have Jeff finger her ass, to which she replied, I want more than his fingers!

I almost blew my load right there but contained myself enough to stop. I think it's time we get to business I said and Holly slid up and lowered her pussy onto my throbbing cock. Jeff continued to finger her ass and Holly was really gettin into it, when she said to Jeff: are you going to fuck me in the ass or what? Jeff stood up and I glanced at his cock, it had to be all of 8" and it was rock hard. I thought to myself there is no way she's going to take that.

Jeff slid in behind and gently started to slide his cock into Holly and I could tell it stunned her a little. Do you want him to stop I asked? No! She replied, fuck my ass. Jeff slid his cock the rest of the way in and began to pound her ass like I'd wanted it to be pounded for so long. I couldn't contain myself and with in minutes shot my load into Holly's wet pussy. Jeff lasted a few more minutes and then filled her ass with his hot cum, to Holly's delight.

Holly finished the night by sucking our cocks clean and we called it a night. The next morning Jeff was on his way and Holly and I were making plans for his next visit.

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