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My wife and I have been married over 20 years ( my second marriage) she's 48 and I'm 59 and although I have broached the subject ( semi jokingly) over the last several years that we should swap or her having another man ;we have both said ok and laughed it off and never actually done anything. I suppose each unsure if the other meant it or would get upset if one made the first move.

Anyway last September we went on holiday to Jamaica and were really enjoying it feeling carefree and relaxed. The hotel we were staying out was good and we had a guest attendant ( for the want of a better description) who would look in on us every now and then to see if we were enjoying the hotel and to tell us what was going on etc. He would always compliment the wife and in a cheeky but none offensive way and ask her especially, if there was anything she wanted.

I picked up on this after a couple of times he called and said to the wife he's after getting into your knickers and we would both laugh. Day or two after we were going to go to the pool, the wife was in her bikini and had a sarong wrapped round her waist, I was in the toilet and heard the knock on the door the wife opened it and I heard the familiar voice of our room attendant, the wife invited him in as he had brought some details of a excursion.

I popped my head round and said I'm going down; I will see you in the bar to my wife and added there's no rush. While waiting it was in my thoughts about them fucking but passed it over thinking bet she's panicking that I left her alone with him, Anyway nearly an hour passed before I saw my wife approaching the bar, call it intuition but by the way she walked without lifting her head I guessed something had happened and my heart began pounding but I retained composure and greeted with a smile and said in a joking yet understanding manner, you've been up to some thing with him., my wife blushed and blurted out that she didn't intend to it just happened and for a second I thought she was going to start crying.

I quickly reassured her that it was ok and it was all the excitement of the holiday and said lets go to the room and you can explain.

When we got back we sat on the bed with her and cuddled her and said don't worry I understand it's not the end of the world and she began to tell me the events. After I left he came close to her showing her the brochures and complimented her as usual then asked her if she needed anything else, she laughed and made some stupid remark back, he must have picked up on her excitement as he but his hand on her waist and when she didn't pull away unzipped his pants and flopped out his cock and took her hand and placed it on it.

My wife said her mind was racing, she looked and felt it at the same time and was mesmerised at how huge and thick it was. He placed his hand on her arse as she fondled his cock, he pushed her down and her face was facing his cock and she lost control and started sucking and licking it. The attendant produced a condom and she heard her self saying yes. The guy said he only had ten minuets has he would be missed , with that he positioned her over the bed pulled her bikini bottoms down, rubbed his huge cock a few times up and down her pussy and then eased it in her and pounded her.

She said his cock felt like it was up in her stomach. She felt as though she was going to faint after the orgasm she reached. After he left she sat on the bed for a while, showered and came down to the bar... I was so hard and I said it was ok and we ended up fucking and I asked her to tell me more while I fucked her.

For the remainder of the holiday he fucked her, and she would tell me what he had done, and what positions she was taken in , doggie, missionary, anal ( never hardly did that with me) he made her feel like a slut and she enjoyed it and even more knowing she wasn't cheating on me, it was with my consent.

We still talk about it and we are going to Cuba this summer and she will be looking for another encounter with an attendant.

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