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This is about a guy I had met at the gym for our own fun. Me and my girlfriend had discussed doing something like this before. I thought he was right for the job. He's very hot. About 22, 6'1 muscular/ripped, handsome Latin/Italian face, tan/brownish skin, and very manly. Moves in bed like a machine, and we were lucky to find him. I might post a body pic of him next time but for now just my GF. I'll have to get his permission as I don't want to post his face without his consent.

Me and my gf are slightly older, both 31, fit, she's a swimmer. As you can see she has brown hair and (as you can't see) a pretty face. I'm about 5'9 and also a swimmer, of English and Dutch background. Although I have explained some of this before on other sites, I thought I would explain here as well, to bring it all in one place since this blog seems more stable and permanent than others. Roughly this is how it happened;

First off, me and her are pretty "liberal" and had at times fantasized about bringing in another guy. Although it wasn't our main fantasy, but definitely something we had discussed. She also knew I had some (mild) bi tendencies which she thought were hot. So there was that in the sense we were "ready for it."

Second I met him at my gym. We weren't good friends or anything but I was very impressed by his physique and looks. So I interacted with him a little bit, not much, but I brought him up to my GF and she found me describing him to her to be sexy. She has a membership at my gym so she came occasionally.

The two of them started flirting. This is something that he pushed for I guess. He approached her. He might have been encouraged by the fact that I, her boyfriend, had been looking/staring at him lol so maybe he thought he saw an opportunity. But she's pretty enough that guys hit on her. She welcomed his flirting. He wasn't shy about hitting on her even when I was there. He also hits on other girls, and I think he has a pretty good success rate. I've since found out he's done this before with other couples and my gf is not the only girl he's hooked up with now.

In either case, the fact that he was so bold and that she liked him led to me and her discussing him more and more in the bedroom. At some point we decided we'd invite him for a drink--still no explicit decision to do anything, but to see what would happen. So I invited him for a drink with me and her one evening and it proceeded from there as you might expect.

Part of this was him taking charge, which is something we had fantasized about, as we both get off on him being our "top." So the fact that he was bold worked well.

In the beginning I just watched, then they hooked up a couple of times on their own, and then the three of us started to play together. I don't think he identifies even as bi, and doesn't consider it gay for him to have me suck him off together with her, but finds it a turnon. But it doesn't matter what you call it. The bi aspect of it didn't come up until a few encounters into it.

I described elsewhere what we had done previously but until this last week the hottest thing we did was me and my gf both sucking him off at the same time, and one on one, I licked his smooth, muscular ass in the shower and then he came on my face. I also licked his ass while my gf sucked him off.

Overall as you might imagine from what I've said so far, he's pretty dominant and both me and my gf really get off on his domination of both of us. He's not cartoonish or anything about it though, and it's sexy that he's so casual about how he does it. But it's a huge thrill to have him take charge sexually, and something we both get off on. I even find it hot when they hook up alone somewhere, just the thought of what they must be up to is a turnon. When we're all together occasionally he takes it a step further. It is, again, a thrill to jerk off into her panties while watching this stud on top of her on our bed, his muscles contracting and expanding while she cums from his thick dick.

That was until this last week. She's been trying to convince me to get him to fuck me in front of her. So far I resisted because I thought his very thick cock might do serious damage, so you could say I was afraid lol. But since he did her twice in the ass, it became harder for me to say this, and it became a lot more intriguing. So this last Thursday night we decided to have a go of it.

I won't discuss ALL the details of the encounter, except to say it was seriously hot. We both ended up going down on him and I licked his balls while he fucked her. Then we switched positions and she whispered to him, though I guess they discussed it before. I had shaved for the "event" haha. She lubed me up and then encouraged both me and him as he slowly worked it inside me! (we're all tested by the way) I can't say it didn't hurt, and in some ways it hurt more than I expected it would at first. But the feelings of pleasure mounted as he slowly fucked me with his thick cock and the thrill of it--having my gf watching him do this to me, having him do it, feeling him on top, all got to me pretty fast. I came without touching myself not too far into it. He came on both our faces.

Hope you enjoyed and I'll post again soon, hopefully with one of his pictures. Gotta nap now ;)




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