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My girlfriend and I have been together for 4 years. We've always had a very good relationship and are happy together. It's always turned me on thinking of her with an ex or another guy. These were just thoughts that turned me on during sex and blowjobs until recently one night she told me that she's never used a dildo and maybe we should get one to try. I was instantly turned on but what shocked me was when we decided to pick it. I've got quite a thick cock but only 5.5" long.

My girlfriend picked a realistic dildo that was a very thick 8". We ordered it on the Monday evening and it arrived on the Wednesday. I was the only one in when it arrived so I opened it up, it was HUGE compared to me. When my girlfriend seen it that night she laughed and claimed "There's no way that'll fit inside me". We decided to try it that Saturday night which was torture waiting as I was so turned on at the thought of using it with her.

Saturday night arrived and we decided that I should lick her pussy to get her wet enough to try out the new dildo. I hardly had to touch her with tongue, the second I moved between her legs she was ozing out. I licked her clit for about 10 minutes just to get her even more ready. I finally took the dildo up to her pussy lips. It was amazing to have such a close up view of what looked exactly like another cock at her pussy, even though I always knew it was a dildo, I knew how amazing her pussy felt.

As I continued to lick her clit I started moving the head in and out slowly. She is so tight she could only take the head and about half an inch before she started saying it felt weird....but said keep going slowly. We were both loving it after a few minutes and as she relaxed, more and more was going inside until in one thrust it went from a couple of inches to almost the full thing. I've never seen her in so much pleasure before and watching this massive cock going in and out had me rock solid. My girlfriend always has to be on top of me and grinds her clit to cum, however after about 2 minutes of thrusting and licking her hips were bucking up and down before she let out a huge sigh, stupidly I took the dildo out and watched as her pussy contracted like crazy having an orgasm while she moaned don't take it out.

So after that first night with the dildo we continued using it every now and then. As I said before my girlfriend has a tight pussy which feels amazing but I discovered if we have sex just after we've used the dildo on her, she is nowhere near as tight. That combined with the wetness of her dildo orgasm creates an amazing experience for sex. We both realised we were loving the addition of another cock in our bedroom so to spice things up a little more she said that I should start wearing condoms so I get even more turned on watching the dildo go in without wearing one. I couldn't believe how much this added to our experience. It felt nowhere near as good for sex but turned me on so much more, if possible, as we used the dildo more and more.

Finally one night not long ago while we were in bed, hands wandering, my girlfriend said can you imagine if the dildo was actually a real cock that size. She was said it but was very hesitant as I'm sure she didn't know how I'd react. We continued chatting as she rubbed my cock and it became obvious it was a thought that really turned us on. We had great sex and after brought it up again, before we knew what was going on we were looking at guys on the net.

Just my girlfriend looking at these guys cocks and then watching as she chatted to them was turning me on to a level I never thought possible. We continued doing this for a couple of weeks just about every night, both getting hugely turned on in the process. I continued to wear condoms for sex and we moved on to me licking her pussy and using the dildo as she chatted to the guys online. She always got wet but I had never seen her get this way before.

One guy seemed to be striking up a good relationship with her during the chats and he seemed to be looking for the exact thing we were. He was quite a lot older than us at 44, very athletic looking and had the biggest cock I've ever seen in the pics he sent. Without telling all the details bit by bit we all agreed for him to come round to ours last Saturday night. Everyone talks about how turned on and excited they get but it's quite nerve wracking as well. He was coming round at 8pm, my girlfriend got ready from about 6pm, she was looking unreal with a short, tight caramel dress. Tanned with hair and make up looking great. She finally walked into the Sofa room about 7:45 and asked how she looked. I was instantly turned on and couldn't stop thinking that some other guy was going to have sex with her. Her dress was very tight and the skirt part stopped about halfway to her knees, after she laughed when I said she looked amazing she lifted her dress up to show her freshly shaven, amazing looking pussy with no pants on. It was all amazing and felt like no turning back now.

