Putting the Cuckold in his Place



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Bull here, not a cuckold but I have a story I'm sure some might like to hear.

So one of the couples I had been with for a little over 6 or 7 months at the time were in a little bit of a spat between the two of them. I dont exactly remember what the issue between to them was but when the hotwife (we will call her Casey) told me she wanted me to come over she specifically said that she wanted me to be extra hard on her husband that night and that deep down he really loved it so push him around as much as I wanted to.

Fast forward to that night and I'm over at their house deep dicking the wife for about half an hour when I have a nasty idea run across my mind. I tell the husband who was in the room watching that I had built up a little bit of an appetite and he needed to go fix something to eat in the kitchen for me and his wife. My original idea was to have him make me and Casey some sandwiches and we would bend him over like a dog and use him as a table to eat off of. But it turned much worse for the cuck very quickly.

As he came back into the bedroom with our sandwiches I noticed a 3rd plate... he had decided to take it upon himself to make himself a meal. Casey and I both looked at each other and I immediately pulled out of his wife's pussy and walked over and asked him what the fuck he thought he was doing. Casey piped up from the bed "We didn't say you could with us eat sissy boy!" I glared back at her and saw the nasty look in her eyes and knew we were both on the same page with this game and the husband loved it too, but pretended to be scared.

I grabbed the 3rd plate from her hubby and walked back over to Casey on the bed. Instantly she starts sucking me off as her husband watched not sure what was going to happen next... But as Casey sucked me closer to my climax he became visually nervous as my cock began to pulse and legs stiffen as I was about to cum.

I pulled my cock out of Casey's mouth and let out one of the biggest, thickest loads I ever have in my life all over the sandwich he made for himself. Casey immediately bursts out laughing as she picks up the plate with his sandwich that was now covered in my "special sauce" and brings it over to him who was on his knees at the bedside and sets the plate in front of him saying, "Maybe next time you will have a better time following orders. Now listen to these orders clearly. You will eat every bite of this and you're not getting out of your chastity until it's finished." which was replied to with the most depressed, "Yes mistress" I have ever heard.

Easily my hottest moment as a bull and he has said to me before that it was the most exciting sexual experience as a cuckold he has ever had.





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