A little after 8 the door bell went and I got up to answer. The minute I opened the door I seen a very big, well built guy. We had the initial very awkward hello then I showed him into the room with my girlfriend. It all started quite awkwardly as everyone was quite shy but the excitement was always there. As the drinks flowed things got more relaxed until the guy took the lead and said why don't me and my girlfriend start things off and then he could join in.

We weren't going to have a 3 sum as I was always going to watch but to get things started it seemed like a good idea. My girlfriend agreed but said in a more confident mood ok but no touching my pussy tonight that isn't for you and told me to put a condom on. I put the condom on and sat next to her kissing as I felt her ass and she rubbed my cock. Soon she pulled on me to stand up and started giving me a blowjob, which was good but for anyone who hasn't had a BJ wearing a condom, you feel very, very little.

I could see the guy coming closer after about 2 minutes and soon my girlfriend's boobs were out of her dress being licked and they began passionately kissing. I took this as my time to move over to the other sofa and watch. I was almost trembling with excitement watching as they kissed and fondled each other until eventually she tugged on his belt and after a little struggle pulled down his trousers and underwear. Then WOW just wow, his cock was just as long as our huge dildo but the thing that took me by surprise was the thickness, it was THICK.

My girlfriend let out and giggle as they passionately kissed as she started to stroke this massive cock. I was 50% turned on, 50% jealous at this point. It turned me on watching what was in front of me but I had an idea of what reaction this huge cock was soon going to get from my girlfriend. I was sitting stroking myself and my girlfriend looked over and said keep the condom on. The next few minutes were full of kissing and fumbling until his bottom half was completely naked and my girlfriend's dress was pulled way up revealing her gorgeous pussy.

The second he seen it he let out a laughing sigh of approval. She moved to suck his cock but because it was so thick she couldn't do her usual deep suck so just licked and sucked the huge head which he was loving. He started touching her pussy as she leaned side ways over him on the sofa sucking. Eventually she lifted her head, gave him a very passionate kiss and slowly moved till she was on top of him. He was sitting on the sofa normally with her in the riding position.

I moved to get a better view from behind as I could see my girlfriend's glistening wet pussy about 2 inches from this huge cock that didn't have a condom on. She kissed and teased him and herself for a good 5 minutes before slowly letting the tip touch her wetness. I think we were all so in the moment in was unreal. I didn't realise just how good my girlfriend was at sex until watching. She would let a little bit of his tip in and out progressing to more and more, then the full head and finally after about 15 and her no dripping wet she lowered herself all the way on.

Her pussy looked liked it was gripping onto every part of his cock as she was so tight and him so thick. They started a slow rocking motion that led to her riding fully up and down. It took a little longer than I expected but soon she was making all the movements and noises that I knew meant she was cumming. She squeeled in pleasure as her pussy contracted and squirmed on this giant cock. Next he lay her on her back on the floor, at this point his cock popped out as they moved position, his cock was covered in her juices but before I could see her pussy he had moved between her legs and started pumping in and out.

Everything was amazing but watching my girlfriend on her back, legs spread was the best. He done well lasting for another 5 minutes but soon started breathing faster and faster. We all already knew my girlfriend was on the pill but we had said he'd cum on her tits, which was more what he wanted. As I watched waiting to watch I did feel slight disappointment he wouldn't be cumming inside her as that thought turned me on lots.

I didn't have to worry, in the heat of the moment he kept thrusting as he spurted cum after cum load inside her pussy. The part you don't watch or notice in the videos is after he's just cum. It's so hot watching as he lays on top cock still inside knowing he's just had an orgasm in my girlfriends pussy. After he got up got dressed and we all made small talk until he left. We went to bed and my girlfriend got on top of me, took off the condom and sat on my cock, she certainly didn't feel tight that night but was doing something right as it took me about 1 minute to cum.

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